Battle 021 – 50pt Menoth vs Retribution, pFeora vs Kaelyssa: Sanctify!

Since this week Aaron and Kassem were doing the grindiest grindfest that ever did grind for the podcast, that left me with the freedom to have a nice light game with Todd. Last time Todd stomped pKreoss into the dirt with the drunken kung-fu of Borka, but this time he was playing his beloved Retribution… which I am considerably more familiar with!

Also, I love playing against Retribution. It’s so nerve wracking in a positive way (unlike playing, say, Cryx, which is just repeatedly being kicked in the junk).

Anyway! I was rocking two new 50pt Menoth lists… I like the *concept* of both pFeora and pKreoss, but thus far they’ve been elusive in actually working for me. But after looking at Todd’s two lists (Garryth and Kaelyssa), my fragile little Kreoss didn’t seem like a wise (or long-living) choice, and so out came pFeora!

Feora, Priestess of the Flame (pFeora, Feora1)
– Reckoner
– Hierophant
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
– Sanctifier
Choir of Menoth (min)
Vassal of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth (“The Book”)
Holy Zealots (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Rhupert Carvolo

I was pretty excited to try the Sanctifier marshalled to the Bastion Senny… with a little luck, it’s basically a 4 Focus warjack (3 souls from unfortunate Zealots that go to meet Menoth in person, and 1 Marshall bonus). Plus, Feora doesn’t have any “Battle Group” spells to my knowledge, so I wasn’t losing anything in the exchange (unlike with eFeora, who really wants to be running warjacks herself!). The inclusion of Rhupert in this list is still uncertain… my Kreoss list will probably get Gravus, who can keep Exemplar on their feet with his aura of No-Knockdown, but without a way to give them Tough… anyway, I was excited to try this list out!

Todd decided to get some practice in with the First Lady of Retribution… and perhaps more importantly, her new Tier list!

Kaelyssa, Night Whisper
– Manticore
– Manticore
– Mantictore
– Chimera
– Aspis
– Aspis
Arcanist (x7)
Arcantrik Force Generator (AFG)
House Shyeel Artificer
Battle Mages (proxied by Infiltrators mostly)

I think that was it… you’ll have to excuse me a little, folks, but I played this game almost exactly a week ago (Aaron was a touch on the slow side posting the pictures so I could do my write up!), and Todd’s list was pretty full of proxies.
Speaking of proxies: The riflemen were Arcanists, the light myrmidons in pink were Aspises (Aspi?), the grey one was the Chimera, and all the heavies were Manticores.

Also, don’t be too harsh on Todd’s colour-palette choices… he bought these models used and they came pink. Or so he claims…

Anyway! We’re using 1 hour (each) Deathclocks, and the scenario for this game was Balance of Power: a central 12×6 zone and 2 flags (one friendly, one enemy). You get 1CP for controlling the zone or your enemy’s flag, 2CP for dominating either the zone or flag, and if you dominate your OWN flag you remove 1CP from your opponent after CPs are scored (so if they’re sitting on 4CP and score 1, they win before you take away that CP). It’s a neat scenario… works for most point sizes, encourages battles in the middle of the table without dividing your troops… it’s a good one!

Coincidentally, I think Nick hates it. But that’s an aside.

We rolled for initiative, which I won and chose to go first (I have guns, I want them up the table quickly please!). Todd picked the side of the table with more cover/concealment, and we started setting up.


I decided to go with what I lovingly refer to as the “Rochambeau Line” (South Park reference, for the record). On the right flank (from my perspective) went my Reckoner and Sanctifier (proxied for the first turn by an armless Vanquisher, but promptly replaced in future pictures by a borrowed Sanctifier from fellow Menite Darrell). The Zoly Healots (sic) went in a line with the Bastions behind them , the Choir and Feora went to the left of center along with the Book, my Vassal, and Rhupert, and the Errants went AD’d in the middle of the table.

For the record, this deployment was basically forced by Kaelyssa’s Tier benefit which does not allow me to run or Charge on my first turn, followed by the threat of Kaelyssa’s Feat (in which I can’t Charge any of her models within her CTRL!). Getting my already-pretty-slow Bastions up the table, and my pretty-slow warjacks along with them… it was going to be a problem.

Todd’s deployment was more liesurely, not being hamstrung by his own Tier (obviously). The AFG went behind the forest to the left, with the Infiltrators spread out in the middle. Kaelyssa went in the middle, while all her warjacks went to the right with the pack of Arcanists and the Artificer (for his immunity to blast damage and increased DEF to ranged attacks) behind the myrmidons.

With that, we were ready to rumble!

Menoth, Turn 1

I would so dearly love to say “Everything ran”, but again, I couldn’t. On the one hand, this meant that Feora could camp her full stack safely… on the other hand, I was slow as hell, and on the gripping hand, screw you Scyrah.

So, instead, everything walked. Rhupert walked up and gave the Errants Tough, the Book walked up and said No Knockdown.
The Errants walked forward and spread out (thank Menoth that I had Advanced Deployed units!).
The Zealots walked up behind them, while the Bastions and the Senny crawled up behind them.
The Sanctifier and Reckoner walked up the right flank.
Feora moved closer to the middle and put “Ignite” on the Errants and “Hex Hammer” on herself after getting Harmoniously Exhalted by the Hierophant.
Lastly, the Vassal and Choir walked from where I stuck them on the left towards where I ended up putting my warjacks (on the right), after forgeting to move them during the deployment phase (oops!).


Retribution, Turn 1

Todd smiled. I don’t like it when Todd smiles… it means that something very unpleasant is about to happen.

Most of the time, many unpleasant things.

But I digress. Todd starts his turn by not allocating any Focus (why would he need to, with 7 frakkin’ Arcanists!). And we’re off…

The Arcanists allocate Focus to warjacks and standing in a circle. The Artificer steps into the middle of the circle and pops his DEF-bonus, No-Blast Damage aura.

All the warjacks ran forwards, followed by Kaelyssa casting “Phantom Hunter” on herself and moving up. And she arc’s “Rift” through the Chimera towards… somethin’… not the Errants or Zealots, obviously, but maybe Rhupert? I dunno, whatever it was it scatters onto a few Errants, failing to kill but does put Rough Terrain in the middle of the table. Joy oh.
The Infiltrators ran forwards and spread out.

Lastly, the AFG moves forward and fires out its big honkin’ AoE of Rough Terrain. It misses but gets a lucky scatter, clipping a bunch of Errants and killing 2 of them. More importantly, it leaves Rough Terrain to slow down my already glacially-paced Bastions. Oh joy.

With that, Todd ends his turn.


Menoth, Turn 2

Well, that could’ve gone much worse. Sure, there’s basically a swamp, a 4″ AoE of Rough Terrain and another 3″ AoE of Rough Terrain, and sure, my Bastions and warjacks are SPD4 without Pathfinder… but… uhhh… anyway.

Feora upkeeps both Hex Hammer and Ignite and allocates 1 to the Reckoner.

The Errants go first, moving forward happily, their Pathfinder proving its worth once again. I open fire on the Battle Mages and manage to transform one of them into a pincushion. Revenge for their fallen brethren! Just… not much revenge…

Rhupert walks forward and gives the Errants “Tough” again, and the Book moves up and again says “No Knockdown”.

I decide to have the Zealots walk forward again, since they would be unable to run far enough in front of my Errants to be a sufficient road-block this turn… and I’m really trying to get in the habit of holding onto their mini-feat until the appropriate moment. Anyway, they pray for No Spells again.

The Sanctifier runs forward and gets as close to the Zealots and Errants as I can squeeze him, and the Reckoner runs up behind the Zealots as well.

The Choir moves further towards my warjacks, but aren’t quick enough to sing anything on them… not that it would matter, since Kaelyssa only has 1 useful spell against warjacks and all of his ranged guns are magical.

The Bastions run up around the flag and spread out a bit, and the Senny runs into B2B with the Sanctifier.

Feora walks up behind the Book (to block LoS) and casts a Wall of Flame in front of my Errants… Todd can certainly get his myrmidons through to my Errants, but hopefully I can make him pay a bit for it.

With that, I’m done!


Retribution, Turn 2

So Todd is… unhappy?… about the loss of one of his Battle Mages, but personally, I think he’s lucky to have only lost that many. Regardless, he’s ready to rock… he upkeeps Phantom Hunter, allocates 2 to a Manticore, and camps the rest.

The Arcanists do their thing again, moving forward and allocating ‘zounds Focus’ to his warjacks. The closest Manticore ends up with 3 Focus, the closest Aspis gets 3, and one other Aspis gets 1.
The Artificer again moves forward and protects the Arcanists with his protective aura.

That close Manticore charges the closest Errant, getting 2 within range. First it takes some damage from my Fire Wall, though, inflicting a very respectable 4 points.
Todd needs a 6 to hit.
Initial swing… Todd rolls 2.
Second attack… Todd rolls a 3.
Todd tosses his dice aside, grabbing new ones. Superstition, yes…
Third attack… Todd rolls another 2 (!!).
Last attack! Todd rolls… 3!

WOO! Menoth Protects!

Todd, being the total class-act that he is, takes it with a smile and completely in stride. He is a better man than I, Gunga Din.

The fully-loaded Aspis charges forward and kills a couple Errants… it’s hit by the Fire Wall as well, and at dice-6 I inflict… 6 damage! Boo-yah!
It then moves through my Errants with Beat Back (killing 2) to engage my Zealots behind them.

The other two Manticores move forward (just at the edge of the Artificer’s 3″ Bubble o’ Safe) and drop Covering Fire, one that covers all the Errants still engaging the Manticore, and the other on top of the Aspis in my lines, likewise to protect it (and not coincidentally on a bunch of Zealots).

The AFG aims and fires Rapid Fire shots, getting 3 attacks. And 3 Errants bite the dust, failing their Tough rolls. Boo.

The Battle Mages charge/run. Two manage to avoid the Flaming Wall of Flaming Death (Flames), and the other 3 runs up and spread out behind them. 4 attacks later and I’ve lost 2 more Errants (and made a Tough check).

The remaining Aspi run forward and spread up behind the Manticores. The Chimera stands pat.

Lastly, Kaelyssa moves up to B2B with her Flag, camping her Focus. She fires at an Errant who’s engaged by a Battle Mage… the shot misses and then also misses the Battle Mitten. Todd decides not to risk further shots… he does, however, pop Kaelyssa’s Feat, catching his entire army, and ends his turn.


Menoth, Turn 3

Down to only a handful of Errants… but all my Zealots, Bastions, and warjacks. Could be worse! Of course, his entire side of the table having Stealth and being unable to be charged isn’t a *good* thing… but I’m pretty sure I can find a silver lining somewhere.

Feora upkeeps Ignite and Hex Hammer, drops Wall of Fire, allocates 3 to the Reckoner, and we’re off.

Rhupert goes first, moving up and giving the Errants “Tough” yet again. The Book likewise moves up a little and again says Nay to Knockdowns.

The Errants go next. I move them up to engage the Battle Mages and the Manticore, getting them out from the Covering Fire Templates except for one who had nowhere else to go. They take their swings, killing 2 Battle Mages and dropping 2 more with Quick Work shots, and putting some respectable damage into the Manticore and Aspis.

My Bastions activate and walk forward (unable to charge, curse it)… I manage to get 2 on the Manticore, while the other 3 continue their slow slog forwards. More damage on the Manticore, but it yet stands.

The Reckoner activates and charges the Manticore… and after I shoot my initial Assault shot (which hits), THEN I remember that I forgot to activate the Choir first! D’ohith! Also, I take a hit from the Covering Fire, but Todd fails to wound.
Anyway, it takes all three Focus, but the Reckoner finally manages to drop the mighty Retribution myrmidon.

The Choir activates and sings battle. Just in case.

The Vassal of Menoth activates and gives the Reckoner an Ancillary Attack. I shoot at the closest Manticore, getting a critical hit (woo!), lighting it on fire, and inflicting some damage to the shield.

My Zealots go next. They pop their mini-feat (now or never, thinks I), and shuffle around a bit, praying for Battle. A few lob bombs at the Manticores (out of range and immune to blast damage), a couple others manage to tag the AFG for some pretty considerable damage (about 9 total, not bad at dice-5).

My Sanctifier moves up to engage the Aspis, and obliterates it with it’s 2 attacks (initial plus 1 bought, since I couldn’t get close enough for the fist to hit). POW19 is a thing, yo.
The Senny runs up to be B2B with the Sanctifier again.

The Hierophant Exalts Feora again.
Feora moves over behind the Book (still on the hill for that bump to her DEF) and casts Wall of Fire again, placing it between the Manticores and my army. Again, it won’t stop them, but it may help a bit… and last turn it inflicted damage on both of Todd’s myrmidons that moved through it, so why not?

With that, my turn is over… Todd has wisely placed both of his Manticores with their toes contesting the zone, so no scoring for me!

DSC03413 DSC03412

Retribution, Turn 3

This is the turn that I remember that the Sanctifier can actually collect souls from fallen Menites… which is good, because there is going to be little shortage of those, I feel…

We start with the fire checks… and all the fire goes out. Not a good sign, me thinks.

Todd again upkeeps Phantom Hunter and allocates 2 Focus to each Aspis.

The Arcanists again go first, tossing around Focus for the Aspis and Chimera. The Artificer moves over a bit, popping his protective aura again.

2 Arcanists move up and repair the AFG back to full health (GAH!).

The first Aspis charges my Bastions, and after the dust clears my unit has taken a pretty respectable 22 points of damage (equally divided among all of them).

The second Aspis charges my Errants in front of the Bastion Seneschal. It takes a few points of damage going through the Wall o’ Flamey-Flames, and the Bastion Seneschal’s Defensive Strike hammers it hard enough that I wreck an arm! Woo! Todd had been hoping to do a Combo Strike, but he settles for smashing a couple Errants… who both Tough!

The Chimera heads towards the middle of the zone.

Kaelyssa activates and arc’s “Arcantrik Bolt” onto my Reckoner, hitting and inflicting 6 points of damage (and making it Stationary).

The last Battle Mage moves up and takes a shot at Rhupert… he hits, kills, and Rhupert fails his Tough check! Damnation… small consolation: the Battle Mage fries from Feora’s Hex Hammer.

The AFG moves up and uses Rapid Fire again. It concentrates full forward firepower on the Errant Officer, killing him 3 times: 1 Tough and 2 Self-Sac’s (including the now-basically-useless Standard).

Lastly, the 2 Manticores shuffle away from my Bastions (and towards the AFG) and drop Covering Fire templates into the middle of the zone.

(Sorry folks… in the 50+ pictures we took of this game, somehow we managed to miss pictures from this turn!)

Menoth, Turn 4

Well, the battle is truly met now… time to wreck some face. The loss of Rhupert was lamentable (and stupid… there was no reason to have him that close to the front lines!), but we must soldier on. Feora again drops Wall of Fire and upkeeps both Hex Hammer and Ignite (figuring that I’ll hot-swap it mid-turn from the now depleted lines of the Errants to the still richly-intact Bastions!). I also allocate 2 to the Reckoner, which immediately spends 1 to shake Stationary.

At this point I realize that my Sanctifier is still complete bereft of souls… the only thing that died within 5″ of him was a self-sac’d Errant, and they don’t count. Damnation! Oh well, might as well get that Chimera dealt with first. The Sanctifier activates and moves to a position it can Reach the Chimera. I take my initial attack… and remember that I forgot to sing Battle! Again! ARGH!
2 attacks later and the Chimera is battered and bruised, but still functional (albeit barely!).

The Choir activates and sings Battle. Menoth, you think that would be habit by now… but NO…

My remaining Errants activate. 1 manages to skirt the Covering Fire to engage a Manticore, while the others just move forward as far as they can without risking the POW12 hits. The melee one smashes the Manticore hard (POW11 Weaponmasters with Ignite!), lighting it on fire and inflicting a solid 8 points of damage. The others open fire on the Arcanists, killing the two that had healed the AFG last turn.

The Zealots activate, pray for Battle, and lob their bombs at the Manticores. Several hit and inflict minor damage on both, but most miss and scatter away harmlessly (stupid Artificer!).

The Bastions activate and hit the Aspis on the right side of the table hard enough to stagger it…
The Reckoner activates, walks up, and smashes it into the ground.
The Vassal gives an Ancillary Attack to the Reckoner, which he fires at the Artificer… who is just out of range. Wanh-wanh.

The Bastion Seneschal moves up to be B2B with the Sanctifier again, and hammers the Chimera hard enough that it explodes into rainbows and scrap metal.

The Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts Feora.

Feora decides that the better part of Valour is getting the hell away from Kaelyssa and her LoS-ignoring gun. She walks towards my flag, and casts a Wall of Fire between the Manticores and my troops again.

Lastly, the Book moves forward and says “No Spells”, since there’s no reason to say “No Knockdown” any more!

With that, my turn is done, and yet again there is no scoring…

DSC03432 DSC03431 DSC03428 DSC03427 DSC03426 DSC03425
Retribution, Turn 4

So Todd’s not in a good way… he’s down his entire unit of Battle Mages, 2 Aspis, a Chimera, and a Manticore. He still has 2 fully functional Manticores and a pristine AFG… and Kaelyssa. Can’t ever forget Kaelyssa…

On the plus side… all the fires go out again (!!). Well, plus side for him.

He upkeeps Phantom Hunter again, and allocates 2 Focus to each Manticore.

Two arcanists give Concentrated Power to the Manticores, while 2 others top off their Focus.

The first Manticore charges my Bastion Seneschal, taking light damage from the Molten Lava Line as he does so, and another Defensive Strike blow from the Seneschal himself. Sadly, nothing is crippled, and the Manticore proceeds to hit the Seneschal for 4 points of damage, miss, and then hits him hard enough to kill.
Plus side? My Sanctifier gets his first soul!

The second Manticore charges my Sanctifier and takes a few more damage from the wall. He hits him all 4 times… and inflicts a total of 14 damage, leaving him on 18 boxes and nothin’ crippled.

My god can beat up your goddess, Todd…

The AFG activates and opens fire on the last few Errants, wiping them off the table save 1. Who, at this time, I remember still has Ignite because I forgot to swap it over to the Bastions. Oh well. This gives the Sanctifier 2 more souls, topping him off.

The Artificer moves up and kills a Zealot.

Kaelyssa opens fire and kills 1 more between all her shots (ARM16 is pretty good against POW10!).

With that, Todd’s turn is over.
DSC03438 DSC03437 DSC03434

Menoth, Turn 5

This day, brothers and sisters… this day Menoth has taken from us our Errants, many of our Zealots… but lo, he has given unto us a mighty gift… a gift of two Manticores.

Feora drops Ignite and Hex Hammer (realizing that it’ll be a frosty day in Ios before Kaelyssa cares about a few 1d3 damage attacks if she ever bothers to walk into Feora’s CTRL!). She allocates 2 to the Reckoner, and we’re off.


There. For the first time all game, my Choir activates BEFORE either of my warjacks. I can be taught!

The Sanctifier goes next. It’s hitting at POW19, also known as “dice+1″ against the Manticores. It moves into a position to be in punch range of one and Reach range of both. First attack hits the more damaged Manticore… and I roll 13 for damage (booyah!). Open fist attack on the other Manticore, and at dice-2, I inflict 8 points (ha!). Buy an attack on the heavily damaged one, roll another 10 points of damage and destroy it (!!). Buy two more attacks on the other Manticore, crank the damage rolls… and it’s a smoking pile of wreckage!

A very good use of 3 souls, if I do say so myself!

The Reckoner activates, moves 2.5” through the bog, and opens fire on the AFG twice (once with his regular attack, and an Ancillary). Both shots hit and inflict a total of 11 damage on the battle engine (but don’t manage to light it on fire).

My last Errant walks over and takes a swing at the Artificer. He hits, but flubs the damage roll (Menoth giveth, and Menoth taketh away…) and leaves him on 5 boxes.

My Zealots walk forward, 2 getting on the Artificer and 2 more getting within range of the AFG. Sadly, none of them hit, despite their +2 prayer bonus.

The Bastions run forward, the unit leader stuck at the back due to the swamp and the massive stacks of wreck markers between him and Kaelyssa.

The Hierophant moves in front of Feora protectively, and Feora runs to be B2B with the flag, just because.

I score a CP, which is sadly taken away by Kaelyssa dominating her flag.

But hey, 2 scrapped heavy myrmidons for the low-low price of 3 souls? Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that turn…
DSC03450 DSC03449 DSC03448 DSC03447 DSC03446 DSC03444

Retribution, Turn 5

Todd is unhappy. But, again, he’s got a smile on his face and is taking all this in far, far better form than I have any right to deserve. Especially after those damage rolls… yeesh. Almost unfair.

Kaelyssa, stripped of warjacks, camps her full stack and upkeeps Phantom Hunter again.

The Arcanists activate first. 3 repair the AFG back to full health (NOOOOoooooooo!), the other 2 charge and kill Zealots, whacking them over the head with their wrenches.

The Artificer swings at the last Errant, and misses (woo!).

The AFG activates and moves up into the zone. It Rapid Fires, getting 3 shots, and opens fire on my Bastions. He manages to kill 1 outright (12 points of damage on him!), and I spread the wounds around from the other shots. My Bastions are now at 3-4 boxes each… and 1 dead. Not so good…

Kaelyssa activates. She opens fire on a Bastion, hitting… no damage. Buys an attack… misses. Buys an attack… no damage.

Sometimes, my friends… sometimes the dice just say nay.

DSC03457 DSC03455 DSC03452 DSC03451

Menoth, Turn 6

So things are going pretty well… except for one little thing. I’m pretty sure Kaelyssa can take the rest of my army apart, piece by piece, before I get close enough to kill her unless I do something semi-drastic. And being unable to charge that thrice-cursed AFG isn’t making my life any easier! Still… I can probably take this, as long as I’m not stupid.

Plus, Todd’s got less than 3 minutes left on his Deathclock, and I still have a healthy 7 minutes.

So, with that in mind, I allocate 2 Focus to the Reckoner, and we’re off.
As luck would have it, due to that damnable Rough Terrain, I actually have a Bastion about 8″ away from Feora…
The Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts my warcaster.
Feora walks up a little and casts “Ignite” on my Bastions. About frickin’ time.

The Choir activates and sings Battle on my warjacks again.

The Reckoner aims Kaelyssa, boosting to hit. I need to roll a 9 to hit… and I do! And I light her on fire, no less! The boosted shot inflicts 9 points of damage (nice…).
The Vassal gives the Reckoner an Ancillary Attack, trying to close it out… but needing a 7 on two dice (due to Flare) proves too elusive and I miss.

No matter.

The Book moves directly towards Kaelyssa, shouting that there will be NO SPELLS nearby.

The Zealots shuffle around a bit, praying for damage, and strike down both the Artificer and a handful of the Arcanists with lucky scatters.

My Sanctifier waddles as quickly as he can through the smoking wreckage that impedes his path (stupid wreck markers!). No running, sadly, since he’s autonomous.

My Bastions walk, since I can get one on that damnable AFG. The one in range takes a swing and hits it for 10 more damage. The other Bastions just head towards Kaelyssa in a threatening manner.

My last Errant aims and kills another Arcanist (leaving Todd with only 4… “only”…).

With that, my turn is over… still 0-0 due to Kaelyssa dominating her flag (but not for much longer, my friends!)

  DSC03464 DSC03460

Retribution, Turn 6

Todd is rapidly running out of tools… although he still has a half-health AFG…
Oh, and fire rolls! Yeah, all the fires go out. AGAIN.

Kaelyssa camps her full stack.

2 of the remaining Arcanists activate, walk over to the AFG… and repair it back to full health (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!).

The AFG activates and walks to put a line through my Bastion into a bunch of my Zealots. He then fires a “Slam” shot, hammering my Bastion THROUGH the Book and into some of my infantry! Nice… the Bastion is splattered, but he flubs the roll on my Monolith Bearer, who barely survives. A few other Zealots die, giving more souls to the Sanctifier. And the Book takes a single point of damage.

Kaelyssa activates and fires a few shots into the Sanctifier, but most ping off harmlessly. Still fully functional.

Todd ends his turn with less than a minute left of his clock.


Menoth, Turn 7

Okay. All I have to do is not lose. That can’t be that hard, right?

Feora allocates 2 to the Reckoner again, upkeeps Ignite, and we’re off.

The Choir sings Battle once more.

The Sanctifier trades his souls for Focus, walks over to the AFG, and FINALLY puts that damnable device into a shallow and scattered grave.

The Reckoner walks forward and fires at Kaelyssa… boosts to hit… and misses. Boo. The Vassal gives him an Ancillary attack, which also misses (boo!).

My Exemplar Errant charges Kaelyssa, getting the distance and hitting her! He inflicts only 4 points of damage, but she’s on her last leg now…

The Book walks up nice and close to Todd’s Flag so that he can’t dominate any more, and says No Spells again.

The last few Zealots move towards Kaelyssa and prepare to lob bombs next turn.

Next, my remaining Bastions run towards Kaelyssa (although they’re still far away, they’re pretty much assured to be within Charge range).

Lastly, Feora and the Hierophant run into the zone, just to put their toes in.

In this way, I score 2 CP (finally!), bringing the score to 2-0 for Menoth.

DSC03472 DSC03470
Retribution, Turn 7

Todd’s down to seconds on his clock. Kaelyssa upkeeps Phantom Hunter and camps her full stack.

She walks away from my Errant, heading towards Feora… the Errant takes his free strike, hitting, and then CRANKS damage, dropping the mighty elven warcaster!

Victory to Menoth!

Post-Game Analysis

We quickly rabbit-chased to see if Kaelyssa had any hope… there was a small pocket where Todd could place her so she was unengaged by anything and had range on Feora (camping 3). We rolled it out, and Feora survives by a healthy margin… even stealing her Focus to use against her, POW10 just isn’t enough with 3 attacks against ARM17.

Still, it was silly of me to move Feora closer to Kaelyssa whatsoever. Sure, it was nice to score 2CP, but I would’ve been much better off just taking the 1 and leaving Todd without even a tiny avenue for the assassination.

Still, I think this is yet another example of being lucky rather than good. Todd missed way more attacks than he had any right to, and his damage rolls were all over the map. My Sanctifier was a superstar… but not as much as that AFG. It slammed, it put out Rough Terrain, it killed more models than it had any right to. I know it’s not a well loved battle engine… but man, in the right hands and in the right situation, it shines.

Anyway! Thanks for reading… comments, questions, and criticisms are always welcome!

11 thoughts on “Battle 021 – 50pt Menoth vs Retribution, pFeora vs Kaelyssa: Sanctify!

  1. Sorry I didn’t have seven Arcanists to put down on the table 😛

    That was a great list you had, combined arms with denial everywhere. Anyone playing against it would have a hard time enforcing their will.

    “Todd needs a 6 to hit.
    Initial swing… Todd rolls 2.
    Second attack… Todd rolls a 3.
    Todd tosses his dice aside, grabbing new ones. Superstition, yes…
    Third attack… Todd rolls another 2 (!!).
    Last attack! Todd rolls… 3!

    I used to go on tilt about dice rolls like that, now I just get Theoden’s speech from Hemls Deep in my head. What can men do against such reckless hate? When the dice Gods abandon you. I maintain it was the Sanctifier going berserk on my poor ‘Jacks that really sealed the deal. Despite the loss I’m not ready to give up on this tier, I think it still has merit, Time will tell. Great game!

    • It was an awful lot of fun, and I think that if your dice were average (at least) than it would’ve been a helluva a lot closer… Feora may have had to get her own hands dirty, which she can certainly do, but then it becomes very, very risky.

      Also, that’s a brilliant speech and a fantastic application of it.
      Where are the dice and their pips? Where is the arcanist that was power boosting? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in Ios behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?

      I still think the Tier is a solid option… not going first hurt you a bit, and having a difficult scenario to win on Control Points didn’t help. But yeah, the Sanctifier taking the existance of the Manticores as a personal afront to Menoth was basically the deal-sealer.

  2. Nice report & game! Buuuuuuuuuuut – check BoP in the SR document again – taking away the CP happens /before/ scoring, so the first time around, you’d have gotten a point, and thusly ended with one more than you did.

    • Oooh, good to know. Yeah, BoP always confuses me a bit with the “when do I lose CP” aspect.

      I guess this means that you can’t win by controlling a zone if your opponent is dominating his flag… I’m not sure if that’s better or not. Either way, I’ll have to be careful of it!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. On the gripping hand, eh?

    Well played though. Sanctifiers are really cool ‘jacks. Soul collecting was one of the things that originally got me into the game.

    I like Todd’s list a lot. Kaelyssa’s new Tier list is definitely cool, and it seemed like the AFG added some control, as well as staying power. Using Rift and the difficult terrain shot can really slow down some enemies, and the 3 Covering Fire templates seem like a really annoying addition.

    • Glasskin, you have no idea how happy it makes me that somebody picked up on that reference. ^_^

      Sanctifiers ARE cool ‘jacks, although now that I have learned that they can’t use souls after their Marshal is dead (no allocation without a marshal, and the souls-into-Focus thing is an allocation!), I’ll have to be a bit more careful with my Seneschal. Still, did fantastic, super-happy with the pairing.

      I also like Todd’s list. I think it needs a few minor tweaks, maybe, but it’s solid, and features a lot of board control (the AFG’s 4″ Rough Terrain, Kaelyssa’s 3″, and the 3 Covering Fire templates add up pretty dang quick). Not much use against Cryx, Legion, or Circle, but against Menoth, it really did hamstring my approach for a long time. The only issue is that while it did slow me down, he couldn’t really DO much with that additional time, and the majority of my army eventually did make it into battle. I’m not sure how to fix that problem… maybe a 2nd AFG? He needs a good, high RoF thing.

      • WHAT?! You couldn’t have used those souls?!!! Shenanigans, get your brooms everyone. Time to put an asterisk beside that Kaelyssa win eh?

      • Yeah, I’m as surprised as you, Todd! Whoops!

        But really, how much did the loss of both your remaining heavies to my Sanctifier change the result of the game?! Barely noticeable, I’m sure… ^_^

        Live and learn! Sorry about that, Todd!

      • ^_^

        I thought for sure that Kaelyssa’s rough terrain spell is Rift, which is a 4″ AoE. So you can potentially line up 3 4″ templates early on.

        Someone at my LGS is running Force Wall in our summer league using 2 Phoenixes and 2 Griffons at 35pts. I’m not sure what he plans to add at 50, but he’s done well with it so far.

        That might be the answer in terms of attack output at least. Against infantry, both the Griffons can Combust to remove a lot of enemies. Against heavier armor, they can use their swords.

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