Painting Short – Earthbreaker Repose

I know I said last week that I was working on painting eVyros but that was before Marc surprised me with a month-late birthday present of an Earthbreaker that fell off the back of a truck or some such thing.


I love everything about the Earthbreaker except for his monstrously long forearms so I set about searching the forums to see what other people had done about them.  Some have gone more overboard modding the poor guy than others but I wanted something simple just to make him look a little less front heavy.

First Step was to cut a chunk out of the forearms.  I ended up cutting out about 12mm.
Next I had to cut his arm shields to match.
I used a dowel pin to hold the arms on and also allow for easy removal for transport.
Here is the finished Earthbreaker primed up
Reverse View.
Next up I have to put paint all over this bad boy.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he looks in my yellow paint scheme but wow is this is gonna take a while.

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