Podcast 045 – Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Marc’s Results w/ Menoth

So last weekend was the Game Summit Masters in Ottawa. A fantastic time sandwiched between two brutally long drives… but totally worth it!

DSC_0105 copy

Due to the length of the trip and the exhaustion involved, and because of some game cancellations this week, we decided to do the trip as our Podcast game this week… so come, gather round friends, and listen to a tale of two novice WarMachine players in the distant north!

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So for my 3 lists for the Masters Event, I was bringing 2 familiar warcasters, and 1 relatively unfamiliar one. Let’s start with the one I knew best (and ended up using the most!):

Feora, Protector of the Flame (“eFeora, Feora2”)
– Hierophant
– Judicator (bonded)
– Reckoner (bonded)
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
Temple Flameguard (“TFG”, max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
High Exemplar Gravus

A pretty standard list for me and my Feora, although lacking the Devout I often take… Shield Guard on a Colossus is often extremely important, and it was a risk to exclude it. Next time, I’m dropping Gravus and taking the Devout… Gravus is a powerful piece, but he works better with more Exemplar units than just 1 unit of Errants.

Next, a warcaster I know well in a list I don’t…

The Harbinger of Menoth (“Harby”)
– Hierophant
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth

A pretty typical Harby list for many players, but not for me… I tend to far prefer the “Harbinger and a Devout and no other warjacks, and then ALL the infantry” approach to playing her, honestly. But, that stated, I wanted to stretch a little with my Harbinger gameplay… I should be better with her than I am!

Lastly, my least familiar list:

Grand Scrutator Severius (“pSevy”)
– Hierophant
– Judicator
– Blessing of Vengeance
Choir of Menoth (min)
Deliverer Sunburst Crew
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Aiyana and Holt

I like this list, but I was hesitant about using it against Skorne, Circle, or Legion due to the relative ease of killing Severius (either by Ravagore shots, lobbed Bomber attacks, or movement shenanigans). Still, it’s a well balanced list, and I think possibly the best use of the TFG in all my lists… Sevy really cranks them up to 11.

In hindsight, my lists are all too similar (TFG and Errants ad nauseam), but I do like them overall. I just wish I had time or opportunity to play them all more than once or twice before a tournament! Oh well.

Round 1: Cryx!

So I’ve been playing the Protectorate since January of this year… not a long time, and I’ve only gotten in about 60 games with them during that time.
I haven’t beaten Cryx yet. Not ONCE.  And, of course, my first opponent? A Cryx player. Oh well… better to get it out of the way now, I suppose!
His name was Adam, and he was from a club in Kingston. His three lists included a pDenny, a Gaspy2, and the following list:

– Skarlock Thrall
– Slayer
– Nightwretch
Blood Witches (max)
– Blood Hag
Satyxis Raiders (max)
– Sea Witch
Satyxis Raider Captain
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Bane Knights (max)
General Slaughterborn
Mechanithralls (min)
Necrosurgeon and Stitchthralls

I would love to say if this was a “typical” pSkarre list or not, but I’ve only played against pSkarre once (and I won when my opponent forfeited in a dice-induced rage on turn 2)… so I can’t really say!

Anyway, scenario was “Fire Support” (which REALLY made me want to drop pSevy), and I decided on eFeora because she’s a great drop against non-Mortenebra Cryx. Fragile warcasters and all… plus, the Judicator can frequently scatter rockets through/over/around Gaspy’s caustic clouds, which can be massively important.

I managed to win initiative, and went first: Adam took the better side of the table, correspondingly.

For the record, when you see the pictures you’re going to notice three massive buildings near the middle. Adam and I mutually agreed that we would just play them as hills, since they choked up too much of the table otherwise. So remember: Hills.

Menoth, Turn 1

Errants run forward and spread out.
TFG run forward.
Feora cats “Escort” and “Ignite” on the Errants.
Judicator and Reckoner both run forwards.

DSC_0061 copy DSC_0062 copy DSC_0063 copy DSC_0064 copy

Cryx, Turn 1

Adam charges his Raiders at some of my Errants, kills a handful
Everything else runs forward.
Skarre gets her Skarlock to cast “Dark Ritual”, which is going to net her 5 extra Focus next turn. She’s camping 4 as it is.

Menoth, Turn 2

I’m looking at Skarre. I’m measuring with Feora. I’m thinking to myself “there is no way the Judicator is further than 20″ from her…”. And I’m not good at attrition games against Cryx… so hell with it, I’m doing this. Full Focus to the Judicator, drop Ignite.
My TFG and Errants basically just shuffle forward to kill a handful of Raiders and, more importantly, clear space for the Judicator.
After getting the Choir Battle buff, the Judicator strides forward and, sure enough, Skarre is easily within range. She’s DEF16, so I need 13s to hit… boost the first shot, hit! Boost damage and inflict a handful. Boost the second shot, and hit! Nice! Leaves Skarre on 5 boxes. The scatters also kill a handful of Mechanithralls, the Necrosurgeon, and do light damage to the Slayer.
I’m calculating at this point that the fire needs to roll a 8 on 2d6 to win me the game. That’s… doable, but unlikely. So I activate Feora. She charges and Fire-Steps up behind my front line (killing a TFG in the process). She pops her Feat to get 3 extra Focus and spends it to cast Immolation on Skarre, boosting to hit. She nails it, and manages to inflict 2 more points of damage. Possibly more importantly, Skarre is now within the Caustic Prescence… and I only need a 6 to kill her now. Better…
The Vassal gives the Ancillary to the Judicator, which fires at Skarre again. It misses (needing a 13 on 2d6 is tough!), but the scatter hits Skarre and manages to inflict 2 more points of damage… now I need a 4 to win, and I’ve done everything I can.

Cryx, Turn 2

The Fire can’t go out (Caustic Presence FTW!), and I roll a 5 on 2d6, killing Skarre. Victory for Menoth!

DSC_0065 copy DSC_0066 copy DSC_0067 copy DSC_0068 copy DSC_0069 copy
So, hey, first victory ever against Cryx! I’ll take it. It was a risk (having Feora that far forward was basically a game-over if Skarre had survived), and not a particularly wise one, all things considered. Skarre was ARM19 and my rockets were POW16… I should’ve done 14 points of damage with the two direct hits, but instead only did about 8, and at that point I should’ve abandoned the plan and switched to Attrition mode, I think.

But, hey, won. Can’t complain! Adam was a great guy, super nice, took the loss with a smile on his face, it was awesome. On to Round 2!

Round 2: Khador

By sheer luck (whether good or bad is debatable), my Round 2 opponent had just finished mopping the floor with Nick… Jeffery was from the same store as Adam and his Khador had successfully put Nick’s Mercenaries in the loser’s bracket (I hate that name… “Loser’s Bracket”… sounds so… negative). Anyway, a chance for redemption! Jeffery had dropped his eSorscha list against Nick, so I was pretty confident that he would go with Butcher3 or Vlad1… and then I was pretty sure he would go Butcher3. I really wanted to drop Feora again (Ignite makes it more likely that anything can actually HURT the Butcher), but I decided against it, and instead went with pSevy.

Surprisingly (to me, at least), Jeffery took the following Vlad1 list.

– Behemoth
– Spriggan
Greylord Outriders (max)
Winterguard Riflemen (max)
Great Bears of the Gallowswood
Tactical Arcanist Corps
Aiyana and Holt

An interesting list, but I had a feeling that Riflemen with Signs and Portents would be a potent force to be reckoned with… and with “Kiss” from Aiyana, capable of hitting way above their usual weight-class. Still, he had a relatively low model-count army that was going to rely on volume of attacks… and I’m pretty sure pSevy is better at that game.

Scenario was “Outflank” (2 12″ zones on the middle line), Jeffery won Initiative and chose to go first, and I picked the side of the table with more hills on my side.

DSC_0070 copy

DSC_0071 copy DSC_0072 copyKhador, Turn 1

Jeffery runs everything forward, spreading the Outriders on the right and giving them Concealment.

DSC_0074 copy DSC_0075 copy

Menoth, Turn 1

I run my Errants forward towards the Outriders, confident (stupidly) in their ability to be untargetable to spells. The TFG run forward as well, into the zone, while the Sunburst runs forward to prepare to open fire on Jeffery’s troops.
Sevy casts “Eye of Menoth” on himself, “Defender’s Ward” on the Errants, and “Vision” on the Judicator.
Choir sings “No Shooting” (stupidity number 2) and Blessing and the Judicator run forward. The Judicator gets an Ancillary shot that clips and vapourizes an Outrider. DSC_0076 copy DSC_0077 copy DSC_0078 copy

Khador, Turn 2

Jeffery’s response is swift and brutal. The Riflemen (under Signs and Portents) open fire on the TFG, inflicting heavy losses. The Greylords use my Judicator and Blessing as targets to spray over the Errants (stupid, stupid) and I lose 3 or 4 of them (DEF14/ARM18 is still pretty powerful).
The Spriggan charges forward, and Behemoth opens fire on my Errants, but fails to directly hit any and their ARM protects them from the blast damage.
The Great Bears swing towards the right flank to threaten my Judicator (eventually).

DSC_0079 copy DSC_0080 copy DSC_0081 copy

Menoth, Turn 2

With the first volleys over with, I think I’ve got this game. assuming I don’t do anything brutally stupid.
Sunburst goes first, and it tags 4 of the Riflemen, killing 2 (lousy, lousy blast damage rolls).
The TFG pop their mini-Feat and run forward, tying up as many of the Rifle corps as they can.
My Aiyana and Holt activate. Holt tries to shoot Jeffery’s Holt, but the first shot is Quick-Draw’d away, and the second shot misses by a mile. Aiyana attempts to “Kiss” the Spriggan, but it also fails to find purchase anywhere.
My Errants activate and wipe out all the Greylords between charge attacks and Quick Work shots.
Blessing runs forward, and then Sevy arcs “Ashes to Ashes” onto the Behemoth. It singes the mighty warjack for 1 point of damage, but more importantly catches both Aiyana AND Eiryss. I spend the rest of my Focus to boost on both of them, killing the elven women and making Holt fail his CMD check. Not bad, for 1 spell…
Lastly, the Judicator moves up and pounds the Behemoth with rockets. It belches smoke and fire, but the Behemoth stays standing. Lucky scatters also kill 2 of the Great Bears.

DSC_0082 copy DSC_0083 copy DSC_0084 copy
Khador, Turn 3

Jeffery decides that it’s Feat time. With Signs and Portents up and Vlad’s Feat in place, the Behemoth tramples several Errants but doesn’t get the distance needed to get to my Judictor (phew!). It does hit Blessing twice, although for minimal damage.
The Spriggan is stuck by several Errants, and spends its activation killing a few of them.
The Rifle Corps kills more of my TFG, but things are looking grim for Jeffery at this point.

Menoth, Turn 3

Just have to keep Sevy safe and I can probably get this.
The Judicator leisurely obliterates Behemoth.
Blessing moves up to engage the Spriggan at point blank to make sure it can’t trample up to Sevy (or anywhere CLOSE to Sevy, really). It inflicts light damage, as do my Errants.
My TFG shuffle around and stab a few more Rifle Corp to death.
The Sunburst fires at Vlad, missing, but clips and kills a T.A.C. member.
Aiyana and Holt move towards the soon-to-be-vacant zone on the left, with Aiyana going Stealth and Holt killing another Rifle Corp.
Sevy moves up into the zone behind the Judicator, preparing to start scoring whenever it gets cleared. 

DSC_0085 copy DSC_0086 copy DSC_0087 copy

Khador, Turn 4

More grinding at this point. The Rifle Corp continues to refuse to die or break (jerks), the Spriggan fails to destroy Blessing, and Vlad has to move away to avoid Blessing charging and killing him on my turn.
His Holt stays Broken.

DSC_0088 copy DSC_0089 copy

Menoth, Turn 4

I think my Judicator can take out Vlad, if it comes to it. But CPs are looking more likely.
The Judicator obliterates the Spriggan with laughable ease, while Blessing goes turfing over to the left zone (just to keep it contested if Jeffery tries to dominate with Vlad.
The TFG manage to kill the last few Rifle Corps in the zone, although the unit still has 2 members remaining.
I also run my Sunburst into the zone at the very back, basically trying to make it as difficult as humanly possible for Jeffery to score points.

I, however, score 3 points this turn.

DSC_0090 copy DSC_0091 copy DSC_0092 copy DSC_0093 copy

Khador, Turn 5

Jeffery tries to calculate a way to get Vlad onto Sevy, but there’s just no way he can see. He casts “Blood of Kings” on himself, charges Blessing of Vengeance, but fails to destroy the warjack. He ends his turn and I score 3 more CPs and take the game.

Victory to Menoth!

There we go. Nick is avenged, and I move on. Solid competition so far, but I feel confident at this point. I don’t think I can win, but I think I can do well… maybe even podium at this point. We shall see…

Round 3: Legion

Ah, Legion. I do not know ye nearly as well as I should. But I do know that many Legion players rely on the constant threat of Ravagore assassination at range, and Feora takes that completely off the table. My opponent Matthieu has driven in from Montreal for the tournament… I’m worried he’ll drop Vayl2, since I’ve never played against her, but he decides on a the following Abby2 list…

– Ravagore
– Seraph
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Shredder
– Naga Nightlurker

Okay, so I’ve never played against Abby2 either, now that I think about it… but I think I can take her. I’ve beaten Abby1 a few times, and that counts, right?

Scenario is Incursion (3 flags, 1 disappears), and sadly I lose Initiative (damnit!).

DSC_0094 copy DSC_0095 copy DSC_0096 copy
Legion, Turn 1

Mathieu runs his guys forward. Tenacity goes on a bunch of them.

DSC_0097 copy DSC_0098 copy

Menoth, Turn 1

I hope for a few lucky scatters early on, and I actually manage to get them! The Judicator manages to light Absylonia herself on fire and inflicts a few points of damage, plus lighting one of the Scytheans on fire and killing a Deathstalker.
Everything else basically just moves forward and prepares to be killed.

The flag out in the open, closest to my Judicator, disappears, of course.

DSC_0099 copy DSC_0100 copy DSC_0101 copy

Legion, Turn 2

Sad news first: the fire on Abby goes out (boo!), and the rest fails to wound anything. Matthieu’s army moves forward threateningly, and the Naga and Ravagore kill a handful of Errants. 

DSC_0102 copy DSC_0103 copy

Menoth, Turn 2

More rockets pounding into Matthieu’s lines, killing the Shredder, a Shepherd, and the other Deathstalker. I charge in with my Errants and pop mini-Feat with my TFG, trying to keep his monsters away from my Judicator.
My Reckoner runs over to the left flag, both to score a point and to tie up some of Matthieu’s resources. I figure that he’s safe against a single Ravagore for a turn (POW16, MAT5? Yeah, I should be fine).
I score my first CP.

Legion, Turn 3

Abby pops her Feat and spends a huge amount of Focus trying to kill a single Errant… she finally does so, granting “Conferred Rage” to her warbeasts (importantly, the +2MAT).
The Ravagore charges my Reckoner and leisurely obliterates it. Oh crumbs.
One of the Scytheans manages to dismount Gravus, and the other charges in and kills him. The Seraph charges the Judicator but Matthieu misjudges the distance and fails the charge by a solid 0.5″ (he think that maybe he measured it too quickly). Either way, my Judicator is safe.

For now.

He scores 1CP from the Ravagore.
DSC_0104 copy DSC_0105 copy

Menoth, Turn 3

Hmmm. This isn’t looking good. Well, on the one hand, I can kill a lot of his stuff. On the other hand, the only thing that can contest that flag on the left right now is a single Choir member… that’s not good.
Still, we do what we can. Ignite gets swapped over to the Judicator (along with a full stack of Focus), and it walks to engage both Scytheans and tears them limb-from-limb.
My TFG poke the Seraph a few times to little effect (a bit, but not enough), and Feora stays far back from Absylonia.

DSC_0106 copy DSC_0107 copy DSC_0108 copy
Legion, Turn 4

Matthieu doesn’t bother killing my Choir with the Ravagore… he uses Abby herself, and then Teleports to dominate the flag. The Seraph kills a few TFG, and the Shepherd and Forsaken postition themselves to prevent my stuff getting over to contest the flag.
The Naga also manages to get a Critical hit on my Judicator, putting Shadow Bind on it (and removing any chance of an assassination run from this turn).

He scores 2 more CPs, bringing it to 3-1 for Legion.

Menoth, Turn 4

I manage to kill the Naga, Forsaken, and Shepherd, but the only models I can run at the flag are my 3 remaining TFG, and only 1 gets within 4″.
DSC_0113 copy
DSC_0110 copy

Legion, Turn 5

Abby kills the offending TFG and teleports back to the flag, claiming her 5th CP and the win.

Victory to Legion!

DSC_0109 copy
Well, I played a solid game and I was happy with how I did, all things considered. If the other flag had disappeared, I think I had him dead-to-rights… but such is life!

Round 4: Cygnar

My next opponent was a gentleman named Paul who brought Cygnar… I needed to drop my Harby list, and as much as I was worried about using her against the Ranged-Heavy Cygnar, Paul didn’t have a Siege list and so I felt it wasn’t going to get much better than this.
He ended up bringing the following eHaley list.

– Thorn
– Stormclad
Storm Strider
Storm Strider
– Officer
Battle Mechanics (min)
Battle Mechanics (min)
Stormsmith Storm Tower

It’s a tier list (a good one, at that), but I think he’s a point over. But whatever. I know most people hate playing against eHaley, but not me… I know her schtick, and she’s a fascinating challenge to overcome!

Scenario was… oh, I forget the name. The one with 2 flags and 2 objectives that isn’t Fire Support… Incoming, maybe? Whatever. That one. I won initiative and went first (although both of Paul’s Striders get Advanced Move and 3 power tokens… so that’s not so bad!).

DSC_0115 copy DSC_0116 copy DSC_0117 copy

Menoth, Turn 1

Stuff runs. No surprises. DSC_0118 copy DSC_0119 copy DSC_0120 copy

Cygnar, Turn 1

Between ATGM and boosted rolls from 2 Striders, a lot of my stuff dies. I elect not to martyr any of it… he can get his licks in now, but this game is almost certainly going to go my way before long.
He does, however, kill all but 2 Errants. That was a bit of a shock…

DSC_0122 copy DSC_0123 copy DSC_0124 copy DSC_0125 copy

Menoth, Turn 2

My TFG pop mini-Feat and Shieldwall forward.
One Reckoner pings a Strider for a few points, but everything else just moves forward.
The Harbinger herself moves forward (within shooting range of 1, but not both, of the Striders) and pops her Feat.DSC_0126 copy DSC_0127 copy DSC_0128 copy

Cygnar, Turn 2

Paul’s stuff mostly stays put. One Strider pings Harby for 7 points of damage (ouch), and his Stormclad charges and kills a few TFG.
eHaley pops her Feat in response.DSC_0129 copy DSC_0130 copy DSC_0131 copy
Menoth, Turn 3

Under the guidance of Haley and her Feat, my Avatar destroys his Stormclad (it doesn’t really NEED the Choir buff, after all), one of my Reckoners destroys a Strider and the other damages one, I wipe out a bunch of ATGM, and move Haley away from the Strider and heal her a bit.

Cygnar, Turn 3

Paul uses “Dominate” to attack my Avatar with a Reckoner (clever), and continues to pound my TFG with the Strider. His remaining ATGM make a nuisance of themselves, killing the Covenant, which I martyr once. 

DSC_0132 copy DSC_0133 copy DSC_0134 copy

Menoth, Turn 4

1 Reckoner kills a few ATGM, the Avatar can’t get onto the Strider, nor can my Reckoner, but they’re both in good shape and ready for the killing blow next turn.

Cygnar, Turn 4

In desperation (and just for giggles), Haley charges into the front lines. Paul had a plan to dominate my Reckoner again and then TK Haley towards the flag, but in order to pull off the charge he had to TK her already (and he forgot you can’t TK Haley twice).
End of the story is that she’s sitting right next to my Reckoner and Avatar.

Menoth, Turn 5

Choir, Reckoner headbutts and kills Haley on the 1st bought attack.

Victory to Menoth!DSC_0135 copy DSC_0136 copy DSC_0137 copy DSC_0138 copy

Super fun game, Paul was a total class act all game. Enormous amounts of fun! And I still have a run (albeit slim) for a podium spot!

Round 5: Skorne

Marc-Antoine was another Montreal native that made the trip for the tournament. I thought he was going to drop Fatty McButterpants, but he surprised me with the following Makeda2 list.

– Tiberion
– Molik Karn
– Titan Gladiator
– Titan Bronzeback
– Krea Basilisk
Reivers (min)
– Officer and Standard
Paingiver Beasthandlers (min)

I didn’t admit to Marc-Antoine, but I’ve never played against Makeda2… but seeing that many Character Warbeasts in one list, and I was worried. I had elected to bring my Feora again (my best ARM-cracker), but I was concerned that even she might struggle to kill enough of his warbeasts fast enough…

Scenario was Destruction, and I won initiative and went first.

DSC_0139 copy DSC_0140 copy DSC_0141 copy

Menoth, Turn 1

Stuff runs.DSC_0142 copy DSC_0143 copy DSC_0144 copy

Skorne, Turn 1

Marc-Antoine’s Reivers kill a handful of Errants, and he moves up his Beasts so that only a few of my Errants will get charges off. DSC_0145 copy DSC_0146 copy DSC_0147 copy

Menoth, Turn 2

I make the first of many mistakes here… I elect to run the Errants instead of charging (for a split moment forgetting that I can Charge some and run the rest! Derpderpderp). Anyway, my Errants attempt to tie up his beasts, and my TFG pop mini-Feat and Shield-wall forward. The Judicator does nothing of real significance, the shots scattering wide.

Skorne, Turn 2

Marc-Antoine pops his Feat, getting Molik Karn into the zone (curses) and attempts to charge my Judicator with Tiberion. He misjudges his approach angle, though, and gets caught on an obstruction well short of my Judicator, but easily within 3″ of Molik Karn… his Reivers kill a few more Errants, but you can tell he knows he’s in trouble.
He runs his Krea to try and block the Charge Lane my Judicator is going to take to destroy both character heavies.

Menoth, Turn 3

Feora swaps Ignite over to the Judicator and gives it a full stack. The other Focus goes to the Reckoner.
I use the Vassal attack and Gravus to kill the Krea, clearing up the charge lane. The Judicator charges Molik Karn, easily getting both heavies within Reach. I need 5s to hit.
I miss every. Single. Attack.

All of them. NEEDING 5s!! If I had hit him, they would be Dice+6 damage! But no… not one hit.
DSC_0148 copy DSC_0149 copy

Skorne, Turn 3

Marc-Antoine doesn’t look the gift horse in the mouth, and rips my Judicator to shreds. My Reckoner, which had charged the other two heavies to try and slow them up a bit, is also obliterated effortlessly.

Menoth, Turn 4

We both know it’s over, but I figure I’ll have a little fun at least. Feora charges Molik Karn and pops her Feat, getting 3 extra Focus. She then proceeds to attack Molik 7 times… she hits ONCE, boosts damage, and inflicts none.

At that point, laughing, I surrender. Some times the dice just say “no”, friends, and you just have to smile about it!

Victory to Skorne!DSC_0150 copy DSC_0151 copy DSC_0152 copy

Great game, super fun, and man, did Menoth ever not want me to win that game. Given average dice, both warbeasts were dead… the initial 2 on Molik should’ve been enough to kill him (30 boxes on average dice) and the following 3 attacks on Tiberion should’ve wrecked him (“only” 36 boxes of damage). The Reckoner was tying up his other two heavies, so he couldn’t get both on my Judicator, and I could’ve run infantry in the way to make it even more difficult… but no. T’was not to be.

Post Tournament Analysis:

So I finished around 6th overall, which I am very happy with, and it was super fun. Lots of prizes (not for me, but for everyone else! ^_^), tonnes of laughs, and a great day of wargaming.

Thanks so much to George and his dedicated team of volunteers for running the event, to Tim for being a great Judge, and to all the competitors who made the trip out (and a special thank you to the players from Kingston who recognized us humble Combo Smite hosts!).

Thanks for listening and reading, and comments, questions, and mockery are always welcome!


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  1. I’m just about to listen to the podcast, but did do a read through the batreps. I did find it funny when you were talking about your battle with Cygnar. On your turn 3, you called the Harbringer, Hailey…. Old habits die hard I guess? 🙂

    Just wanted to point it out, I thought it was funny. Thanks for sharing your tourney experience!

    • Ha! So I did… they’re very similar in a lot of ways, after all (super fragile, super powerful, beautiful models). And now I have to leave it for other people to notice! Curses!


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