Podcast 039 – pMakeda vs Old Witch – Fire is Menoth's thing, Skorne! Get a New Thing!

(Marc: Due to a wedding Aaron attended, the battle report is a tiny bit late… with my apologies!)

I was the only one who cried at the wedding. The ONLY one. Their parents didn’t even cry.

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– Gladiator
– Cyclops Brute
– Marketh
Tyrant Commander and Standard
BeasthandlersKassem Deployment

Old Witch
– Scrap ‘Jack
– Spriggan
– Sylys
Kayazy Assassins (Full)
Kayazy Eliminators
Doom Reavers
Greylord Escort
Fenris Aaron Deployment

Skorne Turn 1

– lots o’ running

Kassem Turn 1

Khador Turn 1

– some running
– cast Iron Flesh on Kayazy Assassins and Murder of Crows

Aaron Turn 1

Skorne Turn 2

– Incendiarii shoot at Doom Reavers killing some and lighting some on fire
– most things advance
– Makeda feats

Kassem Turn 2

Khador Turn 2

– upkeep Iron Flesh and Murder of Crows for free (Sylys and Old Witch’s ability)
– Fenris charges Incindiarii, kills one and damages another
– some Doom Reavers burn to death
– Old Witch feats

Aaron Turn 2

Skorne Turn 3

– some movement, nothing dies and some stuff is lightly damaged under Old Witches feat
– Fenris gets dismounted
– Scrap ‘Jack gets lit on fire

Kassem Turn 3

Khador Turn 3

– fire on Scrap and Old Witch don’t go out, light damage to both
– Murder of Crows and Iron Flesh expire
– Fenris wins the hearts and minds of the people by killing two Incendiarii and the Tyrrant and standard
– Eliminators charge some things, do some light damage

Aaron Turn 3

Skorne Turn 4

– some unimportant shit happens
– Mekada kills a bunch of Kayazy using Side Step to get to Old Witch, spends all available Fury to leave her with 5 hit boxes

Khador Turn 4

– the fire on Old Witch doesn’t go out, she has 5 hit boxes left, at dice minus 2, Kassem rolls 7. The odds were against me but rolling exactly what was needed to win stings more.

Kassem Turn 4

Post Game Analysis

Well, fire is a thing. Kassem took a risk, but in his defence, statistically he had a pretty good chance to pull off that assassination run. And compared to the risks he USALLY takes, he played pretty conservatively.

Thanks for listening/reading! Comments, questions, and concerns are all welcome!


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  1. Why was the comment anonymous? I played this game which was in my home! I’m part of Combosmite! In fact, I AM Combosmite!!!

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