Paintectorate Of Menoth – Vassals of Menoth

Well, I’ve almost finished my most recent additions to my growing Menite army… 2 Vassals of Menoth! I hope to finish them completely tonight, but for now, enjoy the 85% doneness that they are currently…


The attentive amoung you might notice that I’ve also almost finished my Lightning Pods… a few highlights, and those bad-boys are ready to rock and roll! I’m very tempted to write “To Khador With Love” on one, “To Ios With Love” on the 2nd, and “To Cryx With Love” on the third. I may yet do that… it’s rare that more than 1 survives a turn anyway.

Also, I’ve done some works on some models for a board game I purchased a little while ago called “Mice & Mystics”… very cute, and a lot of fun. I figured I’d slap some paint on the models to make them a bit more appealling…


These are the 6 “rat” enemies and the 1 “cave-crawler”… everything is around 75% done. The crawler needs a few more highlights, and the rats need their red arm-bands highlighted. Still, considering these are just little plastic minis, I’m pretty happy with how they’re turning out. Next I have to paint the huge spider, the cockroaches, and then the heroic mice!

Edit: Finished more stuff! So CLOSE to being finished… tomorrow night I’m going to touch a few things, and spend the rest of the night basing. Sand, paint, rocks, flock, done.

Anyway, for now, here is my Covenant (the pages are blank, but the book isn’t glued in yet, so I can still do something with it!):
IMAG1101 IMAG1100

Here is my finished Allegiant of the Fist…


Both of my armless magnetized warjacks (they’re Vanquishers right now, since those are the only arms I’m painting at the moment!):


My two 50-60% finished Reckoners… a few new touchups (mostly in the maroon and whites)…


And, lastly, my 2 finished Vassals of Menoth (well, finished besides bases, which I will finish tomorrow!):


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