Podcast 033 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – MACBAIN!!! Vs. pHexeris – Needs more Exclamation Points…

This week the unpainted masses of Kassem’s Skorne meet the partially painted mis-mash of my Mercenaries. (Remember when I said I was going to strictly play only painted Mercs when I started them. Yeah… about that…)

Also in this week’s podcast, Aaron invents a new drinking game, Kassem makes the most tangential joke in the history of the world, Marc talks about the Future of Combo Smite(tm), and I am basically awesome and fantastic in every way imaginable.

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Kassem brought a Mordikaar list with lots of Void Spirits and a Despoiler and the following pHexy list:

*Basilisk Krea
*Molik Karn
*Cyclops Raider
Max Nihilators
Min Slingers
Min Beast Handlers

I brought 2 new lists a casters. The first was an Ashlynn list with lots of infantry and a decent combined arms game. It had Roc and Nyss and Gun Mages and Forge Guard etc.

The list i went with (mostly because I thought Hexy’s feat would have a field day with all of Ashlynn’s infantry) was the following MACBAIN list.

Max Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Eliminators
Alexia and the Risen
Wrong Eye
*Snap Jaw
*Bull Snapper
Kell Bailoch
Saxon Orrick
Orin Midwinter
Dougal McNaile

Kassem won the die roll and chose to go first. I picked the side of the board with the hill which was an easy choice with a Galleon in my list. The scenario was ammunition run (2 flags on the horizontal centerline and each one has an objective contesting it. One is friendly and one is enemy for each player.)


Kassem deployed the Mammoth in the middle of the table. Hexeris, Molik Karn and the Raider went to his right and the Slingers went on the right flank. The Nihilators and the Krea went on the left with the Beast Handlers in behind.

IMG_3528IMG_3529 I deployed the Galleon opposite my friendly objective to take advantage of the hill. Wrong Eye, Snap Jaw, the Bull Snapper and Kell Bailoch went to his left.  MACBAIN, the Assassins and Alexia went to his right.  Dougal and Orin were in behind and on the far right flank were the Eliminators with Saxon Orik for pathfinding.IMG_3525 IMG_3527  IMG_3524

Skorne Turn 1

-Nihilators ran forward and spread out.
-Slingers ran up behind the linear obstacle.
-Mammoth ran forward
-Cyclops walked up and Sniped the Mammoth
-Willbreaker walked up and ancilliaried the Mammoth but it deviated nowhere.IMG_3533
-Krea advanced and poped her Aura for +2 Def and Arm against ranged attacked.
-Beast Handlers ran
-Hexeris advanced and cast Soul Salve on Molik Karn and Death March on the Nihilators and put the Krea’s animus on himself.
-Molik Karn ran up behind the wall. IMG_3534IMG_3532

Mercs Turn 1

-Kell Bailoch aims so even with cover he is hitting on 6’s and misses 1 Slinger and kills one with his second shot.
-Galleon runs forward and just toes in his back edge on the hill.
-MACBAIN put Failsafe on the Galleon and Counter Measures on the Kayazy Assassins and advanced up behind the Galleon.
-Assassins run forward and spread out as much as they can to prevent dying in droves to large AoE attacks from the Mammoth.IMG_3536
-Wrong Eye walked up and put Spiny Growth on the galleon and Submerged
-Snapjaw advanced and submerged
-Bull Snapper walked up behind the Galleon and put Spiny on Wrong Eye.IMG_3538
-Alexia walked up behind the Kayazy to get them into her command range for corpses. and crafted a Thrall.
-Saxon gives pathfinder to the Eliminators
-Eliminators run through the forrest and just toe in the far side.
-Dougal ran up behind the Galleon.
-Orin walked up behind the Galleon and cast Null Magic.IMG_3537 IMG_3540

Skorne Turn 2

-Slingers move up and all 5 try to sling at Kell and they all miss because he super high Def on the hill.IMG_3543
-Hexeris walks forward and pops his feat. He puts fatewalker on himself and fires out a Soul fire at am Assassin but misses.
-Nihilator charge in on the Thrall and the assassins.
-1 charges a Thrall and kills it. It walks forward and kills an assassin in the back. That assassin then walks back and tries to stab an assassin but misses.
-Next charged a assassin and kills it but the assassin misses its attack on another assassin.
-Next Misses
-Next Kills another assassin and the assassin misses another assassin.IMG_3545
-Cyclops moves up and farstrikes the Mammoth and tries to shoot but misses due to stealth.
-Mammoth moves up and fires at the Underboss. Its out of range but he gets a good scatter that lands on the Underboss and 2 Risen. He boosts to kill the Underboss and kills 1 of the Risen. Second Shot goes into Alexia and deviates onto her doing decent damage and forcing her to sac 4 Risen. BHis second shot takes her down to 1 remaining Risen and the Ancilliary from the Willbreaker fails to break armour. (Huzzah. Alexia lives to fight another day.
-Krea moves up and uses his animus next to the Mammoth.
-Molik Karn Walks forward and Fatewalkers himself.
-Beasthandlers whipped off the furry from the Mammoth.
-Turns ends and Hexeris Fatewalkers back beside the house then Molik Karn Fatewalkers back in front of him. IMG_3546

Mercs Turn 2

-Kell aims and kills 2 Slingers.
-Dougal moved up and Artilleristed the Galleon and popped his mini-feat
-Snapjaw ran forward to control the flag.IMG_3550
-Wrong Eye walked forwad and put Spiny on Snapjaw and the Galleon.
-Bull Snapper walk up and put Spiny on Wrong Eye and riled.
-Saxon walked into the forest so he could put pathfinder on the Eliminators.
-Eliminators charge. 1 charges a Nihilator and 1 charges the Krea. The first missed her charge attack on the Nihilator but hit with the second and he toughed. She side-stepped forward 2 inches. The other Combo Struck the Krea and did 11 damage the Side Stepped behind the Krea (which I think might have bee cheating.)IMG_3549
-Galleon turned to face the Mammoth. I rolled 1 shot on the left and 3 on the right. The left shot went into the Slingers but missed and deviated wide even with Dougal’s help. The first shot on the right went into a clump of 2 Nihilators. The direct hit toughed and the other didn’t break armour. The last 2 shots went into the Mammoth and did abot 10 points of damage.
-Assassins charged in and killed 3 Nihilators and 2 more toughed.
-Alexia moved up and hit a Nihilator with her gun bit he toughed.IMG_3548
-Orin moved up onto the hill and fired a Chain Lightning at a Slinger but missed.
-MACBAIN activated and feated I made Alexia, Wrong Eye, Dougla and 3 Assassins Amazeballs-tough for the next turn. (I actually ran out of time right before that but Kassem being a stand-up guy let me throw out my feat tokens and end my turn and score a control point (1-0).    IMG_3551

Skorne Turn 3

-Nihilators vengeance and kill 2 Assassins but miss the Eliminators twice.
-Hexeris upkeeps Soul Slave and Death March.
-Nihilator attack and manage to kill both Eliminators but also kill 3 of their own because they were all clumped u around the Eliminators trying to kill them. One kills an Assassin.IMG_3555
-Cyclops moves up and wants to fire at Snapjaw but can’t due to Counter Measures.
-Willbreaker puts puppet strings on the Krea.
-Krea moves way from the assassins and fires on Alexia and hits her due to a puppet strings re-roll. Which puts her down to Def 7.
-Molik Karn walks forward and swings with his initials at Snapjaw does about 10 points of damage and takes 3 bake from Spiny. He sidesteps back 2″ and Fatewalkers.IMG_3556
-Hexeris stays put and puts the Krea’s animus on himself and Snipes the Mammoth.
-The mammoth aims and fires at Alexia knocking her down from MACBAINS feat. He fired at Snapjaw doing 1 point and then cast Counterblast on himself.
-Molik Karn Fatewalkers back behind the fence.
-Since Kassem kindly fatewalkered his only contesting model away I score another Control point (2-0) IMG_3554  Mercs Turn 3

-Kell kills 2 more Slingers
-Orin kills the last one.IMG_3558
-Dougal artillerists the Galleon.
-Alexia’s Risen CMA a Nihilator from behind and he toughs. She stands up and crafts a Thrall.
-The Thrall charged the Krea and missed.
-1 assassin killed a Nihilator and 2 charged the Krea and did massive damage leaving her with about 2 or 3 boxes. Mammoth couldn’t counter Blast because Assassin were within 5 but not in melee with him.IMG_3559
-Galleon shot 4 cannonballs into the Mammoth then the Harpoon into the Raider and drug him in a smacked him doing about 5 damage on the shot but I rolled 3 at dice plus 5 doing only 8 on the melee attack. *sad face*
-Wrong Eye spinied the Galleon and Snap Jaw. Snapjaw Riled, and the Bull Snapper Spinied Wrong Eye.
I ran out of time and couldn’t activate MACBAIN. What I would have done was shuffle him back farther behind the Galleon and Jack hammer the Cyclops one more time.This would have been a pretty big deal.
I score another Control Point (3-0)

IMG_3557  Skorne Turn 4

-Nihilators vengeance and kill 1 assassin and the Thrall.
-Cyclops is out of Control and it frenzies but fails to wound the Galleon but it still takes 2 damage from Spiny.
-Nihilators activate amd finish off the Assassins.IMG_3561
-Molik Karn Walked up and did his initial on Snapjaw leaving him on about 9 boxes and taking another 5 from Spiny.
-Beast Handlers walked up and healed all his beasts. Most importantly the Krea became fully functional again.
-Hexeris moved up to get the Cyclops back into control range and sniped the Mammoth and the Krea.
-Krea walks up and hits MACBAIN and paralyses him.IMG_3564
-Mammoth walks up and hits MACBAIN. the first shot does 10 damage and the Second shot finishes him off. IMG_3566

Victory to Skorne!

Thoughts on the game:

– I’m disappointed in my first crack at MacBain.  A big part of it is just unfamiliarity and I think he can be pretty bad-ass but I’m not sold on him with the Galleon.  I like the idea of running him with a couple nomads to take advantage of Energizer. At very least I think I would try it without the Wrong Eye/Snap Jaw/Bull Snapper package with him.

-pHexeris’ feat is pretty badass.  Kayazy are kind of a nice counter to it since they are high enough defense that they can’t hit each other.  If I had taken Ashlynn against pHexeris I’m pretty sure I would have lost 30 points worth of models on his feat turn.

-There was an opportunity for me to win the game on scenario on turn 3.  Kassem actually pointed it out to me after the game.  I could have used the Galleon on remaining Assassins to kill the enemy objective then run MACBAIN in to the flag to dominate for the win.  It was a bit of a risk but I was a bit disappointed with myself for not seeing the possibility at least.

Thanks for reading!  Any comments or corrections and maybe some list advice for what I should take with MACBAIN next time are welcome below.

4 thoughts on “Podcast 033 – Mercenaries Vs. Skorne – MACBAIN!!! Vs. pHexeris – Needs more Exclamation Points…

  1. I don’t think Energizer is great with MACBAIN. It can be really handy, but he’s so strapped for focus that you can use it to get jacks into position, but not have the focus to do much with them afterwards. It’s one of those “use if a really good reason, or desperate” spells when you only have a focus of 6. I certainly wouldn’t build around it (different to, say, Nemo2, who can lots with it).

    2 thoughts on the list:

    1 – Where’s Ragman? He really makes MACBAIN’s Galleon powerful, by upping the hitting power of attacks after drag. Galleon also spreads the ARM debuff around a wide area;

    2 – I like Wrongeye and Snapjaw. They’re focus independent hitting power, and MACBAIN is always strapped for focus.

    At bare minimum changes I’d drop the Snapper and add Ragman and a TInker (who can really annoy opponents by helping keep Galleon going even longer).

    Other things to think about:

    Gastone + Vanguard – magic gun, can flank off Galleon (and combined with Ragman, that’s MAT7, P+S10 weapon master with focus), Vanguard is really tough, can have Failsafe applied to it (ARM21 light!), and shield guard to help protect Galleon from Eiryss/equivalent.

    Sylys – really good for focus management. But then lots of merc lists want Sylys.

    Pressgangers – for AD, jam and Countermeasures. They’re also not too shabby in melee. And can be a kind of bargain Kayazy depending on your list role (not as good, but if you’re mainly thinking of the Kayazy as jam/bodies for Alexia). But then you start thinking about adding Hawk and Rockbottom. Then you’re halfway to the full pirate package…

    • I think you are probably right about running multiple Nomads. No focus for it.

      1. In a 3 list format Ragman is probably going to be in Ashlynn or Damiano’s list (one of them or possibly Fiona is going to be that 3rd list spot for me) If its a 2 list event I would probably run MacBain with one of the Dwarves and in that case Ragman would go with MacBain.

      2. WE/SJ are cool. But without the BS I think they become too easy to remove and the main reason why they are worth their points in this list is supposed to be for the utility of putting Spiny Growth out on the Galleon. If I wasn’t going to take the Bull Snapper for Spiny I probably would spend the points for WE/SJ elsewhere instead..

      I like the idea of PGs as a “Throwaway” Countermeasures target as well. Models with tough can occasionally come through but just refusing to die at the wrong time.

  2. I’ve found Ragman best with MACBAIN/Galleon if you’re playing it simply because you can fairly reliably know where Ragman needs to be and bring the enemy to you. With other casters I thought he was good, but can sometimes be outrun, especially if you’re charging. MACBAIN plays to Ragman’s strengths more generally as the feat lends his style to be being more counter-punch.

    (I also like Gallant with Damiano, which means animosity messes it all up – I try to go one undead/Thamarite list, one not, just to keep things simple)

  3. Great batrep as always! I won’t tell you if I don’t like the format, but I will tell you I like it! More info = better understanding!
    Also: MacBain!!! should have a rule on the back of his card that said “Goggles:” and nothing after it. Because https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juFZh92MUOY
    Oh Ranier Wolfcastle/Macbain!!!.

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