Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters and Solos, Oh My!

Having “finished” my Judicator (the air-quotes required due to the fact that she’s not based, but I hope to get that done tomorrow), I’m now on to smaller, faster things. And of the swarms of models I have yet to paint, I figured my warcasters should take priority… I may not always use a unit of Knight Exemplar, but I will always use a warcaster! As a result, I assembled, primed, and put on the painting table every Menoth warcaster I own that is not yet painted.


Here we can see the whole lot of ’em… starting from the back left: Vindictus, Kreoss2, Thyra, Reznik, and then in the front row, Kreoss1, pFeora, the High Reclaimer, Amon Ad-Raza, eSeverius… and then Nicia and the last Paladin of the Wall sculpt (giving me all 3).
In the picture above, I’ve just started getting the base colours into place… mostly flesh-tones, some of the whites, and a few of the maroons. I’ve mentally decided to leave Thyra, Vindictus, Kreoss2, and Reznik for a little bit until I can finish the first bunch.

Anyway, here’s a picture after I got the first coats of gold on most of them, and some of the metals (as well as the maroon on Sevy’s cloak).


And this morning I finished the shading on the whites, did some more of the golds and metals, and realized that I don’t really know what I’m going to do with Nicia… but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it!


Next is shading the metals and maroons (as well as deciding where else I need metallics on Sevy, Kreoss, the Paladin, and Nicia…), as well as the whites that I keep forgetting to put on Ad-Raza. I’m a little all-over the place, but it’s kinda fun working with such diverse models.

I mean, until I start doing the white highlights. Then I will probably want to stab myself. But until then: Fun!

Edit 1:

Just some last moment pictures before this goes live, showing the little progress I’ve made.

Basically all I’ve done is Ad-Raza’s hat, and the High Reclaimer’s “Tubes of Fire” connecting to his mace.

I’m hoping I can get pFeora and pKreoss done tonight (although I have no idea what to do with pKreoss’s eyes), and then get the rest of them done this weekend… and hopefully start the second wave in the background (Vindictus, Reznik, Thyra, and eKreoss)

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