Battle 014 – Retribution Vs. Cryx – Retribution of Gaspy

This week I was matched up against our local Cryx player Adam.

IMG_2735 copy

We both made up some potential 35 point tournament lists on the spot.

I went with Issyria.  I haven’t had a lot of practice with her at 35 points.  I have been practicing her a lot to see if I can wrap my head around her.  I love the model but I’m still not crazy about her rules.

Max Halberdiers + UA
HG Thane

Adam picked eGaspy as one of the casters he would probably be taking to the next tournament.

*Arcnode (does it matter which)
Max Satyxis Radiers + UA
Max Bane Thralls + UA
Min Bile Thralls
Bane Lord Tartarus
Warwitch Siren

The scenario was Process of Elimination (Two 12 x 6 inch zones vertically aligned with an enemy objective in the middle of both zones.)

I won the die roll and chose to go first, which I think was a wise decision when faced with Satyxis Raiders.


IMG_2716 copy

IMG_2717 copy IMG_2718 copy IMG_2719 copy

Retribution Turn 1

-HG Thane give desperate pace to Halberdiers
-Halberdiers run up to be at the edge of the threat range on the raiders.
-Arcanist give a focus to Hyperion
-Hyperion runs up behind Halberdiers
-Issyria floats up and puts Inviolable Resolve on the Halberdiersand camps the rest.
-MHSF runs up the right side of the board into the forest.

IMG_2720 copy IMG_2721 copy IMG_2722 copy IMG_2723 copy IMG_2725 copy

Cryx Turn 1

-Raiders run up. 4 jam my Halberdiers. The rest run in behind and spread out.
-Canjerworm runs up onto the hill
-Arc node runs up behind the house.
-Siren runs up behind Raiders
-Gaspy moves up behind Raiders and puts out some clouds.
-Bane Thralls run up into the right zone
Adam runs out of time and opts to use his extension
-Tartarus runs up onto the hill
-Bile Thralls run up behind the rest of his stuff some get up on the hill as well.

IMG_2726 copy IMG_2728 copy IMG_2731 copy

Retribution Turn 2
-Issyria upkeeps IR and gives 3 to Hyperion.
-She activates first and feats and fires a sparkle burst cannon shot at some raiders it misses and deviates onto the Siren, canker wom and a bane. I put a few wounds on the Siren only.
-Halberdiers kill the Raiders engaging them and reform forward in shield wall.
-Hyperion moves up as far as he can and kills a couple raiders with Thresher cannons. He fires the sparkle burst cannon at the raider captain and Crit consumes her and 2 more raiders.
-Strike force moves toward the middle of the board to get into Issyria’s control range. 1 fires at Cankerworm and misses. My original plan was to take him out. But since he was on a hill I would be needing 10’s to hit so after the first shot I thought better of it. I switched my focus to Tartarus because he can be a huge pain. I shoot him and hit 4 times but fail to break armor. After this I switch to killing other stuff. I kill 1 bile and 2 banes and 2 more banes roll tough

IMG_2735 copy IMG_2736 copy IMG_2737 copy IMG_2738 copy

Cryx Turn 2

-cankerworm goes and moves to the left zone and hangs out.
-Arc node runs up and gets within 5″ of one of my Halberdiers (what’s the worst that could happen)
-Tartarus charges a Magehunter curses the MHSF kills one MHSF and 1 Halb, creating 2 more banes.
-Banes activate 4 of them get charges off on MHSF but only 2 hit and kill. One charges a Halb but end up way out of formation. The unit spreads out a bit.
-Gaspy activates moves up onto the hill. Excarnates a Halb and makes a Bile.
-Biles move up. 1 purges and kills the entire MHSF, 2 Hanes and puts 6 damage on Tartarus. another bile purges on 7 Halbs killing only 1 of them because they are Arm 20 from shield wall and IR. but since they’re corroded they are probably about to die.
-Siren moves up and sprays a group of 3 Halbs and misses all of them since they were on a hill.

IMG_2740 copy IMG_2741 copy

Retribution Turn 3

-3 of my 6 corroded Halbs die
-Issyria gives 3 to Hyperion and drops IR.
-She activates and Blinding Lights the Biles, velocities back behind Hyperion and I forget to do my Ancilliary attack.
-Halberdiers go. One swings and misses at Tartarus. Two more mini feat and CMA the Siren.
-Hyperion moved up and fired on the Arc node. I roll Crit again and remove 1 Bile, a Raider and 2 banes. I boost damage on the arc node and leave it with 1 box. I used my first thresher shot to fire on Tartarus but I missed him I randomized to my Halb who I also missed. Second shot went into a Bane engaging Hype and I roll snake eyes for damage. My only shot on the left hits the Arc node thanks to his crippled movement and takes it out.
– Arcanist moves up to be with repair range next turn. Hopefully It matters.

IMG_2744 copy IMG_2747 copy

Cryx Turn 3
– Gaspy goes first. Charges Hyperion and misses his attack roll. He kills the halb tying up Tartarus. He parasites Hyperion and pops his feat. He puts down 8 raiders and 2 banes then teleports back behind them.
– Feat models all charge Hyperion all 8 raiders do damage with their Lacerators which puts 8 damage on Issyria. The 2 banes do some more damage but leave Hype t around 10 boxes.
-Tartarus charges in and finished the job.
-Cankerworm walks over to the objective and Armour pierces it for 6 damage.
– The last Raider attacks the Houseguard Thane and puts 2 damage on him.
At this point Adam timed out before he could move his banes or Biles.

IMG_2748 copy IMG_2749 copy

Retribution Turn 4
-HG thane swings at the Raider and misses.
-2 Halberdiers charge Cankerworm and do about 12 damage. The soulless runs to engage a bile.
-Issyria floats up onto the hill admonitions herself and camps.
-Arcanist charges Tartarus and misses his charge attack.

IMG_2751 copy IMG_2752 copy IMG_2754 copy

Cryx Turn 4
-Gaspy charges on of my Halbs in the back. Kills all the Halbs and soulless then teleports back onto the hill.
– The last Raider kills my HG Thane.
-BLT kills my Arcanist.

IMG_2756 copy IMG_2757 copy

At this point I think it was fair to concede the game since I only had Issyria left and by herself she is quite useless.

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