Battle 020 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Durgen Vs. Testament – Souls and Bombs

This week I was matched up against a newer player to our meta, Darrell.  We both just brought 1 list because we both had some stuff we wanted to try out.IMG_3342

I wanted to test out a Durgen list (discussion here) that centered around flooding the table with cheap bodies in the form of Pressgangers.

My list was:

Max Press Gangers
Max Press Gangers
Max Nyss Hunters
First Mate Hawk

So Primed Press Gangers provide bodies for jam and explode when killed. First mate Hawk makes them hit like trucks when they do attack. Alexia follows around the non-primed unit and collects corpses. Eiryss because Eiryss. Dougal, Thor and Durgen turn the Earthbreaker’s assassination threat up to 11. Seems pretty legit. I just wanted to test this list out before I went and bought 2 boxes of Pirates. The Press Gangers were being proxied by my 2 units of Forge Guard and First mate Hawk was proxied by Gastone.

Darrell was bringing one of his favourite Menoth casters, the Testament. He makes it a point to never play anything that is popular so its all about the dark horse and jank in his list.

Testament of Menoth
Max Vengers
Min Choir
Knights Exemplar
Knights Exemplar
Knights Exemplar Senechal
Battle Engine
Vassal Mechanic

Darrell wins the die roll but chooses to go second so he can deny my Earthbreaker the hill. Probably the right choice but it did allow me th get my AD press gangers really in his face on turn 1.

Mercs Turn 1

-In a shocking turn of events all of my stuff runs forward. The wall of press gangers runs up as far as they can while keeping spread out, mindful of the Vanquisher.
-First Mate Hawk runs up behind the unit on the right.
-Durgen puts primed on the right Press Gangers and Redline on the Eartbreaker and walks forward.
-Alexia moves up behind the left Press Gangers and leaves a pocket for the Earthbreaker
-Nyss hunters spread out behind the right Press Gangers.
-Dougal and Thor run up behind the Earthbreaker.
-Eiryss runs into the forest


Menoth Turn 1

-The battle engine moves up onto the hill and fires a shot into my Press Gangers it leaps to 2 additional PGs.  It kills 2 and 1 toughs. Vessel takes 1 dmg from boosting the attack roll.
-Mechanic heals 1 damage back onto the vessel
-Left Knights run up and spread out.
-Vilmon and the 2 Paladins move up and go into Impervious wall.
-Knight Senechal ran up and engaged a PG in the middle of the board.
-Devout runs forward toeing on the hill
-Right Knights Exemplar run on either side of the large obstruction
-Vengers run up and spread out around and behind the Knights Exemplar.
-Vanquisher runs up onto the hill and gets ancilliaried by the Vassal.  It deviates and kills 2 Press Gangers.

Tough Tally: 1 pass, 4 fail

IMG_3345 IMG_3346

Mercs Turn 2

-Now I get some payback!

-Durgen upkeeps Primed but drops Redline and I forget to allocate any focus to the Earthbreaker

-First Mate Hawk moves up near the flag so she can keep the PGs in her CMD after they Charge.

-Right PGs charge.  2 Charge the Knight to the left of the ruin and 5 charge a combination of the knight and the Venger right of the ruin.  The first charge kills the knight and second attack kills the Venger. So I end up wasting 3 attacks on the right side and clumping up for no good reason and I also forget to do the attacks on the other knight and move on with my turn.

-The left PGs activate and charge the left unit of Knights.  Only 3 of them actually make charges.  Another runs to give a gang bonus and the rest just spread out and take up space. The single PG on one Knight misses and the first attack on the Knight that 2 PGs charged kills it.  So it goes.

-Alexia and her dudes move up and she crafts a Thrall up near the enemy flag.

-Durgen goes and puts Explosivo on the Earthbreaker and moves up a bit camping 4.

-Thor and Dougal give the good stuff to the Earthbreaker. Artillerist and boosted Damage rolls.

-Earhtbreaker moves up and I roll nipple guns first because I need the extra range to use my 1 magic shot on Vilmon.  I need an 8 to hit and can’t boost because I forgot to give EB any focus but it matters not because I roll the hard 8 I need and Vilmon dies.

-But a miracle occurs doing 3 pts to the Vessel and Vilmon’s charred corpse walks forward and kills my newly crafted Thrall before collapsing.

-Nyss Hunters activate and 2 of them try to CRA a choirboy but are out of range. another one tries to take out a Knight from the right unit and kills it. The rest are out of range.

IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3352

Menoth Turn 2

-The Vanquisher gets 1 focus.

-battle engine moved up in close to 4 PGs and a Risen and pushed them all back and lit them on fire.

-Vanquisher moved up and fired at a Nyss hunter amid a sea of PGs do the right side. He hit and killed the Nyss and 2 PG.  (Minor cheat here. Forgot about Primed. Alexia took corpses for the1 PG which should have been RFPd from primed.)

-Vanquisher got ancillaries and scattered onto 2 non-primed PGs and 2 Risen. Killing them all.

-Knights exemplar move up and kill a PG who explodes killing another PG and 2 Knights. On the other side of the ruin 1 knight kills a PG who explodes and kills the knight but also kills 2 more PGs. Clumping ain’t easy.

-Vengers charge but only 1 guy charges into the 2 PGs left on the right side of the ruin. He misses both impact attacks and his charge attack. (sad dice are sad). The rest of the Vengers run and position themselves behind the ruin.

-the devout moved up and the Testament moved up behind him and I think he cast revive on something but I’m not sure what.

-1 Paladin charged in on a Nyss Hunter near Alexia but missed his attack roll.

– the Knight Senechal declared a charge on the Earthbreaker mostly just to tie it up but it turned out that his only line of movement to get to the colossal wouldn’t bring him into melee with it and is therefore an illegal charge so instead he ended up bumping into the back of the paladin.

-Darrell forgot to activate the Knights on the left side of the board.

Tough tally: 0 pass, 9 Fail. IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3357

Merc Turn 3

-I think I might have an assassination run (Testament is camping 2 for ARM18 but witht the feat that seems doable) but I want to take care of a few things first.

– I up keep primed and give 3 to the Earthbreaker.

– Two primed PGs attack the Vengers engaging them and both miss. I needed 3s to hit but I think I made a math error at the time and thought I needed 5s. the lass walked up the nearest Knight and seduced him. The knight walked over and killed a nearby Venger.

– Alexia went and sent some risen off to make a few attacks. One tried to attack a choirboy and missed. The other mainly tried to avoid blocking the Earthbreaker’s line of sight.  Alexia took out a paladin using some Risen to boost.

-Durgen went next and moved up to get the Testament in his control area and feated. He fired off a Capet bomb at the devout which did some damage an more importantly hit Testament with blast which with the feat did a few points of damage. Both scattered shots only his the Vanquisher and barely scratch the paint. He fires his second shot at the Devout and put a bit more damage on it and Testament.

-Dougal and Thor go next and give Artilerist and boosted damage to the Earthbreaker.

-Earthbreaker moves up as far as he can and fires a knockdown torpedo at the Devout.   It hits and knocks down the shield guard and his caster.  And does 10 damage to the Testament. 2 nipple gun shots later and the Testament put down for good.

IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3361Victory to mercenaries!!!!

Thoughts on he game:

-This Durgen list is pretty fun. So many tough bodies flooding the table is a blast (pun intended) to play and I think I may have to add Press Gangers to my buy list in the near future. I’m not a huge fan of the pirate esthetic but they are just too fun.

-Durgens assassination potential is pretty intense with the Eathbreaker in his list.

-Some mistakes were made on both sides but in particular I don’t think I’ve really seen what the potential of the Testament is yet.  Basically Darrell over extended his caster just a touch too much and got killed. Also the mistake of the knight Senechal not being able to speed bump the Earthbreaker was kind of a big deal as well.

-I think the Nyss hunters were a bit superfluous in this game. I’m not sure what I’d replace them with. I thought about squeezing in 2 full units of Halberdiers. (Maybe drop Eiryss and add a tinker).  It would be such a massive dude-swarm but many espouse the benefits of Halberdiers as a primed target over that of Pressgangers so both can’t be bad, right?

-My tough rolls were attrocious. 1 successful tough roll all game and 13 failures.

3 thoughts on “Battle 020 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Durgen Vs. Testament – Souls and Bombs

  1. Good game! Nice to see some new warcasters (both Durgen and Testament!) into the mix.

    I think we have to accept a simple fact: The Earthbreaker is a potent assassination threat, period. Gorten? POW24 attacks and a neat push/pull Feat, plus a Stone Wall to keep it safe from charges. Durgen’s Feat. Ossrum’s Snipe plus Feat.

    It’s just… really, really solid. The fact that it has Knockdown on a stick is just gravy. I love my Judicator, I love my Stormwall, but the Earthbreaker is easily their equal (although I would hesitate to say he’s *better* than my colossi, I don’t really think there are any *bad* colossus). A really cool model, and a lot of neat synergy built in.

    As a suggestion, if you’re going to go the Earthbreaker-assassination route as a staple: You might want to consider getting Taryn. Being able to remove LoS-blocking models can be key (especially against Menoth or anyone immune to KD… as well as anyone who hides behind their colossus). Just a thought.

  2. The Nyss are kind of weird with Durgen. On paper they’re great (and we all know it), but Durgen makes most infantry great, or close to it, so they seem less necessary than in other merc lists.

    However, the Nyss are still really useful, just a bit different to usual. They really become a more late-game/assassination piece, largely functioning as a fairly mobile shooty unit for much of the game. They add another threat to the ranged assassination, provided you can still CRA. In late-game, after the the cheap infantry has been exploded, they’re still there as excellent Primed targets. You’ve seen that you can’t rely on tough to keep your infantry around, so you need something left for late-game, and the Nyss contribute while waiting for it.

    They’re also pathfinders, which sometimes is essential, especially if you don’t being Rupert/Saxon. If you end up in a game with bad terrain you will be really glad the Nyss are there to deal with it.

    Taryn is an excellent choice with Durgen for just the reasons Marx gives.

    I wouldn’t go with Steelheads + Pressgangers (and I love Steelheads). They’re fairly good, but not great. You really want them to have Primed. But then you really want everything to have Primed, and it can’t. So having some choices which do work without Primed can be useful. The Nyss fall into this category, but so do a few other choices.

    If you’re not stuck on Highborn as your contract, consider Kayazy. I’m not that bothered for the full unit with Durgen, but Eliminators can be great – they’re fast enough to take out targets of opportunity/necessity (especially the Satyxis Sea Witch and her really annoying granted: blast immunity) and don’t need Primed (but really like it if they can have it and become quite capable of melee assassination).

    Rockbottom is also handy (but much better in Highborn, due to AD) – being able to improve the Pressgangers’ chances to hit means that in combination with Primed you don’t always need Gang, which makes explosions less of an issue. His spray is also short-ranged, but occasionally wonderful.

    An option I don’t see people mentioning very often, but who can be lots of fun is Gudrun. Pretty much independent, but a berserk reach demon if you give him Primed. Usually only works as a trick once against any given opponent, but then he takes quite a lot of effort to take down (certainly more than 3 points worth).

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