Paintribution of Scyrah – My Little Destors

So I have been hinting for a little bit on the podcast about a super secret project I was working on. It is finally time for the official unveiling!

Dawnguard Destors riding My Little Ponies!!

IMG_2483 copyAs fate would have it there was one thing that could actually make me excited to play Destors.

I have to say, I love how these turned out.  I unveiled them to my gaming group as a surprise this week and they were blown away. I was inspired to do this after I watched the Brony documentary on Netflix. I’m certainly not a Brony, but I grew up in the eighties with an older sister, so the thought of my Destors riding around the board on My Little Ponies was too hilarious to pass up.

I’ve only used them once so far and they kinda sucked on the table but I have to take some responsibility for that. They are definitely going to see some table time in the near future because I love the models.

Here some more WIP shots of the Mod.

Some of the Ponies need very little modification.

These 2 just needed some hair chopped off.IMG_2455 copyIMG_2456 copyIMG_2459 copy

These two needed a bit more work.

Lots of hair to chop off here.IMG_2457 copy And I had to get rid of her wings.IMG_2458 copyOnly one of them needed extensive work in order to fit a rider on her back.IMG_2461 copy

IMG_2462 copy

After I was happy with the poses of the Ponies and of the riders I sanded and primed the large bases and pinned and glued to ponies to them. Then I primed the riders.

IMG_2466 copy

I wanted to avoid painting the ponies as much as possible because the factory colours looked fine and It would be  a pain to have to match colours.  The riders however needed to be painted.

I primed them white then used a liberal black wash to give what I call a “Greyscale”.

This brings out the details on the models and makes the recesses on the model darker which is part of the look I am going for.IMG_2468 copy

I paint the armour with a thinned P3 morrow white and take care to keep the paint away from the dark recesses (With varying success.  After painting a lot of white units my patience for this kind of thing is variable).  Any spots where you have accidentally seeped into the cracks can be corrected by running a fine brush with some Nuln Oil black wash along it until it darkens.

When its done I use a mix of GW blue and green washes on all of the Iosan steel and blue wash on the darker metal areas.

Then I spray the model with Krylon Triple-thick crystal clear glaze and after about 20 mins hit it with a coat or 2 of Krylon UV-resistant Matte clear acrylic coating.

IMG_2475 copyI do the bases with Static grass first.IMG_2478 copyThen add in some grass tufts and flower tufts to taste.

IMG_2481 copyAnd there you have a unit of MLP riding angry elves.

I’m not sure what I’m going to work on next but I’m leaning toward the unit of MK1 gun mages I picked up to paint up like Amethyst Rose Gun Mages.

5 thoughts on “Paintribution of Scyrah – My Little Destors

  1. I love absolutely everything about this mod. It’s… dare I say it… magical!

    Can’t wait to talk a little bit about them on the podcast, and how they performed!

  2. I like it and I like that it leaves things open for future possibilities: one day this unit will likely get a UA (especially if they kinda suck) and then you can add in a Fluttershy.

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