Paintectorate of Menoth

Over the holidays I had 3 different opportunities to play VASSAL games using the Protectorate of Menoth. I decided to use the Harbinger for all three games, and despite 2 losses, she’s still one of my favourite warcasters. Auto-hitting spells, a 20″ CTRL range (which is the 3rd largest in the game after my dear Nemo1 and Nemo3, but the largest native CTRL-range), and enough Focus to run 3 melee warjacks or a slew of ranged ones without breaking a sweat… plus the ability to make super-powered solos stay alive ad infinatum! What’s not to love!

So I decided it was time to get her on the table… which means assembling and painting her!

I’ve frequently said it, but it bears repeating: in my humble opinion, the Harbinger of Menoth is the most beautiful model I have ever seen, full stop. It’s so awesome that I was actually intimidated to start assembling it for fear of completely messing it up. Which I’m sure I have, but there ya go…

Despite the beauty and awesomeness of the model, I did want to try to make a few minor modifications: specifically, removing the flag from her back (the flag-pole being too flimsy and top-heavy for somebody as clumsy as I am), and replacing it with a shield. I decided to use one of her shoulder pads (which are a little over-sized) as a shield… it looks pretty good, actually, although I won’t mount it until after it’s painted. I then decided that I still wanted the flag, but I’d make one of the chain-bearers carrying it instead of a 3rd chain (which, honestly, is a little silly… the guy in the back has no purpose in moving the Harbinger, since you can’t push on a chain!). As a result this is now, by FAR, the most modified model in my collection.

I assembled, clipped, filed, sanded, and primed her a few days ago, and yesterday managed to get her and her entourage to start receiving paint… please excuse the humility of the pictures!

I’ve gone with pretty standard Menoth colours (maroon and white), and am currently debating (very heavily) about whether I should use the “Menoth White Highlight” or “Morrow White” to do the highlight colours… basically if I want a slightly cream-colour or a “pure” white for the cloth. I’m absolutely in love with the maroon colour, though… the deep purple-red is way more beautiful in person than pictures can do justice for. Her armour (shoulders, chest, and legs) will be that maroon with gold for the obviously metal components.

I’m also a little torn about whether to make the chains gold or silver. Decisions!

ANYway, I also did a bit more work on my Boomhowlers…

You can’t see it very clearly (apologies!), but I’ve shaded the green sections of their armour and started doing the metals of their blunderbussi and axes. After I finish the metals, next will come the leather and wood (boots, canteens, belts, and handles for the axes and pistols), followed by a little light-tan for a few straps for gauntlets I missed the first time around… and then highlights for everything besides the purple.

And then… the tartans. Man, I am NOT looking forward to that…

You can also see a little progress on my Gallant warjack in the background: I painted the silver areas on him, and now just need to add the whites and blues before I go through and finish the shading and start the highlights.

I also primed a bunch of Menoth that I’m going to work on during the time I work on both the trolls and the Harbinger so I should have a fieldable Harbinger army before long…


That’s a Hierophant, 2 Reckoners, and a Covenant there… not shown are the character dragoon, High Paladin Vilmon, a Choir, the shield-guard light warjack (I forget its name), a full unit of Exampler Knights, a min unit of Deliverers, 2 Crusaders, and two sets for fully magnetized heavy kits (Crusader, Vanquisher, Castigator, Reckoner, etc…).

But my current plan is to finish the Harbinger and those Boomhowlers and then go through my entire collection and finish the bases for everything that needs it BEFORE starting more Menoth painting. That’s the plan, at least… we’ll see how that goes!

Edit: A bit more work on the Harbinger. I decided to go with the slightly cream-coloured “Menoth White Highlight” (and then I’ll do a TINY amount of “pure” Morrow White as a final highlight layer afterwards). I also did one more of the attendants in Sanguine-base… I’m waiting for my purple wash to come back (I say “My”, I mean “Nick’s which I borrow”…).

Another Edit:

Incremental Improvements… this is part of what I hate about painting. Hours of work, BARELY any noticeable change…


Did the gold portions of the Harbinger’s armour and sword, plus the chains, and the maroon undercoat on her “shield”… plus the maroon on the last of her attendants. I also added purple-wash to all the maroon areas I did previously (Harbinger’s gloves and legs, etc…), but that’s really hard to see… very unimpressed with the new purple was from GW. Oh well.

In an hour I’m going to start the final section of her robe with Menoth Highlight… after that she just needs highlights on her maroon sections, shades and then highlights on the metallic areas, and the “details” (like the little gem on the front of her armour). Oh, and her hair… no idea what colour I’m going to make her hair.

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