Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants… Still Taking… Forever…

Okay, so I’m on the cusp of almost being done my Errants.

And by “almost”, I mean… I’m never going to finish these guys.

But the progress is coming along… first coat of gold is done, soon to be followed by shading the gold, and then all I have left is the browns (leather for their sword scabbards and sword hilts, plus a few belts), maroons (inner forearms and a few tunic places I missed, plus the Seneschal’s banners), and blacks (Menofixi).

After that I can actually start doing highlights! Which will take me another forever! Gah!

Really want these guys done and sealed before Adepticon on Saturday, but that’s going to mean a LOT of nose-to-grindstone between now and then. Whee.

A few more pictures of them…

IMAG1246 IMAG1247

Oh, and their crossbows. I have no freakin’ idea what colour to paint their crossbows!

Lastly, I did some work on my Menoth warjacks… a couple of them are actually finished I think (the Devout for example), but may need a few touch-ups and then basing! But still… finished mostly!


And then… once all this is finished… more warjacks! And Temple Flameguard! Gah! FOREVER!

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