Podcast 046 – Legion Vs. Skorne – eLylyth Vs. Mordikaar – Pyro-techniques

This week I matched up my budding Legion horde against Kassem’s Skorne.IMG_4660 copy_1

(Marc: Apologies again for the holiday yesterday resulting in the podcast releasing today instead of on Monday! Plenty of content coming out soon to compensate, as our way of saying “Thanks for listening”, and because we love doin’ this stuff!)

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I brought a pThagrosh list with Warspears and a balanced selection of all the bread and butter Legion heavies and the following eLylyth list:

*Bolt Thrower
*Naga Nightlurker

I went with Lylyth because I was interested in her and wanted to try her out.  She is probably not the first choice for a Skorne drop though. This was my first time playing Lylyth2 so I took a pretty straightforward Lylyth2 list.  Lots of shooty beasts to take advantage of the feat.

Kassem ended up taking a Mordikaar list with the following:

*Cyclops Raider
Max Cetrati + UA
Max Incindiarii
Min Beast handlers
Void Spirit
Extoller Soulward

The Scenario was Destruction (12 x 6 Zone in the middle of the table with friendly and enemy objectives on opposite corners)


I won the starting roll and chose to go first.

I lined up my army with Lylyth in the middle her lights on either side then Angels next to them and Ravagores on each flank. Each Ravagore had its pet Shepherd and my Deathstalkers AD out front.

Kassem deployed his Cetrati to the left of center and Incindiarii to the right of center. In behind went Mordikaar and his beasts and the Support models.  Bloodrunners AD’d out front.

IMG_4646 copy

Legion Turn 1

All my stuff runs forward and Lylyth puts up Shadow Pack IMG_4649 copy

Skorne Turn 1

Bloodrunners get Hollow from Marketh and run forward but can’t get far enough to engage anything.

Tyrant Commander give press forward to Incindiarii.  Mordikaar puts Snipe on 3 of them and pops his feat.

The Raider snipes another Incindiarii and walks up.

Incindiarii walk forward and fire out some fire AoEs and manage to light the Bolt Thrower and Lylyth on fire but do no damage.

Cetrati run forward in a clump.

IMG_4650 copy IMG_4651 copy

Legion Turn 2

Bolt thrower takes no damage from fire and Lylyth’s goes out.

Deathstalkers activate first.  on the left the first one aims and kills a Boodrunner then swifthunters towards another and misses. The other one advances to shoot at another bloodrunner but can’t get within 5″ and misses due to Stealth.

Lylyth activates and feats and aims.  She fires at a blood runner and misses which pushes her back 3″  She fires again and kills him and swift hunters forward 2″ then shoots another and misses and gets pushed back again. So with nobody else in range she is kinda done.

Bolt Thrower activated. Aimed and hit a Cetrati and pushed him back a couple inches and did some damage. Fired at another Cetrati and missed and got pushed back an inch.

Ravagore walked back into Lylyth’s control and animused and fired at an Incindiarii. He hit and killed him and lit the 2 next to him on fire. His second shot fired at another Incidiarii but and lit 2 more and a Cetrati on fire. Shepherd pulled off his fury.

The Ravagore on the left went and also aimed and fired at the Cetrati lighting 3 of them on fire and killing a Beast Handler.

One Angel moved up shot at Incindiarii and missed both shots. The other Angel missed 2 shots at Cetrati because I didn’t want to boost.

Naga aimed and shot a Bloodrunner and he toughed he shot another one and missed and got knocked back.

IMG_4654 copy

Skorne Turn 2

None of the fire goes out on Kassem’s turn.  1 Indiniarii and 2 Cetrati die to fire rolls.

Void Spirit charges Ravagore and does light damage.

Bloodrunners Run/charge.  One kills my left Dealthstalker another engages my Angel.

Mordikaar goes and brings back 2 Cetrati and 1 Incindiarii.

TyComm puts press forward on Cetrati.

Cetrati moves up in Shield-wall

Incindiarii move up.  2 fire on the Dealthstalker and she miraculously survives both blast damage roll but she is on fire so she’ll probably die anyway. They also light my Angel and Ravagore on fire.

IMG_4656 copy IMG_4657 copy

Legion Turn 3

Fire on Ravagore goes out.  Does minimal damage to the Angel and Bolt Thrower.

Lylyth aimed and fired at a Bloodrunner and he toughed. She bought a shot and he toughed again. I was going to try to pin cusion one of his unit but the Cetrati had Spell Ward and the Incindiarii had Banishing Ward. So she put Shadow Pack back up since I had forgotten to upkeep it this turn and camped 2 fury.

Naga aimed and killed the Bloodrunner engaigin the Angel.

Bolt Thrower tried to shoot the Void Spirit engaging the Ravagore and missed.  We forgot to roll the hit roll on the Ravagore.

The Ravagore engaged by the Void Spirit first cast his Animus then walked out of melee and took a massive free-strike that crippled his spirit.  He fired on a Cetrati in the middle of a big clump, killing the one he hit and lit 5 of them on fire.

Angel went and sot at a Cetrati and missed.

The other Angel shot another Cetrati and did 7 damage.

Ravagore shot at an Incindiarii that was B2B with another one and killed them both.

Shepherds pulled furry off

IMG_4658 copy IMG_4659 copy

Skorne Turn 3

2 Cetrati die to fire rolls, couple take a few points of damage and some go out.

Raider snipes itself and aims at the Ravagore and does a bunch of damage.

Void Spirit charges the Ravagore and rolls fire and leaves in on 3 boxes.

Incindiarii move up. One goes through the scather and dies. Woops. They shoot at my beasts and both shot scatter harmlessly.

Mordikaar moves up and revives 2 Cetrati. They Shieldwall forward.  3 of them doa CMA on the Angel and do 8 damage.

Despoiler charges the objective and kills it and puts up it animus for no spells.

Soulward moves up into the zone.

IMG_4660 copy IMG_4661 copy

Legion Turn 4

Ravagore on the right fired a shot into the clump of Cetrati lighting them all on fire and killing 1. Shepherd pulled off the fury.

Naga fired at a Cetrati and failed to kill.

Lylyth and killed a Bloodrunner and toughe another and healed the crippled aspects on the right Ravagore.

The Ravagore walked into melee with the Despoiler and put a good hurting on it leving it on about 7 boxes.

Shepherd walked up and pulled the fury off.

The Angel engaged by the Cetrati replused then moved into melee with the Despoiler and missed its AP attack. (Needed a 5 rolled a 3) Bought an attack and boosted damage and killed it.

The other Angel did an AP on a Cetrati and rolled snakes. Bought an attack on the same guy and killed him, then bought another attack and killed another Cetrati.

Both Thrower moved in to melee with another one and killed it.

IMG_4662 copy

Skorne Turn 4

Incindiarii get press forward from the Tycomm.  They move up and fire shots looking to scatter onto Lylyth.  One of them is successful and lights her on fire and does no damage.

Soulward moves up but remembers that Lylyth has stealth and he doesn’t ignore it so he shoots at the Angel but doesn’t damage it.

Mordikaar moves up into the zone behind a screen of beast Handlers and revives 2 Cetrati behind my beasts.

Void spirit charges Lylyth and misses which is hilarious because he gets 3 dice from mordikaar.

Cetrati charge.  2 charge Lylyth, 1 charges each Angel and the UA charges the Ravagore.  The Ravagore dies.1 hits his Angel and does light damage, the other misses. The 2 that charge Lylyth do a CMA and hit her doing 17 damage, that she transfers to the Bolt Thrower which explodes and feedsback 4 damage onto Lylyth.

On my turn with Lylyth on fire and no more transfers and 4 health left its looking pretty shaky.

I roll for fire and it doesn’t go out and Lylyth burns.

IMG_4663 copy

Skorne Victory!

Thoughts on the game:

-I probably should have taken my Thags list.  It would have had an easier time sloggin through the ARM and boxes of Kassem’s medium based infantry.

-Lylyth seems like a fun caster and I can’t wait to try her out again. Hopefully against a slightly squishier opponent.

-Not committing more to the scenario game was going to cost me.  If Lylyth had not burned I still had a small hope for an assassination but I likely would have lost the next turn on scenario anyway.

Thanks for reading any advice on Lylyth or the Skorne matchup for Legion are welcome.

14 thoughts on “Podcast 046 – Legion Vs. Skorne – eLylyth Vs. Mordikaar – Pyro-techniques

  1. Scytheans are great against Mordikaar in general, because they can RFP with Take Down, which gets around Revive very nicely. Mordikaar can stand to have Hollow taken away by eEiryss or Purification or what have you, but when his models have to stay dead, he really struggles.

    Also, minor rules quibble: Cull Soul only gathers enemy souls from within 2″ of Mordikaar, not his full CTRL. He doesn’t have to kill models himself to get a soul, but he does have to be way too close for comfort.

    • Only 2″… wow. That’s significant! Kassem! ASTERIX!

      I also had no idea the Scythean had a RFP effect. Not of much use against a Cygnar player, but still neat! Great little beasts, those guys…

        • Not all of them, dear friend. Not all of them… a few of my Errants fueled your spells, as I recall.

          But let’s be honest… that’s not why I lost. It was a solid game, and you outplayed me! But I’ll get ya next time… Mordikaar, I’d like you to meet Siege…

          • Nope, you might be mistaking the souls that my extoller or aptimus marketh got from when my friendly models died in their command. But I never convert enemy models into souls. The only model in skorne that can do that is the kovaas

          • And Mordikaar… although only from a 2″ range (which means something has gone horribly, horribly wrong).

            I’m… 75% sure you were nabbing souls with him from within his CTRL range. Which, again, wouldn’t account for the loss… you beat me fair and square. But would salve Reznik’s wounded pride. ^_^

      • I’m 100% sure I didn’t :p. Check the pictures you took and you’ll see a positive correlation between blood runners destroyed and soul tokens on mordikaar. You might be thinking about the void spirits having to be in his control area to get booster melee attack rolls.

        • As a scientist: There is no such thing as 100% certainty. The universe is probabilistic, not deterministic.

          Also, your memory sucks and you smell like cabbage. 😛

  2. Hi guys great podcast. I did want to comment a little about the discussion you had about Lylith. I do agree, she is a great caster, and a great challenge to fight against. BUT, the reason I believe she gets so much flack is because you really cant make a mistake against her. How that feat increases her threat range of her army is huge. Myself, I have experienced top of turn 2 caster kills numerous times from her (I’m counting 3 off the top of my head), and those games… well you spend more time getting your models out of the bag then actually playing the game, and that just isn’t fun sometimes (especially if you go in thinking it is a casual game and you dont bring the right kind of tech to compete against her). She is also a challenge for the factions that I play (Cryx and Khador), as it’s really hard to hide from Legion (eyeless sight and all).

    She is a great caster though, and one of the best Legion has to offer (imho). Look forward to seeing more Legion from Nick!

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