Paintectorate of Menoth

So I attempted to unleash some of my new Protectorate models on our Cryx player on Wednesday… my only condition is that he couldn’t play Gaspy2 against me (since I have no screening infantry, Gaspy2’s Feat is basically a hard-counter and instant game winner against my current Menoth army). Adam wasn’t having any of that, so I didn’t end up being able to play my Menoth. 🙁

But! On the flip side, now I can show everyone else what I’ve been working on!


Here we see a group shot of much of my Menoth: 2 Reckoners (in the back), 2 magnetized warjack kits currently outfitted as Vanquishers, 2 Vassals of Menoth, Vilmon, a Hierophant, the Covenant, and 3 Wracks.

More pictures of them in progress…
IMAG1054 IMAG1058 IMAG1057

Vilmon is basically done (a few black areas need to be done, and then a few highlights)… say, 95%. Same with the Hierophant (I just need to finish the tassels on his staff and a few more highlights). And the wracks are hovering around 80% done… some skin-tone highlights, and a quick drybrush on the wracks themselves, plus a little gold on the weights. Everything else is about 50% finished.

This morning I put the shadows on my Allegiant of the Fist, my Vassals, and the Reckoners… took me about 20-30 minutes all together, but I’m pretty sloppy with doing washes.

Still looks okay, in my books, and coming along nicely (I’m personally very pleased with the progress on the Reckoner… those are great looking warjacks!).

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