Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Base, Part 2

So I’ve finished painting my Judicator, which means now I have to base the beast… I was pretty happy with how my Stormwall base turned out, and I love the opportunity to make detailed, beautiful bases on these huge models. Unfortunately, unlike my Stormwall, I had no idea *what* I was going to put on the base… I’m not a fan of the typical “temple floor mosiac” that is popular, nor do I find the usual desert-theme stuff very interesting… but I wanted something!

After awhile, I came up with the idea of having the Judicator standing in a lush, green field, and torching everything in front of it with the flamethrowers. This, I thought, would at least be visually striking, and hopefully not too complicated (unlike my “Stormwall striding out of a river”, which was a blast and turned out okay but was a PAIN to actually do!).

Step 1, already posted in my “Basically Basing” post from last week, was to cover the front half of the Judicator’s base in “crackle paint” and the back half in sand.

After doing this, it was time to get a bit of paint on there… the base of the “burnt and scorched earth” region is “Bloodstone”, awhile the lush area behind the Judicator is “Umbral Umber”
IMAG1491 IMAG1493

Next, I add some shadows with a quick brown-wash (GW’s “Agrax Earthshade”) into the deep recesses of the front half. Here it is while still wet:

Next, a heavy dry-brush on the front of “Rucksack Tan”, and the same for the back half although much, much more lightly. Then, a very light drybrush for the front of Midlund Flesh.

After all that, I do a drybrush of Thalmar Black and then a little Coal Black for highlights.

Lastly for now, I dump a CRAP TONNE of static grass on the back half… way more than I usually use, since I want it to look particularly lush and green. After it dries, I dry brush the parts closest to the front half with a little Thalmar Black as well.

IMAG1499 IMAG1501 IMAG1500

There we go! As good as it’s gonna get, I think… doesn’t look great, but doesn’t look awful (I hope!). She’s off to be protectively coated now, and then I declare she is officially done!

Lemme know what ya think! Does it work? Was it a silly idea? Either way, I have to come up with a different idea for the Vessel of Judgement…

4 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Base, Part 2

  1. It’s a great idea Marx! Well done too, although I (personally) wouldn’t have gone for the Bloodstone. More for browns & blacks, maybe even some tufts of grass and pain them black. Maybe a flame effect here or there? (to show the still-burning grass). After all, I don’t think there’s many lush green fields that have red ground under it (but I’m not a geologist, so what do I know :P)
    The execution’s well done, now let the execute some heretics!

    • Thanks Bennep! Yeah, the Bloodstone is a little dark for what I imagined it would look like, but it works okay. I did paint a few black tufts of grass (you can see one to the left of the Judicator’s foot), but I’m not adventurous enough to try “flames”. I may snip off a torch from some model and use that, though… originally I was going to try and make a tree that was half-green, half-black, but it proved to be too much for my meagre talents!

      Time to burn some heathens!… except that the Judicator’s arm popped off while trying to pack it today. So first, some pining! And THEN burninating the heathens!

      • I read that second to last sentence as pining as in “pining for the fjords”, but I think that still works (“alas, poor Judy, I knew her well!”).

        I love the idea behind this conversion, and I think you did a great job pulling it off. The only suggestion I would make would be to smooth the transition a bit. With flame being all wild and such, it would probably spill a little past the line of burnination. Just some drybrushed scorch marks in an irregular pattern along the edge of the grass line would help quite a bit. Just my 2 cents on an already lovely piece of work.

        • That’s a solid suggestion… and now that the grass is (theoretically) stuck in place from the protective coats, it might even survive a little drybrushed “scorch”.

          I do like that idea… thank you! I’ll do some touch ups tomorrow and post the results !

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