Battle 006 – Two 50pt Games with Menoth vs Legion

On Sunday, I met up with Ozzie, a friend and regular opponent of mine… this time our armies clashed at Cambridge’s “Forbes Games” (shameless-plug-in-hopes-of-kickbacks!).

Ozzie previously has played Retribution, has collected a respectable Circle army, and has now jumped ship to the soulless and evil Legion. Since he’s only been playing since September 2013, this is a remarkably chain of armies… especially considering how MANY models he has for each… but he’s great fun to play against, and on top of that he takes awesome pictures. I look forward to getting him on the podcast before too long!

Anyway, until then, you can read about 2 more games I played with Menoth, trying to bring the light of the Creater of Man to the mutant elven-heathens of Everblight. And by “light”, I mean “fires”.

Game 1

We decided on a 50pt game, but since my collection of Menites is still very limited, I told Ozzie that I’d be unable to create 2 unique lists (it would basically be every model I owned, with 2 different warcasters!). He created a single Legion list to play against me, and we were off.

The scenario is “Close Quarters”, played on a beautiful table that Nigel from “Forbes Games” built (really, how many times do I have to mention a game store on this podcast before I start getting free models? Anyone? Anyway…), which was designed specifically for WarMachine. The cliff faces are 7″ from the table edges (and allow 1 large base between the edge of the cliff and the 10″ 2nd player deployment zone… nice touch!”, the two plateaus are exactly the correct distance apart for 12″ zones on them… overall, well designed! Anyway, the table is two 12″ zones, 1 point to control and 2 to dominate. Done.

We rolled initiative, which I won and immediately declared I was going first. Obviously. Also, we decided to play with 1 hour Deathclocks, just to keep the game moving along.

My list was as follows:

Harbinger of Menoth
– Vanquisher
– Vanquisher
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
– Devout
– Hierophant
Choir of Menoth (min)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal Mechanik
High Paladin Vilmon
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist

Soo… basically a list full of warjacks with a few support models and basically nothing else. I love this list. I love it with the fires of a thousand suns… would it be better if I had infantry? Sure. Something to screen my warjacks would be good. But still… four 4″ AoEs every turn that all light everything on fire? Or two Reckoners that can charge 10″ (threatening 12″ with reach), Assault-shot out 22″ (!!), and then Enliven back to safety? Or 5 warjacks and a warcaster that can’t be targeted by spells?

Oh yes, my friends… I love this list.

I must apologize for the proxies, though… I don’t yet own any Vassal Mechanics, so I substituted in “Stormcallers” from my Cygnar lists. Other than that, though, everything is as it appears! Including my old… OLD old Mk1 Paladin of the Wall… I can’t wait to get some of the newer Mk2 ones… they look NOTHING alike! Anyway…

Ozzie’s list was as follows:

Thagrosh, Messiah of Everblight (eThagrosh, eThags)
– Carnifex… I mean, Scythean
– Scythean
– Raek
– Angelius
– Seraph
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Naga Nightlurker

Oooh… my list of heavy metal against Ozzie’s tooth-and-claw list… this is going to be *fun*!

I deploy my troops in a central brick, with the Advanced Deployed Wracks going out afterwards on the flanks (with Harby’s 20″ CTRL, it’s very difficult to be in a position where the Wracks are ever out of CTRL-range).

Ozzie, for his part, set up with 1 Scythean and a Forsaken on the left flank, with the rest of the beasts near Thagrosh in the middle of the table, basically directly across from my brick.

With that, we were ready!

Menoth Turn 1

The Harbinger allocates 1 Focus to each warjack (leaving her with “only” 5… by Menoth I love this woman!), and we’re off.
I activate all the warjacks first, running forward to move up the middle of the table. They form a wall in front of the Harbinger, who then charges up behind them.

Vilmon runs towards my left zone (carefully staying within 10″ of the Harbinger, just in case), whilethe Paladin runs towards the right zone. The Allegiant walks forward and drops into Shift Sands stance (+2 DEF, ho!).

Lastly, the Choir activates and sing “No Shooting” on my warjacks. With that, my turn ends.

Legion Turn 1

Ozzie starts his turn by running the left-flank Scythean forward, followed by the Forsaken who took 3 Fury from that warbeast. The second Scythean runs up the middle of the table, getting “Tenacity” at some point. Ozzie pulls it back a little from the full the run distance.

The two big winged warbeasts take off towards the left zone (making it now 3 heavy warbeasts against… Vilmon…) while the Naga, other Forsaken, and Shepard all move up behind them. The Raek takes off towards the right zone with one of the Shredders, and Thagrosh himself moves up, lobs around a few Tenacities, and sits just at the edge of the plateau.

Menoth Turn 2

See, the nice thing about learning Menoth after using Cygnar for a few years? The concept of “Ranged Firepower” takes on a whole new meaning… Ozzie had been kind enough to provide a warbeast sitting out in the open, unobstructed by cover or concealment or what-not… time to take the new warjacks out for a spin.

The Harbinger allocates 2 to each of hear heavies, camps the last two, and we begin.

I decide to start with the easy stuff. Vilmon walks up and drops into Stone and Mortar stance, at the very extreme edge of the zone. Meanwhile, the other Paladin walks up and does the same, while the Allegiant walks forward and adopts “Shifting Sands”. Zone thus secured (albeit temporarily), I focus on to the removal and unsightly stains.

The Choir sings “Battle”.

Reckoner Number 1 walks forward and opens fire, easily getting range on the nearest Scythean. I boost to hit and connect solidly, which drops the Scythean’s DEF by 2 for the rest of the round. Boosting damage, it inflicts several points.

Reckoner Number 2 walks forward and repeats the performance, hitting solidly and lighting the Scythean on fire. It inflicts heavy damage.

Next, the first Vanquisher walks up and add his belching flaming missile to the cacophony. The shot hits and inflict heavy damage… the warbeast is on fire, limping, but not yet dead. Shall we fix that?

Yes we shall! The first Vassal use “Ancillary Attack” on that Vanquisher, and that shot polishes off the Scythean effortlessly.

My other Vanquisher moves up and fires at the Raek, who is Stealth… the shut scatters wide. The second Vassal moves up and uses “Ancillary Attack”, and this shot scatters directly onto Ozzie’s nearby Forsaken, obliterating it.

I run the Mechaniks up to be B2B with my warjacks (just in case), while the Devout shuffles forward a little.

The Harbinger moves up to keep Vilmon, the Paladin, and the Allegiant in 10″, and pops her Feat. She takes a Focus from a Wrack which elects not to explode.

Lastly, the Hierophant moves up behind Harbinger. Not a bad start… 1 warbeast for no serious commitment of Menite forces! Let’s see how Ozzie responds…

Legion Turn 2

Ozzie was… shall we say… unimpressed by the ranged firepower brought to bear against him. Either way, he figured that he could clear the zone and start scoring early, bringing pressure against me.

This plan starts with Thagrosh pulling in Fury back to maximum. The only upkeep he had last round (“Unnatural Aggression”, I believe?) was on the now toasty-dead Scythean.

The remaining Scythean activates and charges Vilmon. He takes some Feat damage (4 or 5 points, not enough to slow him down) and then lays into the mighty Paladin. First Charge attack misses (woo!), second attack hits and inflicts 3 damage. Buys an attack and kills Vilmon, who I of course Martyr (3 damage on the Harbinger). Buys another attack, hits, and fails to wound. Buys his last attack, hits, kills, and I Martry him again (1 point of damage).

The Raek Jumps forward and takes no damage from the Feat (really bad roll).

There’s some repositioning due to Slipstream, moving the flying warbeasts a little without triggering Feat damage (one moves back slightly, I believe, which Slipstreams the other forward). Thagrosh stands still and tosses around more Tenacities.

His army unable to advance due to the Feat, and Vilmon still standing tall in the zone, Ozzie ends his turn.

Menoth Turn 3

Few things make me happier than getting a 2nd round of shooting. Seriously. If I had to encapsulate all my favourite moments in WarMachine, they normally begin with the sentence “And then on the next turn, I got to shoot again!”.

The Harbinger allocates 3 Focus to the Reckoner closest to the Scythean, 2 Focus to the other Reckoner, 1 to the central Vanquisher, and camps the remaining 4.

The Hierophant goes first and heals Harbinger up to 16 health (1 point of damage remaining). I check briefly on a suspicion, and it turns that the Hierophant can in fact heal other models besides the warcaster! Potentially very useful information!

My central Reckoner moves forward and takes a shot at the Naga (standing pretty much on the charred corpse of the first Scythean!). I hit, lights the little warbeast on fire, and then I remember that I forgot to sing Battle first. Damnation! Oh well, even without the +2 damage I inflict heavy wounds on the Naga. My hope is to kill it, which means the only magic weapons on the table would be Thagrosh’s, and that I’m okay with!

The Choir activates and sings battle. Better late than never!

A Vassal moves up to the Reckoner that just attacked and allows it to fire again. It hits, and this time the damage roll kills the light warbeast. Nice!

The Harbinger moves over to just toe-into the right zone and casts “Crusader’s Call”. She camps the remaining Focus after taking 1 from a Wrack (which explodes).

Vilmon drops into Stone-and-Mortar again and takes a swing at the Scythean… he hits and inflicts light damage.

I activate a Vassal and give my unactivated Reckoner “Enliven”.
That Reckoner then Charges the Scythean. The Assault shot hits, lowering Defense, and the charge attack hits and smashes the warbeast for brutal damage. I buy 2 more attacks, both of which hit and kill the warbeast effortlessly.

My Vanquishers move forward and open fire on the Raek, but the scatters only hit and kill the nearby Shredder. This leaves just the Raek contesting the zone…

I charge my Allegiant forward… the Charge attack misses (boo!), but his second attack DOES hit and inflicts moderate damage.

I debate for a long moment about charging my Paladin in, or just walking forward and dropping into Stone and Mortar… I realize that I can charge the Raek and still stay within 10″ of Harbinger (although I have failed to do so wth the Allegiant, who charged right out of range). As a result, I charge forward with the Paladin… easily get range and miss my attack. Boo!

The Devout moves to block approaches to the Harbinger, my Mechaniks shuffle around a bit, and I’m done my turn.

Legion Turn 3

So you can imagine how happy Ozzie was to lose not only his Scythean, but the Naga as well, and have the Raek engaged by not 1, but TWO weaponmasters. Still, Thags is a force to be reckoned with, and I had failed to clear my zone to start scoring, so his position could be much, much worse.

He fills back up to maximum Fury, and we begin.

He begins with the Angelius, who charges my Reckoner and inflicts heavy damage with the Armour Piercing attack. Ozzie then spends all the Fury on it, which heavily damages but does not destroy the mighty Reckoner. DEF12 against living models is pretty freakin’ useful!

Thagrosh goes next and pops his Feat. He Charges the Reckoner, obliterating it on the first blow, and then buying a few attacks against Vilmon (he’s Martyr’d twice, inflict 2 points of damage on the Harbinger). He casts “Tenacity” on himself, and camps the last 3 Fury.

The Seraph runs forward, near to the middle of the table.

The Raek is out of Thag’s CTRL range, and misses the Paladin with its attack(s?).

The remaining Forsaken moves forward, as does the remaining Shredder and the Sheppard.

Then Ozzie ends his… wait! Feat time! The Angelius attacks Vilmon, which I Martry again (3 points of damage this time), and the Seraph opens fire on my Vassal Mechanik, getting 1 extra Strafe shot. He hits and kills the Mechanik, but thankfully misses the nearby Vassal! Woo!

With that, he’s done!

Menoth Turn 4

So far I’ve managed to kill 2 heavies, a light, and a support model, and in return Ozzie has destroyed 1 warjack and 1 support model. I’m liking the way this trend is going!

It now came down to either trying to assassinate Thags, or pushing for a Scenario victory and making it extremely difficult for him to assassinate ME. I have a somewhat… unlucky history with even relatively sure-fire assassinations, and Thags is Camping 3… plus there’s a river between my remaining warjacks and him, meaning that I could almost certainly get the Reckoner to him, I wasn’t sure I could headbutt the warlock, nor was I certain I could get either of the Vanquishers that far over.

So, so decided, I allocated 2 to each warjack and we were off!

The Hierophant went first and healed Harbinger for 5. Nice.

The Choir activated and sang “Battle” again.
Vilmon briefly considered attacking something… but I decide against it. Instead, Vilmon drops into both Stone-and-Mortar and Impervious Wall.

Next, the Allegiant attacked the Raek, missing both times.
The Paladin drops into Stone and Mortar and swings, hitting the Raek hard enough to slay the warbeast.

My Devout charges the Seraph… thanks to Reach it gets the distance. It connects and inflicts heavy damage. I buy another attack, which also hits, and inflicts more damage.

Next, my closest Vanquisher charges it, getting range… and slaying it on the first hit, leaving me with an extra Focus. Oh well.

My remaining Reckoner takes a shot at Thagrosh… needing a 11 to hit, misses. It scatters to the Angelius, hits, and inflicts moderate damage.
A Vassal activates and gives the Reckoner a 2nd shot, which again goes into Thags… whcih hits! Sweet! And rolls a critical, lighting the warlock on fire. In inflicts only 4 damage, though (which, apparently, is a good thing since it doesn’t spawn a new Shredder!).

Next, the Harbinger heads a bit further into her zone, keeping Vilmon within 10″ by a hair… and Thagrosh within a hair, just to keep that wonderful -2 attack roll due to her Awe.

My other Vanquisher shuffles over a bit to try and remove any “landing zones” near the Harbinger, and then I run up the remaining Mechanik for the same purpose.

Lastly, I put “Enliven” on my Reckoner, and I’m done! I score 2 Control Points for dominating my zone, and I await the assassination attempt…

Legion Turn 4

It was pretty clear at this point that Ozzie was running out of tools and time. Since I managed to jump into the lead for points, and since I had WAY more stuff to contest with, it was basically “Kill the Harbinger” or nothin’. Ozzie ponders… he things… he weighs… and then he begins!

First, the fire on Thagrosh burns brightly but not hotly… it doesn’t go out, but it also doesn’t wound. He then takes back in all his Fury.

There is a moment of contemplation as Ozzie considers the various obstacles between his warlock and my delicate, fragile warcaster. Basically the hurdles involve: Vilmon (POW15 weapon master), a Reckoner (POW17), a Vanquisher (POW16), and a Devout (POW13). The Angelius is in rough shape (a few boxes left), but he’s still got a full-health Shredder (14 hitboxes) to transfer off a hit to… but all of these models are hitting around straight-dice damage.

Ozzie ponders a bit more, and then steps into action. The Angelius shuffles a little to stay within 2″ of Vilmon but get within 2″ of the Vanquisher. 1 Armour Piercing attack and several follow up melee attacks later… and my Vanquisher yet stands! With a total of ONE hitpoint left… which is his flail! Woo!

Thagrosh goes next. He starts by casting “Scourge” on my Reckoner, which hits (despite being DEF14 from both Concealment and Harbinger’s -2)! That knocks down the Reckoner and the Devout. Now it’s just that Vanquisher and Vilmon, and Ozzie figures he can handle that. Thagrosh charges the Harbinger!

Vilmon hits easily, and at Dice – 4 damage… inflicts 15 points! On 4d6, not fantastic, but I’ll take it… it explodes the Shredder, and feedbacks a single point of damage to Thagrosh! Next is the Vanquisher, who has a fully-functional Flail… that misses! Curses!

Thags lands in front of the Vanquisher, well within 2″ of the Harbinger… thankfully, he’s within 2″ of my knocked-down Reckoner, and Harbinger is now DEF18 to his attacks… camping a few Focus, making her ARM19.

Thags swings… and misses! Phew! Buys… misses… buys… misses… buys… misses!

With that, Ozzie ends his turn and I score 2 more Control points.

Menoth Turn 5

I immediately end my turn, scoring two more CPs and securing the victory for Menoth!

Well, that went pretty well… a few mistakes on Ozzie’s part (he remembered afterwards that the Angelius’s Animus would’ve just pushed Vilmon out of the zone easily… that would’ve made my life MUCH more complicated!), but that final assassination run was remarkably well thought-out and much, much closer to success than I would’ve liked (if his charge attack hit and he rolled a 17 on damage, that would’ve been curtains for the fair Harbinger!).

Still, a great game, a lot of fun… so much so that we immediately set up a 2nd!


My last list used basically every model I currently own for Menoth (not quite, but close!) that is painted to any extent. So that was going to be it… except by sheer luck, Nigel (the aforementioned employee at the amazing “Forbes Games” in Cambridge, Ontario, where the fun never stops and neither does the vain hopes of free stuff for mentioning them on our humble battle report website!) happens to be a previous Menoth (now CoC) player who keeps all his models at the store! When he saw our game, he laughingly asked why I wasn’t playing a “real” list… and then offered to let me borrow his toys!

Hee… hee hee… we immediately set up a 2nd game between Ozzie’s Legion and my… that is to say “Nigel’s” Menoth!

We changed the Scenario (Fire Support… a flag in the middle with a friendly and enemy objective… 1 point to destroy the objective, 1 to control either flag, and 2 to dominate either flag), threw some terrain on the table (the formations of 3 trees and 3 sets of stumps demarkate a region of forest each, plus a few walls), and began again! Ozzie won initiative this time, and elected to go first.

Ozzie’s list was as follows:

Vayl, Consul of Everblight (eVayl, Vayl2)
– Ravagore
– Ravagore
– Carnivean
– Harrier
– Harrier
– Angelius
– Naga Nightlurker
Legionnaires (max)
Spawning Vessel (pot) with 6 Guys with Sticks
Shepard (x2)

A different list from last time… and look! Legion infantry! I wasn’t aware such things existed! I get the Naga, at least… the ability to hand out Magic Weapons on demand is pretty useful against Menoth!

As for me… well, I have an eFeora, so that was the easy choice. After that, I got to dive through Nigel’s stuff… I was like a kid at a candy store! What I ended up with was as follows:

Feora, Protector of the Flame (eFeora, Feora2).
– Judicator (Bonded)
– Reckoner
– Hierophant
Choir (min)
Vassal of Menoth (x2)
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Temple Flameguard UA and Standard
High Paladin Vilmon
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Allegiant of the Fist
Vassal Mechanik
Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth

Can I express in words the joy I felt at putting a painted Judicator on the table? Nigel’s is painted quite well, and I was so happy to get to try her out! Additionally,while the TFG were still unpainted, his Covenant looks fantastic, and I was really looking forward to the TFG + Tough + No Knockdown + Fearless combination.

Ozzie deployed his warbeasts in a long line with Vayl in the middle, while his two Fury-management solos were Advanced Deployed near the Ravagore.

Meanwhile, my Judicator… okay, I’m going to rant here for a moment. It bugs me that people call this thing “Judge Judy”. Do you know why?
Because “Judge” is chosen since “Judicator” means “Judge”. And “Judy” is selected because “Judicator” starts with “Judi/Judy”. So really, when people call the Judicator “Judge Judy”, they’re calling it “Judicator Judicator”. Which bugs me! Anyway, insane rant done.

So, my Judicator went near the middle, while Feora went to its right with the Hierophant nearby. The Temple Flameguard all crammed into the space to the left of the Judicator off the cliff, while Rhupert and the Covenant went on the hill nearby. The Reckoner took up a position in the middle of the table, with both Vassals nearby, and the Mechanik (still proxied by a Stormcaller) took up position near the Judicator.

Lastly, my Wracks were Advanced Deployed into positions that Feora could theoretically reach at least 2 of them from almost anywhere on my half of the board.

The table was set… would Ozzie be able to bring the dragonblight to my loyal Menites? Or woudl the fires of the Creator of Man burn brighter?

Legion Turn 1

Upkeeps were cast, animus were activated, and lots of things ran.

I remember Ozzie putting “Occultation” on something (because, really, the odds of hitting anything with the Judicator necessitates Stealth? Ha!), and Tenacity on a few other things.

Also, the Spawning Vessel walked forward (with its attendants), which the Legionnaires then charged 3 of… Ozzie rolled snake-eyes on 1 of the, but killed the other two, tossing them into the Pot. A charge from a Harrier killed another, and the Spawning Vessel was filled.

With that, his turn was done!

Menoth Turn 1

Okay, so not getting to go first with Feora… a little sad… but that’s okay! I still had big plans for the Judicator… oh yes, big plans… (muahahahahahaha!)

Feora allocates 3 to the Judicator (it generates a 4th on its own), sends the last 2 to the Reckoner, and we’re off.

The Temple Flameguard go first, walking forward in Shield Wall, but are slowed heavily by the river. Rhupert goes next and gives them Tough, followed by the Covenant walking forward and dictating that “True Menites Do Not Get Knockedth Down!”

Vilmon walks forward (almost fully crossing the river) and drops into Stone-and-Mortar stance. His vanilla-Paladin brethren runs up (there are fewer guns on that side of the table!), while the Allegiant walks forward and drops into Shifting Sands.

The Choir shuffles forward and sings “Battle”.
The Hierophant activates and gives Feora a -1 cost spell (Harmonious Exhaultation, technically).

Feora goes next. She draw Focus from a Wrack (which elects to explode). She then walks forward and casts “Escourt”.

The Judicator activates. It strides forward and begins the litany of rocket explosions, followed by the Vassal of Menoth activating an Ancillary Attack… all the shots are directed at the Spawning Vessel, and after the SIX 3″ AoEs had landed, the Spawning Vessel and the Angelius were on Fire, and 5 Legionnaires, a Shredder, and 3 of the Vessel’s Stick-guys and been blasted to Urcaen.

Yes, I thought rather loudly to myself, I simply must get one of these wonderful warjacks!

The Reckoner walked forward and tried to shoot at the closest Ravagore, but I was out by the tiniest of Fractions. The 2nd Vassal activated and gave “Enliven” to the Reckoner.

With that, I was done!

Legion Turn 2

Ozzie sighs theatrically at wasting the attacks on his own troops to fill the Spawning Vessel on his last turn when I so generously would’ve filled it on MY turn.
Sadly, the fire on the Vessel goes out… it keeps burning the Angelius, but the heavy warbeast takes only light damage as a result.

Regardless, Vayl drops everything, fills back up to full Fury, and we’re off.

The furthest-left Ravagore goes first, walking forward and then firing a shot at my closest Flameguard. It hits, but only kills 1 as a result (who fails his Tough, sadly… one other succeeds at his Tough Check and stays standing! Thanks Covenant!). Part of the reason is Ozzie’s failure to adhere to the tenants of JVM, and I quote: “I would activate my Ravagore, use its animus, boost to hit AND damage, and then move up my shepard to take off the Fury.” Ozzie missed the “Use animus” step, and as a result my Flameguard remain unburnanated.

Also, thinking back… I think it’s supposed to leave a Scather template behind? He didn’t. But maybe I’m thinking of something else that does that…?

Anyway, the Harrier charges my Reckoner using “True Strike” (neat ability!), hitting and inflicting light damage. The Reckoner, in turn, Enlivens away.

The second Ravagore moves forward and fires at the Reckoner, hitting and inflicting light damage… but also lighting the Reckoner on fire, since he DID remember to use the Animus this time!

The Carnivean and Angelius move towards the Judicator, blocking the path to the Spawning Vessel. The Vessel spits out a new Shredder, and the Legionnaires spread out and move forward.

The other Harrier moves up into a threatening position. The newly spawned Shredder runs forward, coming just short of Feora.

Lastly, Vayl activates. She pops her Feat and then shoots her Carnivean… and rolls snake-eyes! Scowling, Ozzie buys another attack, and THIS time manages to hit his mighty warbeast (and even inflicts a point of damage!). His arc-node thus prepared, Vayl casts Crippling Grasp on Feora… and misses! Phew! Undetered, Ozzie casts his free “Obliteration” on Feora… hits, and at dice-5, inflicts heavy damage (leaving her on 5 boxes!). Ozzie casts Obliteration again (paying this time), but thankfully misses. Lastly, he puts “Occultation” on Vayl, and his turn is over.

Menoth Turn 2

Well. that was way, WAY too close for comfort. Moved Feora a bit too aggressively there, expecting her ARM20 would be enough to protect her… apparently not! Either way, the fire on the Reckoner extinguishes itself (Menoth isn’t about to let his favoured warjack burn!), and I quickly calculate that I have a very solid assassination run… which is good, because having a warcaster on only 5 health is NOT a good place to be so early in the game! And Vayl has no Fury… so if I’m going to kill her, now’s the time!

A quick note here: I actually pseudo-cheated on this turn. Basically, I was running on the incorrect assumption that the Hierophant gives a free upkeep, and so I upkept Escourt for free. In reality, I could’ve just taken a Focus from a nearby Wrack to do the same thing, which I forgot to do… so no harm done. But still, a learning moment!

Anyway, Feora allocates 2 to the Judicator, gives 1 to the Reckoner, and camps the remaining 3.

First, the Hierophant activates and gives Feora a Harmonious Exhaultation.
Choir activates and sings Battle again.

Next, the Judicator activates, strides forward, and fires a rocketpod at the Shredder that happens to be standing directly next to Vayl… it hits! Sadly, the useful little warbeast is killed (giving Vayl a Fury, damnit…), but I boost the blast damage on Vayl and inflict 7… perhaps more importantly, she’s lit on fire! Nice.

Second shot goes at Vayl, which auto-misses… it scatters away, but the secondary scatter goes directly BACK onto Vayl! NICE! I boost damage, and inflict 9 points, which she transfers away.

The Judicator then sprays the nearby Carnivean, hitting it and the Angelius, lightning both on fire and inflicting light damage.

The Vassal activates and gives an Ancillary Attack to the Judicator… the rocket streaks towards Vayl and scatters away harmlessly, but yet again the secondary scatter drops right back on top of her! The rocket inflicts light damage, leaving her on 6 health.

Moment of truth time… Feora walks forward into melee with the Carnivean, and then Firesteps away, landing in front of the Judicator (and JUST out of range of the heavy warbeast’s Reach!). She sprays at Vayl, boosting to hit… and misses! GAH!

Feora Feats, drawing in 3 new Focus and moving the Fire from the Angelius to the Spawning Vessel. I consider spending the 3 Focus I have now to cast Feora’s AoE at Vayl, but I figure I may as well TRY to survive the next turn, if necessary.

One last chance. My Reckoner Charges Vayl… with the +2 movement from Escort, he can charge 10″, which *just* gets him within 5″ of Vayl! He doesn’t have any Focus to boost to hit, though (I could’ve given him another, which I SHOULD’VE done, stupid of me)… but he hits anyway! Rolling at dice – 3, I need a 9 to win…

And I nail it! Vayl goes down in a blaze of Menoth’s Fury!

Gah, way too close for comfort on that one! Sure, I still had 1 Fire damage roll left to win (and POW12 isn’t shabby…), but even knowing it couldn’t go out due to Feora’s Caustic Presence, I’m happy that it didn’t come down to that!

Ozzie played a solid, very aggressive game. He almost caught me for moving Feora just a wee bit too far forward, which was silly of me, really… at this point in the game, there was no reason for Feora to be beside the Judicator (instead of more central and behind it!), but I’ll consider that a lesson learned!

So, thanks for reading, thanks to Ozzie for both the great games and the stunning pictures, and any questions, comments, or mockery is always welcome!

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