On the Subject of Pain(t)

So since – I don’t know… the spring? – I’ve been working on the Skorne colossal, the Mammoth. If any of you out there are considering playing or already play Skorne and have thoughts of picking up the Mammoth, may I suggest these very simple steps for painting it: 1) immediately regret it. 2) cry. 3) more regret. It’s not that the model is bad or poorly sculpted, in this particular instance I offered to paint the model; one which I could not actually play as it’s a different faction. The owner of said Mammoth, the infamous Kassem, even offered to pay for the paint which I would use but I refused; a decision I would later realise was the only thing that would have kept me in the green.

I liken painting the Mammoth to offering to take a cursed monkey’s hand off a friend: they would obviously agree but when they try to explain the curse, you dismiss them waving your hand saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what a cursed monkey’s hand is.” But oh no. No you don’t. Not yet.


In all seriousness you have to approach painting the Mammoth a certain way or else you’ll end up like me crying in a pool of my own sick. Some models can be built to completion before painting. This is not one of those models. I would strongly recommend painting the cannons separately before attaching them to the turret and the tusks before attaching them to the face. I left off the shoulder pads because they covered up too much detail and didn’t have a decent place to attach. I don’t think I put on a single tassel because fuck if I could figure out they went. When you’ve finally glued everything on be prepared to snap stuff off when you’re handling it. A lot (all) of the tassels and rope pieces are brittle and will snap off under their own weight.



In other news I finished a Mangler while the Mammoth stared back at me annoyingly. I’m really happy with how it turned out even though the sand that I used for the base swelled up with the glue. My Mercs in general I’ve been very happy with how much more cohesion there is than with my Khador.


And the Gobber Speculator that I painted in a mere hour and forty-fiveĀ minutes for the Speed Painting Competition (hosted by Marc) turned out pretty good. Painting it so quickly made me question if I should paint small base models that are part of a unit one at a time instead of my usual paint factory method. Probably with solos I could do that but I don’t think I have the constitution to do that with a unit.


So at this point I only have five Uhlans, Madelain Corbeau, three Convergence lights (partially finished), two Convergence heavies (partially finished) and two Convergence units. It never ends.

And Vlad3. And a full unit of Nyss Hunters. Fuck everything.

3 thoughts on “On the Subject of Pain(t)

  1. That Mammoth looks amazing Aaron, truly a work of art!

    I love the old, used & worn look on the Mangler, well done!

    Chin up man, every thing you paint is a work of art and when you look on them you can say: ‘I did a badass paint job on that thing!

  2. Even if it did take you 6 months to paint it, the Mammoth does look pretty. You probably could have reduced the pain by not also painting it in yellow, a notoriously tricky colour to get right (though based on the Mangler and others you evidently really good at it). I also loved the analogy of the cursed monkey hand.

  3. “Because suffering is compulsory with painting if you must, and I must.”
    “The significant element that is common to Aaron, Rivera, Siqueros, Picasso, Pollock, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo is the expression of pain.”

    Can’t wait to see it tonight and make all my painting effort look like garbage. Ya bastard.

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