Paintectorate of Menoth – The Day of the Errants…

So I have a day off today (WOO!), so I’m going to spend the entire freakin’ day painting my Errants from the level they are now (about 60% done) to completed.

I’m just finishing off the whites now, which is to be followed by the maroons (shading, then highlights), and then the metals (again, shading and highlights) and lastly the browns (scabbards, mostly).

I’m thinking I can get them probably done today. Probably. Anyway, pictures from the course of the day will be posted here between coats!

Edit 1: One hour later, I’ve put on the 2nd coat of maroon. Next is shading the maroon or finishing the whites (another highlight layer is needed). It’s 2pm, I’m about to make lunch… after that, back to the brushes!


Edit 2:
It is now 4pm, and I’m done the whites… except on the Standard, but whatever. I’m considering it done! Next, on to shading the maroons! Just gotta go air out the BBQ, and take a few minutes to let the paint dry…

Edit 3:
5pm, and the maroon is shaded. With the exception of the silver, everything is shaded now… time to do the maroon highlights. After that, just shading the silver and painting the browns… gods, these guys are never going to be finished!


Edit 4:

9pm… gah, forgot I scheduled a VASSAL game for today! Curses! Just finished it (a most excellent game between my pFeora and Tom’s Ashlynn… first time playing against her, and holy SNAKES is she ever a tanky warcaster! I’m going to write up an NPR on Sunday!), so now back to the Errants! Time to highlight some maroons!

Edit 5:
11pm, and I’ve finished both dinner and the first coat of maroon highlight… and I think I may be done for the night, and they’re STILL NOT FINISHED! GAH!

Maybe I’ll do the shading for the silver areas before I got to bed… then all I’ll need to do is the browns. So disappointed… I was really hoping to finish these guys tonight so I could start painting a second unit of infantry for Menoth! Bah.


Edit 6:
AND THE BLACKS! Damnit, I forgot I still had to do all the black on these bastards!

I’m just going to go cry softly in a corner now…

Edit 7:
Well, it’s officially the end of the next day… the models are now hovering around 80% done. Finished the base coat of brown, just have to shade them and then do the golds. And the black, of course. So… still going to take forever, but maybe the end exists… maybe.


(After the first coat of brown here…)

IMAG1268 IMAG1267
And here we have a few of the blacks started, as well as finished the base coat of brown.

Edit 8:
Did the first coat of black on the Errants… still have to shade the brown and gold, and then highlight those same colours and a little for the black… and then I’m done! The end… it is in sig… no, no it’s not in sight yet. But maybe someday…


Edit 9: Okay, last update for this post… and my Errants are 95% done, so I guess that makes sense. I painted the little gems on their shields and standard today… everything else is done (except the bases). Hoping to get the gems highlighted tonight or tomorrow, and the whole unit based and sealed up by Friday… and then on to other units or warjacks! Maybe the Avatar next, maybe my Bastions… we’ll see!

Anyway, don’t have a picture of them from today (with the gems painted), but here they are with the gold and browns shaded and highlighted.


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