Paintectorate of Menoth – Customized Avatar Part 2

So work proceeds with my customized Avatar in my attempts to make her less ugly than the default model…

When last we left our heroine, she looked like this:


Notable modifications include lengthening and rotating the right leg, shortening the left, extending both arms, giving her a slightly more dynamic pose, and replacing that gods-awful sword with another (from Fire of Salvation).

As for the paint…

Here is the Avatar, all primed and on her base:
IMAG1681 IMAG1682

Note the use of a Cryx bonejack for a foot-rest… I meant to buy a plastic one, but ended up with a pewter one accidentally (I bought it used for $4)… pain in the butt to saw in half, but it’s done now!

Here she is after I’ve started the silver areas:

I used PP Armour Wash on all those sections, and then moved on to painting the areas that will be gold with “Umbral Umber” as a basecoat:

I also started painting the Cryx jack at the same time (silver and grey at this point) before realizing that I should probably paint the dirt around him BEFORE doing much more work on that wreck… I also needed to touch up the browns a bit:

And then lastly this morning I started the golds! This is after 1 drybrushing of Rhulic Gold on the gold areas:
IMAG1689 IMAG1688

Tonight I touch up the brown/golds, and then move on to the white! Hopeful to get that entirely finished today!

It’s interesting doing this in parallel with all the other models (which are all proceeding, albeit slower)… I’m enjoying it, but it’s tricky to mentally switch tracks so often!

Anyway, thanks for reading! More updates later in the week!

2 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Customized Avatar Part 2

  1. Very cool so far, I love the re-pose! The Avatar is one the doofiest-looking models in the game, which is unfortunate considering how awesome the concept is. Well done!

    • Why thank you, sir! I agree about the default Avatar looking awful… my only explanation is that they used the full load of “Awesome” on the Harbinger model (unquestionably one of the most beautiful models anywhere) and had none left for the Avatar.

      I hope the repose helps… it certainly can’t make it *worse*… and so far I’m liking it! Now I just have to hope my painting can do it a little bit of justice!

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