Paint for Hire – Mulemad

The first human non-Rhulic warjack I bought for my Mercs was Rocinante, a while ago. While building Rocinante I was conflicted and thought about magnetizing him so I could use him for some of the non-character jacks.  I just though the abilities on the 3 jacks that come in the plastic kit were pretty cool.IMG_4338 copy

Fast forward and I end up picking up an old metal Mule on sale and so I decide I am going to magnetize the sucker so I can use it as a Nomad or as a Mule.

I didn’t realize how different the Jacks were from their metal incarnations. The  Nomad is drastically different from it’s metal version and quite frankly the plastic kit is a huge step back.  The metal kits are much cooler.

IMG_4337 copy   IMG_4340 copy IMG_4341 copy

I have no idea what I’m going to work on next so no spoilers.  I’m rapidly running out of Mercs to paint but I have a case full of unpainted, unappreciated Legion calling my name so who knows…

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