Podcast 042 – eVayl Vs. pButcher – Hit and Run

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his Khador.  I was bringing out my freshly painted Legion which I have basically never played before.  Warning: Expect some Gong-Showiness ahead.
DSC_0015 copy

We had just completed a Journeyman game and it was getting a bit late to do a 50 pt game so we opted to do a 25 pointer.

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I really wanted to give eVayl a try so I made this list on the spot as a bit of a Legion Smorgasbord.


Aaron was going to take the Jorneyman battlebox plus some Winterguard but I convinced him he should drop the Decimator for a Max unit of IFPs instead.

His final list was:

*War Dog
Max Winter Guard Infantry + UA + 2 Rockets
Kovnik Joe
Max IFPs + UA

I was a bit daunted seeing so many infantry models across from me. I’m used to playing Ret or Mercs and they are both rarely out numbered.

We rolled for a new scenario and got Two Fronts (Two 12 x 6 Vertically aligned rectangular zone – 1 Friendly and 1 Enemy. With 2 Objective on the Centerline of the table, 1 friendly and 1 enemy, that give free charges when uncontested.)

I won the starting roll and chose to go first because it seemed like a good idea.  (I’m still mostly guessing with Legion because I’m super new to them.


DSC_0015 copy DSC_0016 copy DSC_0017 copy

Legion Turn 1

-Vayl puts Admonition on the Scythean and Refuge on the Angelius and walks forward behind the forest.

-Scythean runs forward into the left zone.

-Ravagore runs forward the middle.

-The Shredder runs up near Vayl

-The Shepard runs up to Vayl’s right

-Angelius runs to the right switching sides to get away from the Winterguard and their boosted attack rolls.

DSC_0019 copy

Khador Turn 1

-Winterguard Bob and Weave forward

-Joe give them Tough + Fearless

-Iron Fangs run forward and spread out to avoid AoEs

-Butcher moves up and puts Iron Flesh on the WGI and Fury on the IFP. The dog follows in behind.

-Kodiak walks forward behind the Winter Guard.

DSC_0021 copy DSC_0022 copy  DSC_0025 copy

Legion Turn 2

-I aim with the Ravagore at 1 of the Pikemen that I think might get me 2 kils but I end up Derping my distance estimate and he is about 1/2 inch short it scatters onto 1 IFP and killing him.

-Angelius walked forward and killed another IFP then Refuged back (a bit too far) even out of run to engage range.

-Vayl put Occultation on the Scythean and Tenacity on the Ravagore.

-Shredder put Tenacity on Vayl.

-Scythean stayed where he was in the back of the zone forcing the Winterguard to come to him.

DSC_0026 copy DSC_0027 copy DSC_0028 copy

Khador Turn 2

-Buther upkept Iron Flesh and Fury

-IFP shifted position in the zone not really coming forward at all and went into shieldwall

-Winterguar Bob and Weaved forward up their 5 inches.

-Joe gave Tough and Fearless

-Kodiak came forward in front of the house.

-Butcher advanced toward his Friendly zone to the right with the War dog in tow.

Legion Turn 3

-Scythean shifted over a bit so I could judge my channeling range for later.

-Angel moved forward and killed a Pikeman and Refuged back.

-Ravagore moved up a bit ans hot at another Pikeman. He animused and hit and killed the main target but failed to kill both IFPs hit by the blast but they were on fire which is probably good enough.

-Shredder put Tenacity on the Scythean.

-Vayl moved over to get the Scythean within 5 inches and shot him for no damage with the Oraculus, then channeled an Obliteration onto a winterguard.  She hit and autokilled him and nothing else was in the AoE. Vayl shed down to 1 fury to make sure there was 8 on the table.

DSC_0030 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0033 copy

Khador Turn 3

-Both IFPs died to fire and Butcher upkept both spells.

-IFPs went first and walked forward in shieldwall. Since that was working so well for them.

-Joe activated and walked up and gave Tough + Fearless

-Winterguard Bob and Weaved forward.  3 of them were close enough to make Grapeshots at the Scythean and did 2 damage. Another did 5 damage to the Ravagore and the Rocketeer hit him for 1 more.

-Kodiak ran toward the right zone to threaten my beasts over there.

-Butcher walked towards the middle and the dog followed him.

DSC_0034 copy DSC_0035 copy DSC_0036 copy

Legion Turn 4

-Ravagore moved backward away from the Kodiak and animused and fired at the Pikeman UA.  It failed to kill him doing 3 damage but it did kill the other 2 in the blast.

-The Angel charged in and killed 2 IFPs then refuged away

-Shepard moved up and cleared off the Ravagore

-Vayl shot the Scythean in the butt and did another Obliteration and killed 1 WG with it and put Refuge on the Scythean.

-The Scythean moved forward into melee with 5 winterguard. First initial, boost to hit and kills him, Second initial boost to hit and misses, Buy and boost and misses.  Awesome 9 point activation.  The Scythean Refuges to the back of the zone.

DSC_0038 copy DSC_0039 copy DSC_0040 copy

Khador Turn 4

-Fire on the IFP Officer went out.

-Joe moved up and gave Tough + Fearless to the WG and shot at the Scythean and missed.

-Butcher moved up and Feated but was too far away to kill anything.

-Winterguard Bob and Weave forward. 1 Rocketeer fires at the Scythean and did 6 damage. One fired at the Ravagore and did 3 damage. 2 WG CRAd on to the Ravagore and did massive damage taking out his body. Finally a 5-man CRA at the Scythean at straight dice rolled fire and did 17 damage, also taking out his body.

-Kodiak moved back toward the middle.

-IFPs moved back into the far corners of the zone.

DSC_0042 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0044 copy DSC_0045 copy DSC_0046 copy

Legion Turn 5

-I derp my fury and have to do a frenzy check on the Scythean which he passes.

-I drop my upkeeps and Vayl goes first and Feats. She spends 2 fury to heal the body of the Scythean and Ravagore. First she purifies off Iron flesh. The shoots the Ravagore in the butt and arcs Refuge onto the Angel, Admonition on the Scythean and Icy Grip onto the Winterguard. She fires an Obliteration through the Ravagore onto a Winterguard and misses needing a 4. it scatter and still hits 2 and doesn’t kill either of them. She then spends to do it again and hits and kills all 3 but 1 of them is tough.

-Angel moved up and killed an IFP and refuged to the back corner.

-Ravagore moved over and boosted a shot at the last IFP in teh zone and rolls 1,1,1.  Hilarious.

-The Shepard runs over to support the beasts in the right zone.

-The Scythean moves up into melee with 5 Winterguard. 1st inital kills a Rocketeer, 2nd attack misses.Bought an misses, bought an misses bought and killed 1 WG.

-My clock runs out about halfway through the Scythean’s Turn and I lose the game.  Yay.

DSC_0047 copy DSC_0048 copy DSC_0049 copy  DSC_0051 copy

Victory to Khador!

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