Paintribution of Scyrah – House Ellowyr Swordsmen? Swordspeople? Swordselves?

I was really happy how the colour scheme on my Ellowyr Swordmen turned out so I decided to do a painting tutorial on it.

Lots more pics and tutorial after the jump.

1)) I begin all my models by first basing the model (in this case with a sprinkle of kitty litter and filled in with fine sand) then priming them white.  When dry the entire model is given a heavy coat of Black Wash.  I call this “Greyscaling.” This brings out the details of the model and helps me plan what colours i want to paint where. I also paint the base before I begin.  Usually a quick “wet brush” (like dry brushing but with a brush that isn’t dry.) with Ironhull Grey, then a lighter wet brush of Bootstrap Leather.  When that dries I give it a dry brush of Menoth White Base and I am finally ready to actually start painting the mini.  I started doing this ritual when painting minis because of a tendency to not know where to start and going through this ritual helps me visualize how I want the final model to turn out.  Basically the act of getting paint on the brush and starting with the non-brain-required act of the basing gets my creative flywheel turning.

Enough of that.  On to the painting.

2)) Start with a coat of Pig Iron on all the armour.  This coat goes on fast. Don’t worry about colouring in the lines. Get real sloppy.

3)) Next a mid-to-light weight “wet brush” of Brass Balls on all the armour.  Use large quick strokes to give the armor lots of texture.

4)) Give the Brass Balls a good amount of time to dry them soak the armour in a coat of Sepia Wash. If you don’t let it dry long enough I find the metallic particles in Brass Balls tend to run off in the wash.

5))Paint the leather bits Bootstrap Leather

6)) Paint the fabric bits Thornwood Green

7)) Go back and touch up the sword with Pig Iron and paint the power gems on the armour.

8)) Use an approx. 40-60 mix of water-turquoise Ink and wash the sword and power gems.

9)) Give the model a few highlights on the fabric and leather bits.

10)) Wash the Fabric and leather in Agrax Earthshade.


11)) When dry give the sword a light drybrush with pig iron to remove blotches.

For the leader model the cape takes some extra effort.

-again. Don’t waste time on being neat at this stage.  This is show just after the Sepia Wash stage.

-Some patience and fine brush control are needed when filling the fabric of the cape.

-Wash all the fabric with Agrax Earthshade.

-Pig Iron drybrush on the sword to bring out details.


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