Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Part 3

Over the weekend I attempted to finish my Judicator… sadly, she wasn’t quite done come Monday morning, but I will finish her by the time this post goes live on Thursday.

Here she is on Saturday afternoon…


At this point the Menoth White Base was almost finished (it looks better on film than it did in real life!), and I’m almost ready to start the highlights….

After that I did the shading (which I forgot to take a picture of!) and on Sunday I started painting the Menoth White Highlights. After 2 coats, this is what we had…


The left arm’s shading is… well, I’m unhappy with it. Basically what happened was that the “Sepia” wash I was using had dried up a bit and concentrated, so it came out WAY more brown than yellow… I ended up washing the area with a very thin wash of Menoth White Base which muted the effect, but I’m still unhappy with it.

But not so insane as to paint it again. That would take damn-near forever. And it looks *okay*, but not great. I’m much happier with the right arm.

Anyway, 2 more coats of highlight later, and I did my first coat of Sanguine base…

White highlights are done at this point, and I just need to do the Sanguine highlights… which I do in this picture here!


She needs one more coat of Sanguine highlight, and then all I have left to do are 4 black Menofixes (shoulders and fists) in black, and the orange of the furnace-fire (rocket pods, back, eyes, arms). I’m hoping to get all that done tonight (Monday night), and have her finally assembled and ready to play on Wednesday!

(The sharp-eyed among you can see my next painting project to the side: 2 full units of Knight Exemplar, a Knight Exemplar Seneschal, and 2 warcasters… pFeora and pKreoss… I don’t think I’ll have them FINISHED by Wednesday by any extent of the imagination, but I’m hoping to have them base coated at least so I don’t feel too embarassed about putting them on the table! They’re already coming along faster/better than their Errant brethern!).

Edit 1:

So it’s Tuesday, and I managed to get the blacks finished (including highlights, although those are basically impossible to see in the picture!), and started the reds/oranges in the furnace areas/eyes. She’s almost done… you can also see that I redid the left arm’s shading, against my better judgement… it was just too dark before. Hopefully I can get that finished tonight.

Last thing I have to do is the yellows for the furnace stacks, a little bit of white highlight on the head, and then I think she’s ready to hit the battlefield!


Edit 2:

She’s done! Well, everything but the base.
Here we see her getting the last drops of paint before assembly…

The furnace fires are done (I’m reasonably happy with how they turned out… not professional-level by a long shot but okay…) and I realized that I forgot to paint the reliquary on top, so I fixed that too. Here’s a closer look at those two areas…


Like a said, pure amateur hour, but I’m happy with it.

And now she’s assembled! And the glue is drying! So I don’t want to touch it so the greenstuff/crazy glue combination will set as rock-hard as possible, but I’ll take pictures tomorrow morning and post her up. We’ll have to see if she survives the trip out to the games tomorrow and back… otherwise I may have to… shudder… pin her.

Anyway, last pictures up tomorrow, and then this post goes live Thursday!

Edit 3:

She’s done! I’m… 85% happy with her. I don’t like the oversized hands (still), but the paint job… it’s acceptable. Not awesome, not my best work, but she looks pretty okay.

IMAG1411 IMAG1415 IMAG1414 IMAG1413 IMAG1412

Now I just have to figure out how to base her… but that’s for a different day. For now, I’m happy with Dread of the True Law, happy to put her on the table, and happy to start painting something else (I think my… 7 unpainted warcasters will probably be next. Probably).

Thanks for reading!

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