Podcast 043 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Fiona Vs. Kreoss3: The Truncated Charge of the Exemplar Brigade

You guys are probably getting sick of hearing about my games all the time but once again this week I am matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.
(Marc: This is partially my fault, and partially Gaven’s fault… I had to stay home and take care of a sick girlfriend, and Gaven’s wife just autogenerated his first child, a daughter… so we had to go with our fall-back game, Nick and Darrell. Sorry!
Also, turns out Nick can’t spell “Kreoss”. I apologize for all the typos in the report… I corrected it in the Title, but the rest of it is Nick’s responsibility!)
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We played a 50 pt game and I brought 2 lists that I am considering for the upcoming Game Summit Masters event in Ottawa in 2 weeks.

I brought an assassination focused Ossrum list and the following Fiona the Black list:

*Sylys, Nailer of Wishes
Max Boomhowlers
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Max Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Kell Bailoch
Gobber Tinker

This list was designed to exploit Fiona’s amazing upkeeps to keep the Boomowlers alive and as annoying as possible, keep Rocinante shooting what he shouldn’t be shooting and use Eliminator Arc nodes to spam some spells.

Darrell brought a High Reclaimer list and the following Kreos3 list:

Max Temple Flame Guard + UA
Max Vengers
Min Choir
Vassal of Menoth

I don’t know enough about menoth to guess his game plan but it looked like he want to focus Kreos’ battlegroup ad the TFG on one side of the board and use Tristan and the Vengers to hold the opposite flank.


IMG_4371 copy IMG_4372 copy IMG_4373 copy

Menoth Turn 1

-TFG Ran forward
-Both Reckoners ran forward
-Choir advanced but were too far away to sing anything
-Gorman Ran around the house
-Vassal ran around the house
-Hierophant advanced and H.E. Kreos
-Kreos puts ignite on the Vengers, advances and put Holy Ward on the TFG
-Indictor ran
-Tristan advanced and put fortify on the indictor
-Vengers ran and 3 of them toe the hill.

IMG_4374 copy IMG_4375 copy IMG_4376 copy

Mercs Turn 1

-Kell moves up and shoot at the wrack and it misses because its a wrack.
-Fiona puts Telgresh Mark on one of my Eliminators, Roth’s Mercy on the Steelheads and Nonokrion Brand on Rocinante she moves forward through a conveniently placed hole in my Boomhowlers.
-Rupert moves up and puts Tough + Fearless on the Steelheads.
-Steel heads run forward and spread out.
-Boomhowlers fo 4+ tough and run forward and spread out.
-Tinker runs up behind my jacks
-Ragman runs up behind a wall
-Sylys runs up behind a wall
-Reinholdt runs up behind Fiona
-Assassins run up the far right flank
–Middle Eliminators run up and mix in with my Boomholwers.
-Rocinante walked forward and shot at a TFG it deviated onto 3 of them and only killed 1.
-Left Eliminators run up the left flank

IMG_4377 copy IMG_4379 copy IMG_4380 copy IMG_4382 copy

Menoth Turn 2

-Kreos and Tristan upkeep all their spells
-Vengers charge in on the Eliminators and Halberdiers. Killing 1 Eliminator and 2 halberdiers. I used Roth’s mercy to neuter teir charge a bit.
-Indictor Advanced
-Tristan advanced
-Gorman advanced and tossed an Acid bomb at a Steel head it deviated and hit another steelhead who toughed.
-Reckoner advanced and shot the Nomad doing 4 damage to column1
-Vassal advanced and put Enliven on it
-Choir ran to get into a better position.
-Hieropant puts H.E. on Kreos.
-Rght Reckoner ran to engage Kell and a couple assassins.
-TFG charged Boomhowlers and 1 assassin. BH, Kell and KA pass their command checks. They kill 2 Boomholwers and set 1 more on fire.
-Kreos fires a Crevasse at a knocked down Boomhowler and failed to kill.
-1 Wrack blew up.

IMG_4383 copy IMG_4384 copy IMG_4385 copy IMG_4386 copy IMG_4387 copy IMG_4388 copy IMG_4389 copy IMG_4390 copy

Mercs Turn 2

-Left Eliminator charged a Venger and rolled snake eyes to hit.
-Ragman walked forward and Deathfielded.
-Steelheads got a charge order and went after the Vengers. They were able to kill 2 of them.
-Tinker walked up to repair Nomad and failed.
-Rupert walked over behind a wall and gave tough + fearless to the steelheads
-Assassins charged. 5 charged the Reckoner and did 17 damage total but nothing was crippled
-and the rest ran in behind enemy lines to be annoying
-1 killed the TFG that was enagaging Kell.
-Kell was still stuck where he was because the Reckoner was there.
-Sylys gave their buffs to Fiona
-Nomad waked forward into the left zone.
-Boomholwer did 4+ tough again and di some CMAs on TFG. The missed all their attacks.
-Eliminators charge Gorman and kill him and sidestep into the Reckoner.
-Rocinante aimed and fired at a Choirboy boosting the blast damage on a Vassal and doing 3 damage.
-Fiona moved over and arced an Infulence onto a choirboy. He attacked another choirboy and hit needing an 8 and killed needing a 7.

IMG_4391 copy IMG_4392 copy IMG_4393 copy IMG_4394 copy IMG_4395 copy IMG_4396 copy

Menoth Turn 3

-Choir puts battle on the Reckoners
-Vassal ancilliaried the Reckoner and made a melee attack against an Eliminator and missed.
-Kreos advanced and feated taking down all 3 of my upkeeps. Cast Death Sentence on the Assassins and boosted and missed, put Holy Ward on himself and Ignite on the TFG. Cast DS on the Assassin again and hit. He declared a ride by and killed an assassin in melee with him the moved over and Force Hammered Rocinante over Fiona, doing no damage to Rocinante but 5 to Fiona and more importantly knocking her down. He boosted a Crevasse at Reinholdt and missed.
-Venger moved around and made melee attacks against my Eliminator (missingg) and steelheads (killing some?)
-Indictor charged a Steelhead and misses his charge attack then killed 1 with a second attacks.
-TFG attacks Boomholwers and Set 4 of my Boomhowlers on fire (iwas rolling tough rolls like a champ) killing 1 of them.

Mercs Turn 3

-Ragman moves up to just outside of the 5″ bubble of the indictor and Death fields
-Steelheads move up and spread some delicious dark shroud and kill 2 more of the Vengers.
-The tinker fails his repainr check on the Nomad again.
-Nomad walks forward and smacks the Indictor under Dark Shroud leaving him on 3 boxes.
-Eliminator on the left combostruck the last Venge and did 2 damage.
-Rocinante moved over to the fence and shot at Kreos doing a couple point of damage.
-Assassins get cheeky an min-feat and charge. 2 charge Kreos another fails his charge on Kreos and another fails its charge on a choirboy. 3 charge the Reckoner and another charges another choirboy. 1 missed his attack onthe choir. 1 missed his attack on Kreos and the other hit doing 5 damage. Did some more damage to the Reckoner crippling its gun.
-Boomhowlers did 4+ tough again and shuffled a it and killed 3 TFG this turn.
-Rupert gave tough + fearless to the Steel heads
-Sylys ad Reinholdt give Fiona their buffs.
-Fiona stands up and walks behind Rocinante and puts Roth’s Mercy on The Boomhowlers
-Elimintors in the middle killed the Vassal and did 5 damage to the Reckoner.

IMG_4397 copy IMG_4398 copy IMG_4399 copy IMG_4400 copy IMG_4401 copy IMG_4403 copy IMG_4404 copy

Menoth Turn 4

-Venger swings and misses the Eliminator
-Indictor did nothing because it was mostly crippled
-Tristan stayed behind the wall.
-Choir gave battle to the Reckoners
-Reconer killed an Eliminator
-TFG killed a couple more Boomhowlers
-Hierophant Harmoniously exhalts.
-Kreos killed Reinholdt with a Crevase and failed the boosted 9 to hit Fiona.
-Reckoner finally killed Kell.

IMG_4406 copy IMG_4407 copy IMG_4408 copy

Mercs Turn 4

-Eliminator kills the last Venger
-Ragman Dethfield again and the Steelheads kill the Indictor.
-Nomad walks toward the center staying in his zone.
-Assassin go. 3 clump around Kreos and do almost nothing to him. 1 swings and misses a choir. 3 and the Underboss attack the Reckoner leaving it on 3 boxes. 1 kills a choir
-middle Eliminator walks over and kills a choir and does 3 to the Hierophant.
-Rocinante boosta shot into the Reckoner does 5 damage.
-Boomhowlers go 4+ toug and 1 charged the reckoner doing 1 pt and 1 swings a misses a TFG.
– Fiona ran to the left zone to dominate for 2

IMG_4409 copy IMG_4410 copy IMG_4411 copy IMG_4412 copy

Menoth Turn 5

-Reckoner swung at the underboss and misses
-TFG killed some assassins
-Reckoner killed a Boomholwer
-Kreos moved over and crevassed a Steelhead and klled the Tinker and hit Fiona but did no damage.
-Tristan moved up to contest the zone.

IMG_4413 copy IMG_4414 copy IMG_4415 copy

Mercs Turn 5

-Eliminator charged Tristan and kills him.
-Rag man moves toward Kreos and Death fields.
-Nomad walks into melee with Kreos and boosts a headbutt. I misjudged the distance and was too far away for Death Shroud but still did a couple points of damage.
-Rocinante walked up and Swung 4 times on Kreos to finish him off.

IMG_4417 copy IMG_4418 copy IMG_4420 copy

Victory to Mercs!!

Post Game Analysis:

(Marc: Nick will add or replace this when he has a moment, but for now:
It was a little unfortunate that Darrell gave up when he did, although I agree he was in a rough spot. I tend to be of the “There’s always a chance” camp and refuse to go down any way but swinging… but that stated, there’s no reason to keep playing if you’re not having fun. So I don’t think he made a bad decision, just one that I normally don’t make myself.
Other than that, solid game by both players and Nick managed to out-play Darrell, but also was quite lucky to have such solid answers to cavalry in his list. Cavalry models really need to get multiple kills per activation in order to be worth their cost, and that just didn’t happen here, which put Darrell in a rough place in the later games, despite his early positional lead).

Thanks for listening, and as always, we welcome comments, questions, insults, mockery… whatever you got, we’ll happily take!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 043 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Fiona Vs. Kreoss3: The Truncated Charge of the Exemplar Brigade

    It was a pretty good game, and definitely a learning one for me. I didn’t realize that minor rules interaction with cavalry and it did cost me pretty heavily. Perhaps FEATing earlier to clear off Roth’s would have helped the cavalry charge, though Nick was rolling pretty hot with his tough checks all game.
    One thing that I should have done that wasn’t mentioned in the podcast was that I should have cast Force Hammer on the Boomhowler’s instead of Crevasse on Turn 2. It would have stymied the advance of the Boomhowlers by (potentially) killing two of them and Nick’s arc node Eliminator. Alas, such is life.

    I’ve been losing ever since I decided to get rid of my Legion, I wonder if there’s a connection…….

    • Dude! Darrell! Do we have to do this in public!? *sigh* Fine…
      You know you’re the only co-host for me this week… it’s just that we here at Combo Smite like getting a wide array of cohosts. It’s not you, it’s us.

      Yeah, those impact attack rules are weird. Just weird. And good call on Force Hammer… freakin’ great spell. I wish that Menoth had some way to boost the odds of our attack spells hitting (Squire, Sylys, etc…), but no love there.

      I’m sure the Legion thing is a coincidence. Yes. Purely coincidence.

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