Podcast 049 – Legion Vs. Trolls – eAbsylonia Vs. Jarl – Confer My Ass!!

This week my blossoming Legion forces are matched up the equally fresh Troll army of Darrell who is also starting a new faction.IMG_4730 copy

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I took a Vayl2 Tier 4 Machinations of Shadows list and the following eAbby list:


This was a melee focused list that uses Abby’s abilities to augment the natural melee strengths of the Syctheans and the Seraphs and Ravagore provide fire support.

I went with Abby because I really wanted to try her out and Trolls provide a pretty good matchup for her since Legion beasts under Abby2 will almost always get the alpha strike against Trolls.

Darrel brought a Tier 4 Runes of War list and the following Jarl List:

*Rune Bearer (“Troll Moses”)
Max Kriel Warrioirs + UA
* Caber
* Caber
Max Fenblades + UA
Fenblade Kithkar (Proxied by the Kiltlifter)
Fenblade Hero

Legion Turn 1

This turn basically everything runs.

More specifically.

Ravagore runs up the right Flank. With the Shepherd following in behind. Carnivean Spiny Growthed himself and charged forward. Abby advanced and put Fortify on the Carnivean.

The Scytheans both ran forward on either side of the Carnivean. Seraph ran up behind the wheat field that we had decided to play as a forest. Succubus walked up and put Spiny on one of the Scytheans. Shredder ran up behind Abby.  Forsaken pull Fury off the Carni.

IMG_4722 copy      IMG_4729 copy

Trolls Turn 1

Jarl gets Harmoniously Exhalted and puts Weald Secrets on the Kriel Warriors, Quicken on the Fenblades (Giving them a 15″ threat range with their mini-feat) and Tactical Supremacy on himself and moved up.

Chronicler moves up and gave the Kriel Warriors Concealment. (Useless against Legion, but good practice) then the Kriel Warriors run forward and spread out in the right zone.

Gobbers move up and put out a cloud over Darrel’s end of the left zone.

Fenblades run forward and spread out getting a couple of them into the left zone.

The Axer, impaler an Rok all move up.

Runeshapers move up behind a wall on the left flank.

Kithkar and the Fenblade run up close behind the Fenblades.

IMG_4731 copy

Legion Turn 2

Ravagore uses his animus and Aims and hits a Kriel Warrior catching 2 more in the blast.  I boost the the blast damage on both and all 3 are forced to take tough checks.  Just the main target fails but the other 2 are on fire so that’s pretty good. Then the Shepherd walks up and pulls the fury off.IMG_4736 copy

Seraph moves up a fires some Strafe shots into the Fenblades, killing 2 of them. Then the Shepherd moves up and pulls off the fury.IMG_4735 copy

Left Scythean walks up and hides behind the Objective.

Succubus moves up and puts Spiny Growth on the Left Scythean.

Carnivean moves up and sprays a Fenblade, boosting to hit. He kills it and Spiny Growths himself.IMG_4734 copy

Shredder moves up and put Tenacity on the Seraph, who is also toeing into the forest so is sitting at a pretty respectable Def 17 Arm18 (Against shooting).

Abby moved up and put Tenacity on Herself and Spiny on the other Scythean.

Forsaken moves up and pull Fury off the Carnivean.

Scythean just walks over to contest the right zone.

I’m feeling pretty good about my positioning.  The I have a line of buffed up beasts within striking distance but the only one who is in real danger is the Carnivean, depending how many Fenblades Darrel can get on it.

IMG_4733 copy

Trolls Turn 2

Fire goes out on one of the Kriel Warriors and kills the other. Fenblades move forward 3″ with their vengeance move. They can’t make any attacks but its good to optimize charges lanes etc.

Runeshapers move up. 2 of them shot at the Seraph and missed because they needed 10’s to hit with Def14 + Tenacity + Forest. The other one hits and crits on the Scythean and knocks him down and does 1 point of damage.  Darrel forgot that the shots were AoEs so the missed shots should have deviated.  Probably didn’t matter in the long run but who knows.

Kriel Warriors run.  1 engages my Ravagore, 1 engages the Scythean and the rest flood the zone with bodies.IMG_4739 copy

Impaler shot at the Carnivean but did no damage.

Fenblades charge in.  4 Charge the Carnivean, 1 the knocked down Scythean, 1 on the Seraph and 2 on the Objective. 2 of the 4 attacks hit the Carnivean (making Darrel pretty pissed that he forgot to put the Mat buff from the Fellcaller Hero on them) doing about 5 damage total. Scythean took about 5 points as well.  The attack on the Seraph hit despite DEF15 but did only 1 point of damage.IMG_4741 copy

Gobbers moved up and put up a cloud.

Kithkar ran up behind the Fenblades into the zone and the Hero did the same.

Jarl gets Harmoniously Exhalted, Magic Bulleted himself and shot the Carnivean doing no damage but it jumped to Abby and did 5 damage, which she took.IMG_4740 copy

Axer put him animus (Rush) on Rok and Rok just moved forward.

IMG_4737 copy

Legion Turn 3

This is gonna be my feat turn. I want to kill as many Fenblades and Kriel Warriors as possible and take out Rok if I can.

Abby goes first a charges a Fenblade.  She kills her charge target, who toughs then uses her non-reach attach on another one and he toughs.  She buys 2 more attacks and kills them both. This activates Conferred Rage. She then pops her feat and teleports back a couple inches. (Slight rules error here.  I thought her tail attack had reach but it actually doesn’t.  Wouldn’t have mattered she could have gotten close enough to still attack the 2 Fenblades I wanted to kill, but there it is.)IMG_4746 copy

Ravagore moves over to get the 2 Kriel Warriors engaging himself and the Scythean in Melee and kills them both after filling up on fury because Tough is a thing. The Shepherd moves up and pulls it off.

Scythean moves up to the objective getting four of the Fenblades in his melee range. The objective has about 9 hit points left so I gamble that my first attack will roll less than 8 on damage so that I can trigger Bloodbath with the second attack on the objective.  It pays off when I roll a 6 for damage doing 7 points and leaving it on 2 boxes.  The second attack destroys it and triggers Bloodbath. The Scythean uses his animus first though and all the Fenblades in melee with him die.IMG_4743 copy

The Shredder uses Rabid and walks up into melee with 2 more Fenblades (have I mentioned that Reach on a SPD 10 MAT 7 PS12 Shredder with boosted attack and damage rolls is hilariously good.) and kills them both.

Carnivean charges Rok. The assault shot misses but also catches Jarl who I boost to hit, successfully. and do a brutal 13 damage to with a boosted damage roll.  Jarl has to take it since he has no transfers. Carnivean starts swinging on Rok. PS20 Charge attack does 13 damage and first initial does 13 more.  The third initial is all it takes to finish the job.IMG_4744 copy

Succubus moves up and put Spiny on Abby for a bit of extra protection.

Seraph moves over and rolls 2 strafe shots which he takes on Jarl killing him twice and he toughs twice (Bastard). Then the Shepherd moved over and pulled fury off the Seraph.

The Forsaken was full so I had to do something with its fury.  It walked as far towards the Kriel Warriors as it could and caught 2 Cabers and a grunt.  It failed to break armour on both Cabers but killed the grunt who failed his tough check.

The other Scythean walks over near the objective and smacks a Kriel Warrior who toughs (Not knocked down due to some bullshit) and then misses his second attack with a 3. (sad trombone).  He fills up Swinging on more warriors and only kills 1 more. (At the time I didn’t realize I could have just swung at the Objective.  I thought the Inexorable rule prevented targeting but it actually only stops being damaged.  I could have just double swung at the objective, then taken my free thresher attack.)       IMG_4749 copy

Trolls Turn 3

Kithkar gets his Righteous Vengeance move. He swings on the Shredder and does 3 damage.

Runeshapers move up.  1 kills the Shepherd, 1 missed the Seraph and 1 hit the Scythean doing a couple points of damage. No Crits though.

The Impaler puts Farstrike on himself, walked forward and threw a spear at Abby.  He hits AND crits slamming her back 6″.  Which is a big deal because now most of her beasts are out of her control range.IMG_4752 copy

The Fenblade Hero gave the +2 attack buff to the Kithkar and charged the Shredder missing with both initial attacks.

The Kithkar attacked the Shredder and killed it with his second attack.

Jarl got Harmoniously Exhalted and moved over into the right zone behind a screen of Kriel Warriors.  He Magic Bulleted himself and shot the Seraph and missed. He Magic Bulleted again, shot the Scythean and killed the Forsaken with the jump.

The Axer Rushes and walks to engage the Scythen to give the gang bonus to the Kriel Warriors.IMG_4753 copy

Kriel Warriors charge. 1 Caber gets on the Ravagore, the other gets on the Scythean along with 1 other Kriel Warrior and 1 more charged the objective.  They whiff pretty hard on damage rolls only doing 5 points to the Scythean but he is knocked down and 2 points to the Ravagore who is also knocked down.  They also do 7 to the Objective. IMG_4751 copy

Legion Turn 4

The Carnivean and Scythean are both out of control and have to take Frenzy checks. The Scythean fails and I dump the fury but he is knocked down so he doesn’t attack anything. The Carnivean passes. Abby spends 1 to Shake her own knockdown.IMG_4756 copy

Abby charges the Caber engaging the Ravagore and kills it activating Conferred Rage.

The left Scythean moves up and and attacks the Kithcar doing 6 damage on his first attack. He puts up his animus and kills the Kithcar, triggering Bloodbath. Then kills 1 of the 2 runeshapers in melee with him and a Gobbers.  He buys an attack on the Runeshaper he missed and finishes the job.IMG_4755 copy

I go for the finish once again. The Seraph aims and rolled 4 Strafe shots.  He boosted the first shot at Jarl and Jarl failed his tough check.

IMG_4754 copy

Victory to Legion!!

Thoughts on the game:

-eAbby is a beast.  This was my first time using her and her feat was pretty ball-busting with the beast selection in Legion.

-On Darrell’s list choice, I feel like Runes of War would have been a much better matchup againt both of my lists.  Mostly because the Runes list had 3 Heavies so it would be nearly impossible for mt to cripple his whole list on feat turn.

-I’m enjoying my foray into Legion.  At this point I’m just playing each caster once to get a taste of the whole faction.  My favourites so far are eThagrosh and eAbby.




5 thoughts on “Podcast 049 – Legion Vs. Trolls – eAbsylonia Vs. Jarl – Confer My Ass!!

  1. You eAbby list petrifies me… I *think* my Siege list could take it… maybe… but it is by no means a guaranteed thing. And my pHaley list… well, she REALLY doesn’t want to see “Flight” on the table, since if even one of your heavies gets a solid bead on her… GG.

    Anyhoo! Great report, fun to talk about! Your Legion-play is getting better!

  2. Odd that Darrell would leave himself without transfers two turns in a row – think he’d learn after the first two Tough checks.

    • The first run on Jarl was only available after some hot dice on a lot of models. I don’t think I’d call that poor planning. The second one was definitely my fault as I left two fury for transfers on Jarl, but over taxed my two remaining beasts as they were full up on fury. My mistake but these things happen when starting a new faction (only my third game with trolls thus far).

  3. I made a fair number of mistakes during this game, but I learned a lot. The game was a lot of fun and it was nice to see someone else’s approach to Legion as well as someone playing a caster I haven’t played before. It’d be interesting to play the match again and see how it pans out.

    Trolls are a monster when it comes to order of activation. With the Protectorate I’ve pretty much got it down pat but it’s nowhere near what you need to do with Trollbloods. They’re the type of faction with a lot of depth and a lot of potential, but they’re definitely not point and click. Games like this one really push the learning curve and I think it was a good experience.

    • I sympathize. Menoth really is point-and-click sometimes… I mean, there are some order of activation issues (Harmoniously Exhault FIRST, activate warcaster SECOND), but they tend to be pretty simple.

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