Paintribution of Scyrah – Arcanist and Riflemen Officer

It’s been a while since I’ve updated with any painting progress.  There’s a good reason for that.  I haven’t painted anything in a long time.  IMG_3086Well I dove into a long delayed model – My Second Arcanist- and finished him up and decided I wanted to finish off my houseguard Riflemen next.

Here is the Arcanist


So far I’ve only finished the Officer for the riflemen but here he is in all his glory.IMG_3085

Definitely looking forward to slaving over more white armour for the next week or 2.

3 thoughts on “Paintribution of Scyrah – Arcanist and Riflemen Officer

  1. Is that sarcasm I detect, Mr. G?

    Looks good, though! Way better than my Bastions I’m going to post later this week… just putting the finishing touches on them now, and giving meaningful looks at my Judicator…

  2. Good job man! Leather over leather is a pain (at least, I think his coat is leather). Is he holding the coffee cup btw? I might have to get me an Arcanist sometime, just so I can paint him up and put him on the sidelines or in a terrain piece.

    Coffeecupguy, enjoying his coffe whilst watching some good old fashioned ultra-violence.

    • I just try to find a bunch of different shades of brown. It makes it easier.
      No coffee cup. I haven’t done that mod to any of my Arcanists. Maybe I will if I buy some more Arcanists to use that new Kaelyssa theme list.

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