Painting for Hire – Dougal and Rupert

I’m still on my short hiatus (for my sanity) from painting white so instead I managed to complete some more mercs.

Behold Dougal Mcnaile and Rupert Carvolo in all their splendor.IMG_2493 copyHopefully I can get these guys on the table buffing the crap out of my Mercs in the near future.IMG_2490 copy

Now that they are done I am working on a top secret project (as I mentioned on the podcast).  I hope to unveil that very soon!

3 thoughts on “Painting for Hire – Dougal and Rupert

  1. You know what’s more depressing than seeing models you’ve painted that look better than models I’ve painted?

    Seeing the SAME model you’ve painted look SO MUCH BETTER than that same model I’ve painted. Your Rhupert makes mine look like… Menoth, I don’t even know. Like a child playing with crayons? Like my cat just put its paws in paint and then stepped on Rhupert a bunch?

    At least I don’t own McNaille yet. So small mercy there.

    Great work, Nick! Can’t wait to see this “Secret Project” you’ve been working on! Is it coming to the table tonight? Or will you be unveiling it for the podcast battle you’re recording next week?

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