Podcast 040 – Menoth vs Menoth, Vindictus vs Kreoss3: Who's the Idiot that Gave Marc the Camera?

Seriously. Some of the pictures from this report are *awful*…
They’re not going to get much better than that one, folks… sorry about this! I blame Nick… he handed me an extremely powerful and sensitive camera, and I treated it like a point-and-click device… which it is definitely not. Thankfully we managed to salvage a bunch of good pictures out of the mess!

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My list:

Vice Scrutator Vindictus
– Hierophant
– Repenter
– Repenter
– Reckoner
Choir of Menoth (min)
Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Holy Zealots (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Exemplar Bastions
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Covenant of Menoth

Darrell’s List:

Intercessor Kreoss
– Hierophant
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
Choir of Menoth (min)
Initiate Tristan Durant
– Redeemer
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officers and Standard
Exemplar Vengers (max)
Gorman di Wulfe
Orin Midwinter

Rolled for initiative, which I won and selected to go first.

Scenario was Incursion (3 flags down the middle, 1 disappears after 2nd player’s first turn).


My deployment put Errants in front, Zealots to the left, Bastions and warjacks in the middle, one unit of Choir in front and the other behind warjacks. The Covenant went to the left of middle.

Darrell’s deployment had the Vengers on the far right, Kreoss to the left of center with his Hierophant, the TFG in the middle with both Reckoners behind them, and Tristan, Gorman, and the Redeemer going to the left.

Menoth, Turn 1
(For clarity, my army is “Menoth”, and Darrell’s is “Protectorate”)

– No Focus out.
– First unit of Choir runs forward, leaving 1 of them exactly 9″ from Vindictus
– Hierophant exalts
– Vindictus charges Choir. I cast “Sacrificial Lamb” on my charge target, and give that Focus to my warjacks. He then casts “Defender’s Ward” on the Errants, and “True Path”.
– Errants run forward and spread out.
– Zealots run forward behind Errants.
– Bastions spread out.
– Covenant runs forward.
– Choir walks up and sings “No Shooting” on my jacks (forgetting to do so earlier)
DSC_9881 DSC_9886 DSC_9883

Protectorate, Turn 1

– 1 Focus to both Reckoners and 1 to the Redeemer.
– Hierophant exalts
– Kreoss activates and casts “Holy Ward” on TFG and “Ignite” on Vengers. He moves up.
– Vengers do extreme flanking maneuver on right, but don’t move nearly their full movement.
– TFG pop their mini-Feat and run forward.
– Redeemer moves up and opens fire, scatters away harmlessly.
– Tristan casts “Fortify” on the Redeemer and moves B2B with it.
– Gorman walks up and pops smoke.
– Reckoners both run forward behind TFG.
– Choir sing “No Shooting”
– Flag by the Vengers disappears.
DSC_9899 DSC_9904 DSC_9901

Menoth, Turn 2

Time to get this party started. Gods, I can’t believe I just wrote that…
– No Focus out again, but upkeep Defender’s Ward.
– Errants activate first. They walk up to the TFG and start swinging… needing 8s to hit, I miss every single swing.
– Zealots move up. They sing for +2 damage and hit, and then pop their Mini-Feat. 4 lob grenades at Vengers, 3 out of range and no damage, 1 misses and scatters. 3 bombs go towards TFG, and manage to kill 2 and light 2 more on fire.
– Bastions run up behind Zealots
– Vindictus casts “Sacrificial Lamb”.
– Choir sings “Battle” on my Warjacks.
– 1 Repenter runs into B2B with left flag.
– Other Repenter moves forward and sprays some TFG. 3 under the template, only hits one, fails to kill.
– Reckoner moves up and shoots Darrell’s Reckoner. Hits, inflicts light damage.
– Covenant moves up and says “No Spells”. Just because it needs to do something.

DSC_9908 DSC_9907

Protectorate, Turn 2

Not bad for a first clash… definitely going more in Darrell’s favour at this point.
– Kreoss camps everything, upkeeping Ignite and Holy Ward. Tristan upkeeps Fortify and gives 2 Focus to his Redeemer.
– Redeemer goes first. Opens fire 3 times, all shots miss and scatter harmlessly (some hitting Errants at ARM18, impossible to wound).
– Gorman goes next. Walks forward, lobs Blind grenade but scatters away.
– Hierophant exalts.
– Kreoss moves forward. He casts “Crevace” at a Zealot, tags him, and then sprays 4 others to death.
– Orin casts Chain Lightning-like spell, hits Zealot and kills 2 others.
– TFG move into Shield Wall, and attempt to stab some of my Errants. They kill 1, and light 2 others on fire.
– Vengers charge my Zealots. They’re unable to hurt them, but they CAN light them on fire… and they successfully light 4 of my remaining Zealots on fire. That’s… probably not a good sign.
– Choir sings “Battle”.
– Reckoners activate and take shots at Bastion Senny, hitting and killing him.
– Darrell ends his turn, I score 1CP for controlling the left flag.
DSC_9915  DSC_9917

Menoth, Turn 3

I hate losing Zealots on their mini-feat turn… means I did something sloppy 9 times out of 10. On the other hand, I’m going to be up at least 2-0 at the end of this turn, so gotta keep Vindictus safe!
– Fires kill several Errants and leaves me with a total of 2 Zealots. Not a good mini-Feat turn…
– No Focus. “Sacrificial Lamb” is great when you remember it exists!
– Choir activate and sing “Battle” on my 2 Warjacks in CTRL.
– Hierophant exalts.
– Vindictus moves away from approaching Vengers (towards middle/left side of table), casts “Sacrificial Lamb” and “True Path”.
– Remaining Zealots pray for +2 rolls and swing at nearby Vengers but are unable to wound.
– Covenant gives Bastions flaming weapons.
– Bastions activate and walk to engage Vengers. I manage to kill 2 and light a few others on fire.
– Errants swing on TFG again, killing more this time (leaving Darrell with 2).
– Repenter activates, moves up, and flamethrowers (that’s a verb, right?) the Redeemer. Hits and does light damage to the warjack, but more importantly, catches Tristan. Boost damage on him and fry the junior warcaster.
– Reckoner sits and pings Darrell’s Reckoner again. Wrecks the cannon on the black Reckoner, so that’s something!
– End my turn, scoring another CP for the flag. Score is 2-0
DSC_9924 DSC_9926 DSC_9927

Protectorate, Turn 3

Darrell is starting to feel the pressure, but still presses forward this turn.
– 3 Focus to Reckoner with wrecked cannon, 1 to the other. Drop Holy Ward and Ignite.
– Choir sings “Battle”
– Kreoss activates, ride-by-attacks, and pops his Feat. He puts Holy Ward on a Reckoner, Ignite on the white Reckoner, misses “Death Sentence” on the Bastions. Casts “Crevace” on a Zealot, sprays over 4 Errants and crushes them all.
– Gorman Black-Oils my Repenter.
– Black Reckoner charges Repenter. Hits and almost scraps the warjack, but doesn’t quite (leaves it with the cortex and nothing else).
– White Reckoner tramples over a few Errants, killing them. Ends up engaging my Reckoner.
– Vengers shuffle around and kill a Bastion and the last Zealot.
– Ends turn, I score another CP, brining me up to 3-0.

DSC_9928 DSC_9930 DSC_9929

Menoth, Turn 4

Check if Vindictus is within run-range of the flag: he’s not. Okay, just gotta hold the line a little longer…
– More Errants burn to death. I upkeep Defender’s Ward, allocate 2 to the Reckoner, and we’re off.
– Choir sings battle.
– Hierophant exalts.
– Covenant gives Bastions flaming weapons again.
– Vindictus moves away from Reckoner, casts “Sacrificial Lamb” wiping out the last of the 2nd unit of Choir), casts “True Path”, and camps the rest.
– Reckoner goes to town on the other Reckoner, but doesn’t destroy it due to some awful damage rolls. Still, hurts it a lot.
– 2 remaining Errants (and Standard): 1 charges black Reckoner, hits and inflicts light damage. Other tries to kill last TFG and misses.
– Bastions activate. 1 charges Kreoss, others shuffle around a little (and I forget 1 near Vindictus again). Kreoss-charge misses, others kill 1 Venger.
– Crippled Repenter forfeits movement to Blind, swings at Reckoner pointlessly. Doesn’t even scratch the paint.
– End my turn, score now 4-0 for me.

DSC_9931 DSC_9933 DSC_9932

Protectorate, Turn 4

Can Darrell contest to keep this game alive?
– Black Reckoner gets 1, Kreoss upkeeps everything.
– Choir sings “Battle”.
– Vassal gives Black Reckoner an Ancillary attack, which obliterates my Repenter.
– Reckoner activates and runs towards the flag, taking a Freestrike (does light damage, nothing new crippled)… but is just out of 4″!
– Gorman activates, walks out of the forest and directly towards the flag. Lobs a Black Oil at my Repenter, which hits! He also manages to JUST get within 4″! The game is still on!
– White Reckoner shuffles over, swings at the Errant Standard: hits and I self-sac off the death.
– TFG swings at my Errant, misses.
– Kreoss does a ride-by-attack, doing his attacks first to kill my Bastion (with authority), and then rides forward, swaps “Holy Ward” to himself and casts Crevace on something that misses.
– Orin casts “Chain Lightning” on a Bastion, hits and does light damage.
– Ends turn, score stays 4-0 DSC_9944 DSC_9943 DSC_9942  DSC_9940

Menoth, Turn 5

“All” I have to do is kill Gorman… who’s immune to 95% of my ranged weaponry. Ooookay…
– Vindictus drops everything and camps a full stack.
– Need to kill Reckoner (as it gives Gorman +2DEF due to Ashen Veil and good positioning!). Errant charges Reckoner, hits, but doesn’t do enough to wreck it.
– Hierophant exalts.
– Choir sings Battle.
– My Reckoner walks away from Darrell’s Reckoner… he CRANKS the freestrike damage, crippling the cannon (!!!!). Damn! Shot obviously misses.
– Out of options: Vindictus charges the Reckoner. He hits! He manages to kill the warjack with his first blow (lucky!). He casts “Rift” on Gorman, boosting to hit… and hits! Boost damage… and kill the fragile alchemist. I end my turn, scoring my 5th CP.

Victory to (my) Menoth!
DSC_9946 DSC_9949 DSC_9948

Post Game Analysis:

The gamble to run my Repenter onto that flag (taking it both out of CTRL and out of the fight) ended up paying off this game. The Vengers are remarkably difficult to remove without charges (true of many things, I suppose) and Kreoss3 giving them Divine Inspiration is impressive. Darrell played a solid game, although his inexperience with Tristan made my life a lot easier.

Still, a tonne of fun, and it’s always nice to look across the table and see an army that you know exactly what it is capable of! Darrell is really pushing me towards getting Kreoss3 for myself, though… great warcaster, and I love me my heavy cavalry!

Thanks for reading, apologies for the pictures again, and comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome!

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