Paintectorate of Menoth – Basically Basing

Due to having an extra day off today for Canada Day (sort of like Independence Day, but more Canadian), I decided to finish up a few of my models that were basically done, and just needed bases.

First, the finished models:
Finally finished with pFeora! I love this model, both rules and aesthetically… I just wish my paintjob could do it justice!
IMAG1453 IMAG1455 IMAG1454
High Reclaimer, pKreoss, and Amon Ad-Raza, also done…

Nicia all ready to rock, and finally…

Now, please note I said “finished”. As soon as I took this picture, I realized that I forgot to finish the masks on the two poor grunts under eSeverius’s feet (done shortly), and the Menofix in his right hand. Corrected, as you will see.

But first, the “before” pictures of my Judicator getting its base:
IMAG1449 IMAG1450
The front half is “crackle paint” which I’m HOPING will turn into big chunks of broken and burnt out earth, while the back half is going to be lush, green grass and bushes, trying to show that everything in front of the Judicator burns. Will it work? I have no idea. But I’m hopeful!

As soon as that crackle paint dries, I’m going to go at it with paint… the trick will be to make it look like burnt and scorched earth, rather than just “desert” which is what most people do. We’ll see!

Edit 1:

Well, due to the humidity (thanks Southern Ontario!), the crackle paint hasn’t dried in over 24 hours… but at least it’s coming along nicely!
I still have to figure out how to paint it such that it looks like blasted and burnt earth, but one hurdle at a time.

Also, a final shot of all my warcasters, “finished”…

Sadly, the quotes are required since as soon as I put down the camera I realized that I had missed 2 things: the masks on the zealots beneath Severius’s feet, and the tubes on Feora’s back. Plus the white ticks on their bases. But all quickly corrected, and not noticeable in this picture anyway! So I’m not taking another (my camera promptly ran out of batteries anyway!

So, this batch is finished! Next, finishing the base on the Judicator and starting the OTHER 4 warcasters!

2 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Basically Basing

    • After the other 4 warcasters are done (Thyra, Vindictus, pReznik, eKreoss), I’ll probably move on to finishing my Zealots (I’ve started them, albeit barely). After them, probably the unit of Daughters, then… maybe my 2nd unit of Errants? Or both units of my Knight Exemplars?

      Gah, so many choices!

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