Paintectorate of Menoth – Models Finished in February

So I’m currently knee-deep in trying to get all my models protectively coated (Gloss varnish followed by matte finish), so my painting has slowed somewhat. However, I have managed to finish a few models this month…

I finally mounted eFeora’s smokestacks and painted them, plus finished my Allegiant of the Fist, 2 Vassals of Menoth, a unit of Wracks… plus some Cygnar models: Specifically 4 Sword Knights and my full unit of Tempest Blazers. The Sword Knights and Blazers have been sitting at 95% done for-EVER… it’s nice to finally get them finished!

Here are a few (very poor!) pictures to prove it!


IMAG1166 IMAG1165 IMAG1164

I just realized I forgot to photograph the Wracks! Gah. Well, I’ll take pictures of them right now… ain’t technology grand?

IMAG1167 (1)

I’ll try to take a few pictures later in better light… but there ya go! All protected, sealed, and ready to rock! I’m working on sealing the rest of my Sword Knights next, followed by actually finishing my unit of Alexia1!

Edit: So I’ve started working on my Menite warjacks again, and I wanted to show the contrast between the “preliminary” stages of painting my white to the “almost finished” stages… my Devout on the left of the image is shaded and ready for the first coat. The middle Reckoner has received 2 coats, and the far right one has received 4 (I’ll probably need 1 more to finish him).


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