Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants DONE! And on to the Bastions…

I know! I KNOW! “Only” two and a half months after starting, my Errants are finally finished!

Be still, my beating heart!


That picture is from last night… fully painted, but not fully based. Which, according to Nick, doesn’t count as fully painted… but THANKFULLY this morning I managed to finish basing them!

IMAG1276 IMAG1278 IMAG1277

Done! They’re done. I have never been so happy with finishing a unit… but no rest for the wicked! I need to get more infantry options for my Menite warcasters, and so…

IMAG1275 IMAG1279

Bastions! Primed, and now based (I had the paint and glue for the Errants already, so why not?). Silvers and golds first, then whites, then maroons, and so on.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants DONE! And on to the Bastions…

    • Compared to your work? They aren’t even that. Maybe “mildly insulting to be called finished” in that context. Or “Only ‘rather embarassing’ if I were playing against them at a tournament’.

      But that’s unfair. Your stuff is stunning.

      Compared to unpainted? Yes. They are adequate.

  1. Nice to see them finally completed. I think they look good. My friend who plays Menoth has been bugging me for a while to paint up his Errants. I just can’t seem to get motivated to put any paint on them though (especially when I keep buying my own stuff, which needs to get painted).

    I have painted the Bastions for him though. I don’t think they’re as bad. I like painting bigger stuff, and there is only 5 of them… not 12. Good luck on the Bastions! I look forward to seeing them in “A Tale of WMH 2014: May Completed Models” 🙂

    • Thanks, CT! I really appreciate it! I am looking forward to doing the Bastions… my warjacks have not NEARLY been the pain in the butt that the Errants were, and Bastions are closer in size to warjacks than they are to infantry!

      Of course… I have 6 Bastions, due to the Seneschal… but I still think it will only take me a fraction of the time. I wish I had time to get started this weekend, but it’s just not gonna happen… dad’s birthday party, more house-hunting, recording the podcast from this week… busy busy busy!

      I do hope I can get them finished by May, though!

  2. Nice work Marx!
    I’ll start mine definitively in one month time. After rhoven &co some daughters and Idrians .
    But the errants are out best infantry troop!
    How is it going with bastions ? I still think thay are a nightmare too… 😉

    • The Bastions are coming along nicely, thank you for asking… there’s a post already in the pipe that will go live on Wednesday with my progress there. Way (WAY-way) easier to paint than Errants! But I’m happy the Errants are finished… they’re fantastic jack-of-all-trades!

      After the Bastions, I’ll probably do the Avatar, and then some Zealots, then TFG, then a Sanctifier, then Daughters, then Vengers… good luck with your Idrians, Rhoven, and Daughters!

  3. Lookin’ good man, attention to detail and multiple layers = a recipe for crisp lookin’ models!
    You feelin’ up to a second unit + UA for Vindictus theme force? 😉

    • Why thank you! I’m… okay with how they look now that they’re finished. They certainly look a TONNE better on the board!

      As for a second unit… yeah, as much as it pains me to admit, I’ll get one. They’re just such fantastic skirmishers… I’m not exactly positive how I’ll distinguish the 2nd unit from these guys, though. Probably swap the Whites and Maroons on the models (maroon armour, white tunics). But that’s way, WAY in the future… after the Bastions, Zealots, Flameguard, Sunburst, Avatar, Vessel, Vengers, Daughters… after I have one of everything ELSE, basically, and two of some of them (probably 2 units of Bastions trump 2 units of Errants for the short term), THEN I’ll revisit these guys!

      Thanks for the comment!

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