Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 2

So I’ve been plugging away at my Judicator (who I think I’m going to call “Dread of Law”)… basically, so far I’ve basically finished the silver sections on her.

Here we see her with the first coat of “Pig Iron”…


The next two pictures are gonna look kinda the same as that one, but I assure you… they are very different…

Here we have the Judicator after washing all the metal areas with “Armour Wash”:


You can kinda see the difference… and then here they are finished with drybrushed “Radiant Platnium” for highlights.


You can sorta see the difference… sorta? Anyway, so far, so good. Next edit I’ll start the bronze regions (hands, some pistons, upper arms, etc…). Stay tuned!

Edit 2:

Right. Finished up the brass parts… here you can see the arm on the left has the undercoat of “Umbral Umber” and the one on the right is basically done (I think I drybrushed the copper colour on one more time)

Next we can see the brass sections completely done, and the Bloodtracker Brown undercoat for the gold regions…

And lastly (for this update!) we can see 2nd drybrush of gold…


After this I washed all the gold areas in brown wash (Agrax Earthshade, I believe?), and after that dries I’m going to give it one more hit of drybrushing with a lighter gold. Then we move on to the next colour (which, now that all the metallics are done… may be either the whites or the Sanguine regions!).

Edit 3:
A few last touch-ups before this post goes live, and I doubt anyone will be able to see the difference that my last 2 hours of painting made…


The golds have been washed with Agrax Earthshade (brown wash), and then highlighted again in P3 Solid Gold… in person it’s a little more noticable, but not much!

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