Podcast 041 – Ret Vs. Cryx – Ossyan Vs. eSkarre – Return of Retribution

This week on the Podcast I dusted off my Retribution for the first time in a few months and was matched-up against Adam and his Cryx.
IMG_4310 copy

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I hadn’t played Ret in a while so I wanted to bring lists I was comfortable with. I brought an Issyria list with Hyperion and Destors and the following Ossyan list:

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max HG Riflemen + UA
Aiyanna and Holt
HG Thane.

Adam had brought Gaspy3 and eSkarre. Apparently my Issyria list scared off his Gaspy list so he dropped Skarre:

Max Satyxis Raiders + UA
Max Blood Witches + UA
Max Bane Riders
Raider Captain
Necrosurgeon + Stitches
Orin Midwinter
Pistol Wraith

Adam wins the starting roll and chooses to go first. This sucks for me because Ossyan hates being jammed.

The Scenario was Fire support (2 Flags 1/3 of the way in from the sides, 1 friendly and 1 enemy objective in contesting range of the flags.  1CP for Controlling a flag 2 for Dominating and 1 CP for killing an enemy objective.


Adam deploys in a long single deployment line and I deploy in a brick.

IMG_4288 copy

IMG_4289 copy

IMG_4291 copy

Cryx Turn 1

-Raiders ran towards my left flank and spread out. Adam forgets to activate the Raider Captain and she runs after them.IMG_4295 copy

-Arc Node ran to the left as well and toed into the forest to protect against shots.

-Bane Riders ran through the forest to get into the center of the board.IMG_4294 copy

-Scarlock walked up and put Death Ward on the Bane Riders.

-On the opposite flank Blood Witches ran forward about 6 to 8 inches shying away from the Strikeforce.IMG_4293 copy

– Pistol Wraith ran towards the middle

-Skarre moved up and put Admonition on herself.

-Deathjack moved up and put Deathward on himself dropping it from the Bane Cav.

-Orin walked up and went Stealth.

-Necrosurgeon walked up base to base with Skarre.

IMG_4296 copy

Retribution Turn 1

MHSF move up and take shots at the Blood witches.  I get about 7 of them in range and hit only 2 of the attack rolls (needing 7’s). I do manage to kill the ones I hit though.IMG_4299 copy

Banshee walks up and shoots and kills a Raider using a boost from the Arcanist.

HG Thane walked up and put Desperate Pace on the Halberdiers.  Halberdiers run forward their 14″ Spreading out near the midline of the table.

Ordinarily I would have activated Ossyan first and put out his upkeeps and moved up but he was completely boxed in by my own models.  It would have been nice to have that extra 4″ of board presence.IMG_4297 copy

Riflemen walked forward and I tried two 3-man CRA on Raiders that missed.  I still needed an 8 so its not all that surprising.  Another single shot (his CRA buddies were out of range) also missed.

Stormfalls ran up both sides

Aiyanna and Holt walked up .  Aiyanna stayed safe behind the house and Holt moved up so he could get work done.

Now that eveyone was out of his way, Ossyan puts Quicken on the Banshee (just in case there is something I need to get knocked down next turn and he needs the threat range.) and Admonition on himself and walked towards the middle.

IMG_4300 copy

Cryx Turn 2

The Arcnode walks up and shoots at a halb but its just out of range.

Skarre arcs Black spot on to the same Halberdier which hits, then arcs Perdition on the the same Model and kills him. This allows Deathjack to move forward. Skarre feats onto Deathjack and 4 Raiders.

The Raider captain gives Desperate Pace to the Raiders.IMG_4306 copy

Radiers activate and charge in.  Actually only a couple of them charge most just run in and tie up the Majority of my guns. On the left 3 of them charge the Banshee, a Rifleman and a Stormfall respectively. The Stormfall and Rifleman die but Banshee takes no damage.  2 of them CMA a Halberdier to death.  The rest run in a tie everything up.  There are 3 Raiders tying up about 8 of my Riflemen.IMG_4305 copy

Orin moves up and Chain Lightnings a Halberdier and it bounces to 1 additional killing them both.

Bane Riders activate.  The leader charged in a killed his Charge target with an Impact attack so he failed his charge before he could curse. 3 others charged in.  2 of them killed 2 Halbs each 1 of them killed a halb and a MHSF.IMG_4303 copy

Deathjack fired a Blood Rain at a Strikeforce member and hit him but the AoE didn’t hit anything else. He walked forward and killed 2 more MHSF with melee attacks. Then fired another Blood Rain at Holt but missed and it deviated straight back and hit nothing.IMG_4302 copy

Blood Witches get a run charge order.  Only 1 charges and kills a MHSF member and puts up a cloud the rest just run in and tie them up and mini-feat so they are incorporeal.

IMG_4307 copy

Retribution Turn 2

I have a bunch of feated Raiders tying up all my guns so now I have to figure out what I’m going to do about it.

I give 2 focus to Banshee because I want to try to kill some of the Bane Cavalry and Ossyan upkeeps Admonition.

Aiyanna goes first and gives magic weapons to the Strike Force and Holt take 2 shots at a Bane Rider doing 4 damage total.IMG_4308 copy

MHSF move up into Melee with the Blood Witches and miraculously 5 out of the 6 fo them roll the 7 they need to hit their targets and also kill them.  The UA of course only needing a 6 misses. I guess that makes up for my first turn where they

When the MHSF moved Deathjack triggered Admonition and walked into Abomination range of Holt and they promptly failed their command check. But that’s OK since Aiyanna did her job that turn already.IMG_4310 copy

Halberdiers moved up and try to CMA a Bane Rider and failed to wound it.

I screwed up here and activated the right (unpainted) Stormfalls.  2 of them Aim to take brutal shots at Bane Cav but can’t hit them because they were engaged.  The other ones were going to try to drift some AoEs on to the feated Raiders but I forgot they were still immune to blast.

Banshee walked forward taking 2 Satyxis free strikes but both failed to wound. He swung alternately on the 2 Bane Riders he engaged and left 1 on 1 box an 1 on 2 boxes. I really should have just focused on killing 1 at a time. Wounding 2 of them does me no good. I never claimed to be good at this game.

The Other Stormfall unit activates and 3 of them aim. 1 is engaged and swings at a raider and kills it. First one aims at the Sea Witch and misses.  The second hits her and kills her.  Now the 3rd is free to drift an AoE onto a Raider.  He fires a shot at one of my engaged Riflemen.  It misses and deviates back (the worst possible direction) one the Raiders and 4 of my Riflemen.  In a miraculous turn of events I roll the 7 to kill the Raider but don’t roll any of the 8’s needed to kill my Rifles. This int urn freed up 6 or 7 of my Riflemen.IMG_4311 copy

Riflemen went next. Only 2 were engaged now and they moved up and did a 3 man CRA with mini-feat to kill 1 on the Bane Riders engaged by the Banshee. Another 3 2-man pod tried to hit the other one.  They were just over 8 inches away so I didn’t get the mini-feat die but I actually hit anyway but at dice minus 8 I failed to kill it.

My Arcanist’s balls drop and he charges a Raider and manages to hit!! and kill her. (9 to hit bitches!!)

Ossyan walked forward into the mass of Satyxis Raiders to get out of the Kill box an try to stay away from Deathjack.

IMG_4312 copy

Cryx Turn 3

Blood witches charge in a kill all but 1 of the Strikeforce.

Raiders move up and kill some a couple Riflemen and the Arcanist.IMG_4314 copy

Arc Node moves up and shoots the objective and does 6 damage.IMG_4317 copy

Skarre cast Perdition on the Objective damaging it and then Deathjack got to move up towards Ossyan.IMG_4315 copy

Bane Riders charge. One of the runs in to engage Ossyan and turns his back arc to all my stuff to optimize free strikes. The other 3 finish off my Halberdiers and also take out the Houseguard Thane.

Pistol Wraith moves towards the middle.

Orin walks forward and pops Counter-magic.

Deathjack cast a Blood Rain and killed 1 rifleman and wounded to UA. Then cast Perdition to kill the UA. Then Deathjack moved into melee with Ossyan and Ossyan Admonitioned into his back Arc. Adam tried his best to block off Ossyan’s escape route but there was just too much space for him to get through. Deathjack puts Admonition on himself. (It turns out that he shouldn’t have been able to do that because he was in the Banshee’s bubble. L2P!!)

Also 1 of my Stormfall units flees from an abomination check from Deathjack.

IMG_4316 copy

Retribution Turn 3

At this point I’ve thoroughly failed my own mental command check. So I just want to do some fun stuff this turn.

Ossyan gives 3 to the Banshee.

Banshee walks forward and kills 2 Bane Riders that are blocking Ossyan’s way forward.  This triggers Admonition on Deathjack and he turns to re-engage Ossyan.

Ossyan walks forward.  He takes a free strike from Deathjack that does 6 damage.  He pops his feat and boost to hit his gun on Skarre.  He hits and boost the damage for 4 dice because of the feat and does 9 damage.

The Last Strikeforce member walked up and fires a shot at the Hag and does 4 points to her.  She was out of the feat by about an inch.

Aiyanna and Holt rally but can’t do anything.  The fleeing Stormfalls continue to flee. Way to go superstars!

The Riflemen fire a CRA into Deathjack and do a few points of damage.

The Stormfalls aim some brutal shots into Deathjack and do a bunch of Damage, crippling his cortex but not enough to save me.

Cryx Turn 4

Skarre arcs Black spot onto Ossyan.

Deathjack walks up and performs [*Action] Rip Off Ossyan’s head and Wear It Like a Hat.

IMG_4318 copy


IMG_4320 copy

Victory to Cryx! Boooo!!!

Thoughts on the Game:

-My mind wasn’t in it at the time but I think I had a legitimate assassination run if I had been paying more attention to the table.  If I had been able to take out Orin before Ossyan moved up I would have had been able to fire off an Arcantrik Bolt into Skarre that would have killed her on average dice.  Also there is a chance I might have been able to get 1 or 2 of my Riflemen into range of her.  I sometimes forget that their base RNG is 14″

-I have a feeling my Issyria list was the correct drop for either of Adam’s lists. In particular Ossyan tends to struggle with High Def and getting jammed.  SO seeing Raiders in both of his lists should have been a bit of a tip-off.

Thanks for reading and any comments on our lists or the match-up are appreciated.



16 thoughts on “Podcast 041 – Ret Vs. Cryx – Ossyan Vs. eSkarre – Return of Retribution

  1. Just a quick rules comment. Deathjack has a 360 front arc until you rip off one if his arms. It didn’t look like it really would have made a difference, but worth watching out for in the future.

    As always, thank you all for these write-ups. I really appreciate the work that goes into this site.

    • Cruthers… that’s ridiculous. That warjack has WAY too much going for it to only cost 12 points!

      I don’t think Adam’s ever lost it, either… I know I’ve managed to destroy Nightmare once (ONCE), but Deathjack? I’d be surprised if I’ve ever even hit it!

    • I was actually going to reply about the same thing. That DJ, so nasty!

      I love eSkarre as well. Most definitely one of my favorite Cryx casters. I had a blast eating Hyperions with DJ using a similar list to what Adam brought to the table here. Great fun!

      Also, as a note to Marx’s question to Adam. eSakrre is a monster if she gets into melee with you (of course she is squishy, but I have done it late game). With her great rack knocking down, Seas of fate, plus the Sword hitting like a weapon master (with life trader I think its called) PS 13, she destroys stuff. But it isn’t something seen to often.

      Thanks for the report guys! Tough match up for you Nick.

  2. Listening to the end of this batrep, about how much Nick dislikes eSkarre’s feat:

    I do agree with what you are saying, but there are other feats out there which are similar and equally ball busting. I can tell you guys have near to zero experience with Legion 🙂

    If you want to start busting some Cryx balls, I really recommend Saeryn. Playing melee heavy infantry (Cryx) facing off against that feat (where her and her warbeasts/battlegroup, cant be targeted by melee attacks). It is quite a challenge for the Cryx player to get around. Then you throw in the spell Blight bringer, and things start to turn ugly fast.

    Maybe it will help you guys win some games against Adam…. or maybe I’m trying to get you guys to challenge Adam so he becomes an even nastier Cryx player 🙂

    • You know, at this point I would welcome Nick playing Legion against Adam… he needs to get some exposure to it, and a few losses might be good for the soul (although, granted, he has lost a few battle box games and 1 regular-season game recently!).

      I’ve played against Saeryn. Menoth isn’t a big fan of her Feat either… but we can cope, push comes to shove (albeit somewhat back-breakingly). She’s a neat warlock… powerful Feat, great spell list, awesome warbeasts. Nick is going to have a lot of fun with her!

    • I have been reading up on all the legion warlocks because I’m tired of the models collecting dust in my closet. Look for some legion bat reps coming up this month. Warning. They may be gong shows as I’m just learning with legion.

  3. Dang, I thought you had Skarre there when you tagged her with Ossyan. Well played, especially against eSkarre with Satyxis and that Feat. It’s a rough match for Ossyan, who suffers a lot if you can stall him on that one turn where he needs to kill the biggest threats on the table.

    Deathjack is a nasty piece of work, but I think 12pts is probably about fair, considering that the competition is Banes and the like. eSkarre runs it really well though. Ugh.

    • That’s a good point and something I hadn’t thought of before for the Ossyan matchup. He really suffers against casters that can stop him from being able to get work done on the one critical turn.

  4. By the way, how did Deathjack cast two Bloodrains on the second turn? It shouldn’t have had four souls converted to focus at that point, as far as I can tell.

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