Painting for Hire – Gastone Crosse

Small update!  I finished Gastone.  This is the Kickstarter exclusive models from the Warmachine: Tactics kickstarter.  I’m still thinking about picking up the standard sculpt as well because I like it better.IMG_3764I thought the scabbards on his butt looked stupid but I forgot to fill in the hole where they went. Oh well.  I’m just going for tabletop quality anyway.

IMG_3767  IMG_3766

Next up is going to be my Gobber Tinker.

2 thoughts on “Painting for Hire – Gastone Crosse

  1. I too prefer the “standard” sculpt for Gaston… and Tristan, actually. Jakes I’m impartial to (they both look good), but the only sculpt that I think is better in the Kickstarter version is Elara. She looks bad-ASS.

    Awesome work with the model, as per usual! But you should fill that hole in… it’ll take, what, 30 seconds?

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