Paint for Hire – Fiona the Black and Professor Viktor Pendrake

Tying up some more loose ends.  I finally put the finishing touches on Fiona the Black and Pendrake.

IMG_4330 copy

Fiona the Black

She seems like a really interesting caster but I still have not had a chance to try her out.


IMG_4331 copy IMG_4332 copy IMG_4333 copy

The Professor.

I have never fielded Pendrake either but his abilities seem like they could be absolute gold in the right match-up.  I want to put him in my Highborn Damiano list for anti-hordes tech.  Beast and/or Deadeye on Gun Mages could be pretty legit.

IMG_4334 copy IMG_4335 copy IMG_4336 copy

Next in the queue is my Nomad/Mule or Mulemad or Nomule?  Anyway it’s next.

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