Battle 016 – Retribution V.s Cryx – Kaelyssa Vs. eSkarre

This week I was matched up against Adam and his Cryx army.  We both brought 2 lists we are testing for an upcoming tournament.  We ended up chosing Kaelyssa and Epic Skarre.


Can I find a way to overcome the shambling hordes of Cryx. Will Kaelyssa die by the thousand papercuts of backlashing Satyxis.  Will Skarre get knocked down and drug out by a momentum cannon shot. Stay tuned to find out!We start with list selection.

Adam brought an eDenny list and the following eSkarre List:

Max Satyxis Raiders + UA
Max Bane Riders (Proxied by Soulhunters)
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Orin Midwinter

I brought an Ossyan list with Halbs, MHSF, A&H etc. and the following Kaelyssa list:

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max DG Sentinels + UA

I picked my Kaelyssa list because she has pretty good game against Skarre and Denny and my Ossyan list didn’t have any good answer to the Bane Thralls in Adam’s eDenny list.

We were playing the scenario Outflank. (Two 12″ zones on the horizontal centerline, 1CP to control 2CP to Dominate) Adam won the die roll and chose to go first. I picked the side of the table with more cover and the hill to deny them to Adam more than any need of them myself.


Adam deployed his Bane rider in the center with Skarre and Orin to their right and the 2 Pistol Wraiths to their left.  The Raiders and Dethjack AD’d on his left flank by the bridge.


I deployed my Halberdiers in a single line across the middle with sentinels in behind. The Phoenix went to the left with his Arcanist and the Banshee to the right with his. Kaelyssa went in behind the Banshee on the right hand side.

IMG_2914 IMG_2917

Cryx Turn 1

Satyxis Raiders run up the side of the board and spread out on the bridge and in the zone.IMG_2919
Bane Riders run up the middle of the board and spread out over the river.IMG_2918
Pistol Wraiths run up behind the Satyxis Raiders.
Orin runs up behind the Bane Riders.
Skarre advances and puts Death Ward on the Bane Riders.
Deathjack run forward as far as he can across the river. IMG_2920

Retribution Turn 1

Halberdiers shieldwall forward for 9 inches of movement with reform.
Sentinels run up behind the Halberdiers and touch bases for defensive line.IMG_2921
Both Arcanists pop focus to their pet jacks.
Kaelyssa puts Banishing Ward on the Halberdiers and Phantom Hunter on the Banshee. She advanced toward the middle of the board on popped her feat.
Banshee moved up and shot at the Sea Witch, boosting to hit and missed.IMG_2923
Phoenix fired at a Bane Rider but was out of range.


Cryx Turn 2

Bane Riders activate the leader tried to curse the Halberdiers but was out of range. The riders advanced and 4 of them got in melee range and killed 3 Halberdiers.
Skarre moves up and feats. She puts feat tokens on Hefself, Deathjack and 3 Bane Riders.IMG_2927
Deathjack moves up and cast Black spot on the Sentinels.
Raiders advance into combat. The killed 2 Sentinels, 1 Halberdier and did a bit of damage that put 2 on Kaelyssa through feedback.IMG_2926
One Pistol Wraith moved up and killed 3 Sentinels with some black spot shots. The other moved up but couldn’t get LoS to anything.
Orin moved up and popped no magic.

IMG_2925   Retribution Turn 2

Halberdiers advanced in Shiledwall to get in the way a bit and did a 5-man CMA on the un-feated Bane Rider. I rolled shit for damage and failed to kill it. One swung and missed a Raider.IMG_2931
Banshee trampled over the Raiders taking 2 freestrikes (only 1 damaged) but only killing 1 of his 3 trample targets. He bought an attack and killed the Pistol Wraith.IMG_2930
Sentinels charge in a kill 3 Raiders. One charges the damaged Bane Rider but can’t quite get reach over the Halberdiers.
Phoenix moved up and combusted on 2 Bane Riders, lighting them on fire but not doing any damage.IMG_2932
Kaelyssa Moved over by the wall and shot the damaged Bane rider in melee and killed him.


Cryx Turn 3

The fire goes out on 1 rider and does nothing to the other.
Bane Riders shift over and kill 1 Halberdier, 1 Sentinel and the Hlaberdier UA.
Raiders get a charge order. They kill the 2 Sentinels on the hill and put a little damage on the Banshee.IMG_2937
Skarre moves up and Perditions my Arcanist to death allowing Deathjack to advance up to my Sentinel UA in my backfield.IMG_2934
Deathjack tramples up to Kaelyssa over the Sentinel UA and Standard, killing the Standard. He buys an attack on Kaelyssa, boosts to hit and does 8 damage leaving her with 4 boxes. He buys another attack is is able to put Kaelyssa in the dirt.IMG_2935IMG_2939

Victory to Cryx. IMG_2938

2 thoughts on “Battle 016 – Retribution V.s Cryx – Kaelyssa Vs. eSkarre

  1. Ouch. Heartbreaking!

    Adam is now on a 14 or 15 game undefeated streak… so you shouldn’t beat yourself up about the loss. And you put up a solid fight, at least!

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