Painting for Hire – Boomhowler and Co.

So I’ve been working on Boomhowler and Co this week and just kind of powered through them..  I was kind of surprised when I looked down and saw they were all done.IMG_3325

Here is Boomhowler himself in all his glory.  See the full post for a couple shots of some Grunts and one of my upcoming projects.IMG_3326

The full unit is done!

IMG_3323   Here are some grunt shotsIMG_3327 IMG_3328 IMG_3329


For an upcoming project I present Rocinante!  The Roc is a pretty badass Merc character jack who I picked up so I could start running some human Merc casters.  I have my eye currently on Ashlynn and Fiona and also McBain but I might need to get a Galleon before I dip into him..



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