Paintectorate of Menoth – Further Work on the Errants

I’ve continued to plug away at both my warjacks and Errants… hoping to get everything finished (or at least MOSTLY finished) in time for the tournament next weekend, and DEFINITELY finished in time for Adepticon in a few weeks.

Here’s my progress so far today:

I’ve put the first coat of white highlight on the Devout and first of the magnetized Crusader kits (although right now only their Vanquisher-bits are painted), but the 5th coat on one of the Reckoners, and the 3rd coat on the other.

I think the 5th-coat one is pretty close to being done (some touch-ups on the shoulders) with the whites, and then I can move on to the golds, which should be comparably fast.


The Errant UA and Standard Bearer have their first coats of metals, whites, and maroons, whereas the unit itself has 4 with the maroon and silver (and a bit of the gold), while the last 6 have their maroons and golds and are waiting for their silver.

They are going to take… forever. Just… forever. Gods. What have I gotten myself into? With some luck, by the end of the day (another 5-6 hours) I’ll be finished at least 1 warjack and have the basecoat colours on the unit of Errants. Hopefully!

More posts later today!

Edit: Okay, here’s the progress I made over about 3 hours:

So… “finished” the silver basecoat, got a little less than half the white basecoat done… and I already hate how they look. But I’ll keep muscling on… with any luck I can get the other 7 basecoated tomorrow, and then start the shadows and highlights next week. That would be great.

Also painted Gravus’s horse (boring brown to contrast with the white and gold armour), and did a few touch-ups on Gallant. He’s almost done… just needs grass, I think!

IMAG1228 IMAG1229

Edit again: Last edit for this post, but here are my Errants on Monday morning, after working on them all weekend…


2 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Further Work on the Errants

    • Yeah, there really is! They’re coming along, though… I have a few new WIP pictures that I’ll post later this week (basically, I’m waiting for Nick to post his always-better-than-mine pictures, and THEN I’m going to post my stuff! Ha-ha! Check and mate, Mr. MoFaux!).

      Thanks for commenting, though! I’m still debating on whether to do all the trim on the armour in gold, or just leave it white… but that’s probably WEEKS away before I get to that point! For now I’m just happy that the 3rd coat of Menoth Base seems to be the last needed one!

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