Paintectorate of Menoth – Harbinger Part 2

So my efforts to finish the Harbinger with her slightly modified attendants continues!

It’s getting a little hard to see the differences at this point… basically I finished painting the Habinger aside from a few gems in her armour and weapon, and if I decide to do a really funky colour for her hair. Otherwise… she may be done! Maybe.


IMAG1034 IMAG1035

Oh, and her shield. Need to finish her shield.
The Attendants need the leather straps on their hands, their boots, and the highlights on the black belts they’re wearing finished. Shouldn’t take too long.
Oh, and the flag. Need to paint her flag. Thankfully I have a full day today with nothing else pressing to do… with a little luck she’ll be ready for basing by the end of the day!

Also, as an aside, I’m almost finished with Gallant…

Need to finish the book on his back and the highlights of his blues and golds. But neither should take a ridiculous period of time!

More updates (probably later today!).

Lastly, we WILL be posting a new Battle Report podcast this week! Honest! No idea who it will be between, but I’m hoping I can strong-arm Nick into a game!


Compare, if you would like, the last picture of the Harbinger, to this one:

That’s after a full day’s worth of painting, folks! Attendants are done except for the black (and the highlights to that black) and the steel flagpole, the Harbinger is completely finished (just have to glue on the shield!)… the flag itself has been started.

With any luck, she’ll be good to go by Wednesday (although I wouldn’t have anything to field her with, so that’s a Pyrrhic victory at best!).

Edit (AGAIN!): Last post for today. Finally gluing the attendants onto the base… with a little help from a work-in-progress Boomhowler…

IMAG1038 IMAG1039

Editedx6: Attendants attached, shield attached, chains attached… gotta finish the flag, and then I think this baby is ready for basing! Woo!
IMAG1040 IMAG1041

Last Edit (I promise… will start a new thread if I have any more pictures!):

Basing almost done (glued in place, at least…)


And then… finished!

Now she’s off getting sealed. I hope this works… I really want to protect this model! Anyway, thanks for reading all this stuff!

2 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Harbinger Part 2

    • Why thank ya! I’m proud of her… I had a snow-day today (highways were a mess, no driving to work) so I stayed home and worked on her all day. Flag is done and mounted, base has sand and the first coat of paint… a little dry brushing, some grass, and she’s ready for protective coating! Very exciting!

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