Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants Take Forever

So I continue to work on my Errants! They are going to take… FOREVER!


That shot is after I’ve “finished” the cream… mostly…

IMAG1241IMAG1243Here we see the first 2 I’ve added shading to… I still have to add the highlights, and then the maroon, gold, and silver… which should only take… FOREVER!

2 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Errants Take Forever

  1. I always thought the worst thing about Errants – i.e. the capital punishment for purchasing them – was their assembly?

    Here’s some more T-Shirt Slogans for you, btw::
    1) Protectorate Girls do say “No”.
    2) Can’t spell “Menoth” without “No”.

    • Ha! I like those.

      Yeah, putting the Errants together? Pain in the BUTT… although I imagine the plastics a bit easier than the old metals used to be for that. Mine took me a dedicated evening to assemble and prime.

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