Painting for Hire – Captain Bartolo Montador and Reinholdt Gobber Speculator

I’ve only run Bart once but he was pretty good so I figured he deserved to get painted


Reinholdt? Well he’s famous so I had to get him done.

Here is closer look at Bart.  I got rid of his treasure chest because I thought it looked cheesy.  Instead he is doing the Captain Morgan on a rocky outcropping.





Not sure what I’m going to get done next. I’ve had half painted Gun Mages glaring at me for weeks now but Wrong Eye and his crew are close to being done and I just assembled Fiona who is a caster that intrigues me.  I guess we will see.

6 thoughts on “Painting for Hire – Captain Bartolo Montador and Reinholdt Gobber Speculator

  1. Just saw Tim’s Bartolo at the Hardcore Tournament… first, he casts Broadsides! ALL THE TIME! It’s so weird. Secondly, it’s a super-solid list… I think you’re really going to like Bart the more you use him.

    Anyway, looks great!

    • I could justify casting Broadside if I had 2 Galleons in the list. Especially because if you broadside with harpoon you still get the free melee attack out of activation as well. 3 focus for potentially 2 pow 15 shots and 2 pow 21 swings seems pretty good to me. Add Ragman for Luls.

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