Podcast 051 – Anniversary Podcast! Highlander Format 3-Way Battle, and Giveaway Contest: Our Birthday, We Give You Presents!

So for our Anniversary Podcast report, we tossed around a few ideas: a large 3 way battle, a small round-robin tournament between the hosts, even the possibility of doing a repeat battle from Podcast 001, Ossyan vs Nemo3. But in the end, we decided to go full-jenk and do a Highlander Battle.


Nick invented a modified scenario for us to battle over, and we stumbled into a few hiccups, but it was still a great game… and surprisingly educational! Plus, with all three of us playing, there’s 3 times the usual levels of bickering! Who would want to miss that?

Also! Contest announcement! Details at the beginning of the podcast and the end of the write-up!

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So we decided to do a modified Highlander format game: 1 warcaster, 1 unit, 1 solo, and then warjacks up to 25 points. It’s simple, it’s jenky, and it’s fun! I was thinking to bring a very not-serious list, and so I reached to my Cygnar-favourite, Nemo… but not just any Nemo my friends, but Old Man Nemo himself! I love putting him on the table, but keeping him safe… well, let’s just say it’s difficult and leave it at that, shall we?

Commander Adept Sebastion Nemo (“Nemo1, pNemo, Old Man Nemo”)
– Squire
– Thunderhead
– Lancer
Lieutenant Alison Jakes
– Hunter
Aiyana and Holt

Nick was going for a dose of nostalgia with his list, and therefore went with his number-1 squeeze, Kaelyssa. He decided to craft up a fast, hard-hitting list with a couple heavy warjacks with big guns to benefit from Phantom Hunter.

Kaelyssa, the Night Whisperer
– Banshee
– Phoenix
Houseguard Halberdiers
– Officer and Standard
– Soulless Escort
Houseguard Thane

As for Aaron, he decided to be somewhat sportsmanlike and not take Butcher3. Which is nice, because in this kind of game, he would be utterly dominate! Instead, he went with pSorscha… who is also powerful, but a little less so. With that he took Beast 09, and everything after that was optional!

Kommander Sorscha (“pSorscha, Sorscha1”)
– Demolisher
– Beast 09
Winter Guard Infantry (max)
– Officer and Standard
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (“Kovnik Joe”)

Scenario: one 12″ (theoretically) circle located in the center (theoretically), with flags 6″ out of everyone’s deployment zones. Zone can be controlled or dominated, flags can only be Dominated. 14″ Killbox (which actually made the Cygnar Flag impossible to Dominate).
Deployment zones were 120 degrees apart from the table middle (theoretically), and then 6″ long by 4″ deep. Advanced Deployment was 6″ past that point.

Rolled for Initiative: Marc won, elected to pass, Aaron passed, Nick selected side, Aaron selected side, Marc went first.



Cygnar Turn 1

I knew that there was almost no way I was going to win by assassination (not with Nemo!) unless I could sneak Thunderhead into Pulse range of either Nick or Aaron’s warcasters… so I had to push for Scenario so that they would over extend and I could then electrocute them!
– Jakes gives 1 Focus to Hunter, Nemo gives 1 to Lancer and Thunderhead
– Jakes casts “Sidekick” on Hunter (gives Power token to Nemo), and then Energizer for 1. Walks forward.
– Hunter runs into zone.
– Lancer runs to the left.
– Nemo casts “Deflection” on himself and “Disruption Field” on Thunderhead. Charges forward.
– Thunderhead runs forward.
– Aiyana and Holt head towards Khador. Aiyana casts “Stealth” on herself, gives Nemo another token.
IMG_20141112_183310 IMG_20141112_183320

Khador, Turn 1

Aaron… Aaron just wanted to get up the table, man. That’s it. His army (under Bob and Weave) is hellaslow.
– Sorscha gives 1 Focus to Demolisher.
– Demolisher runs forward.
– Sorscha casts “Fog of War” and heads up behind Demolisher.
– Beast runs for free.
– Winter Guard get “Bob and Weave” orders, walk forward.
– Joe gives them “Courage of our Forefathers” (Tough and Fearless).
IMG_20141112_183611 IMG_20141112_183620

Retribution, Turn 1

Nick decided to push hard for the assassination, knowing that he out-threated both Aaron and I with his Halberdiers. We all brought fast lists… Nick’s was just a bit faster!
– Kaelyssa gives 1 Focus to both warjacks.
– Kae casts “Phantom Hunter” on Banshee and then heads towards her flag.
– Houseguard Thane gives “Desperate Pace” to Halberdiers, who Shieldwall forward “only” 11″
– Banshee runs towards forest on left.
– Phoenix heads towards Aaron in an aggressive and obviously insulting way, shouting obscenities about Aaron’s lineage and the likelihood that he is related to his postman.

IMG_20141112_184130 IMG_20141112_184140
Cygnar, Turn 2

– 1 Focus to Lancer, upkeep Disruption Field, drop Sidekick, give Hunter 2 Focus.
– Jakes moves forward and casts “Sidekick” on Hunter (for the Power Token!).
– Hunter aims and shoots at Phoenix. Hits, and at Dice-3, inflicts 2 points of damage (boo!).
– Nemo casts “Electrify” on Lancer, and then “Locomotion” for 3 Focus on Lancer (curving around Forest a bit). He then moves out of Killbox and away from Kaelyssa.
– Lancer runs at Banshee after confirming that there was no way to charge it. Toes into forest.
– Thunderhead shuffles up a little.
– Aiyana and Holt go. Holt fires shot at closest Winter Guard: well out of range. 2nd shot hits Demolisher, and at Dice – 13 can’t hurt it. Aiyana gives herself Stealth (and Nemo another Power Token).

IMG_20141112_184748 IMG_20141112_184757
Khador, Turn 2

– Sorscha drops Fog of War, camps full stack.
– Winter Guard “Bob and Weave” forward.
– Demolisher and Beast move forward.
– Sorscha moves out of Killbox.
IMG_20141112_185320 IMG_20141112_185332
Retribution, Turn 2

– Kaelyssa drops Phantom Hunter, gives Banshee 2 Focus.
– Houseguard Thane gives Desperate Pace to Halberdiers.
– Banshee walks away from Lancer: takes free strike which scratches the paint and does nothing else. Shoots Thunderhead: misses! Phew!
– Kaelyssa activates. Moves towards Lancer: casts “Arcantrik Bolt”: hits, and at Dice – 7, does a single point of damage (causing Stationary). Pops Feat. Shoots the Lancer, boosts damage, inflicts 5 points.
– Halberdiers Charge. 4 go on the Lancer, 2 head for the Hunter (1 out of range), and 3 towards Thunderhead (1 out of range). First charge hits the Lancer for heavy damage (dies from Electrify), second charge scraps it. 2 charge attacks on Thunderhead inflict light damage, and charge on Hunter misses.
– Phoenix moves towards Cygnar.
– Kaelyssa has failed to get out of the Killbox: Marc and Aaron both score 1CP.

IMG_20141112_191340 IMG_20141112_191334 IMG_20141112_191351
Cygnar Turn 3

– Nemo gives 3 to Thunderhead, upkeeps “Disruption Field”, Jakes drops “Sidekick”.
– Jakes goes first. Casts “Sidekick” again (gives a Power Token). Takes shot at unengaged Halberdier: hits and kills.
– Realize that I forgot to allocate to Hunter: Nick and Aaron declare “too late” to correct oversight. Compare their fathers to marsupials.
– Nemo activates. Walks away from Kaelyssa. Casts “Locomotion” on Thunderhead for 3. Thunderhead takes a Free Strike as a result, but inflicts no damage. Nemo pops his Feat: boosts damage on Beast and inflicts a few points (and disrupts), and then boosts damage on the Demolisher but at Dice-11 fails to wound (so no Disruption). Uh oh.
– Thunderhead walks towards Banshee but tries to stay out of melee: takes another Free Strike which inflicts light damage. Uses “Pulse” attack that vapourizes all Halberdiers in range (about… 7 or 8 of them) and inflicts light damage on Banshee. Buys a shot at Banshee and boosts damage: crappy damage roll. Buy another shot, no damage.
– Aiyana and Holt activate. Aiyana attempts to Kiss Demolisher: out of range by an inch. Holt shoots it anyway, but can’t hurt it.
– Hunter backs up and takes a shot at Phoenix: forgot it has Stealth and so the shot misses.

IMG_20141112_193102 IMG_20141112_193128 IMG_20141112_193113

Khador, Turn 3

– Aaron decides time to remove Marc from the contest.
– 2 Focus to Demolisher, camps the rest.
– Sorscha goes first, walks into CTRL range of Nemo, pops Feat. Forgets to take her shot.
– Demolisher walks towards Nemo, easily getting range. First shot hits and does Dice+1 damage, boosting: vapourizes Nemo.
– Joe gives WInter Guard Tough and Fearless again. Shoots a Halberdier to death.
– Winter Guard move up and take CRAs on the Phoenix (Stationary from Feat). They inflict enough damage to drop the Shield and scratch the metal (about 9-10 damage total).
– Nick realizes he’s forgotten about Phoenix Field every turn thus far.
– Aaron scores another CP for controlling the zone, bringing the Score to 2-0 for the players still in the game.

IMG_20141112_194310 IMG_20141112_194324 IMG_20141112_194338

Retribution, Turn 3

– Phoenix gets 3 and uses 1 to shake Stationary, Banshee gets 2.
– Kaelyssa moves out of Killbox.
– Remaining Halberdiers charge Winter Guard: kill 1, another Toughs.
– Phoenix moves up to Winter Guard and uses “Combustion”: hits 4, kills 1 and 3 Tough. Buys attacks, but Aaron Toughs both times.
– Banshee moves towards Beast, but Beast is at the opposite side of the “12 inch” zone and so Nick assumes he is out of range. Shoots/Slams a Winter Guard into another, killing 1 and the other Toughs.

IMG_20141112_195641 IMG_20141112_195723 IMG_20141112_195651

Khador, Turn 4

– Aaron is on 2CPs with the possibility to score 3 more, but decides it’s too risky. Gives Beast 09 1 Focus, 1 to Demolisher, camps the last 4.
– Burning Winter Guard both die.
– Sorscha casts “Boundless Charge” on Beast 09. She camps her last 2 Focus, moving into Cover.
– Kovnik Joe gives Winter Guard boosted hit rolls.
– Winter Guard do a big CRA into Phoenix: hits and inflicts light damage. Kill the last few Halberdiers in the zone.
– Beast charges Houseguard Thane, easily making distance. While measuring to see if in melee range of Banshee, we realize that the zone is ONLY 11″ wide! Oops! Either way, Beast splatters the Houseguard Thane effortlessly.
– Zone is cleared, Aaron scores 1 more CP to bring the score to 3-0.
IMG_20141112_201633 IMG_20141112_201716 IMG_20141112_201706

Retribution, Turn 4

– Nick goes all-in on an assassination run. Camps full stack.
– Kaelyssa moves towards and shoots at Sorscha after casting “Phantom Hunter” on herself, boosting to hit (needing 9s). Hits, steals a Focus, and boosts damage, inflicting 4. Buys and boosts to hit: misses! Buys and boosts to hit: hits, steals last Focus, boosts damage, and inflicts another 6 points.
– Phoenix combusts again, killing more Winter Guard and scratching the ARM17 Demolisher.
– Banshee moves between Kaelyssa and Beast 09: hits twice but barely dents the warjack.
IMG_20141112_202357 IMG_20141112_202407

Khador, Turn 5

– Aaron has too many options with which to kill Kaelyssa and immediately surrenders rather than having to pick one.
– Gives 3 Focus to Beast and 2 to Demolisher. Camps 1.
– Demolisher moves up and punches Phoenix to death.
– Beast activates, uses “Imprint”, moves over to get Kaelyssa and Banshee in melee range. Threshers: hits and splatters Kaelyssa.

Victory to Khador!

IMG_20141112_203610 IMG_20141112_203715 IMG_20141112_203618

Post Game Analysis:

Silly? Yes. And the scenario had a few problems (not least of which were the 11″ zone and how far off-center it was… placing both Aaron and Nick far closer to me than they were to each other). But a lot of fun, and every educational!

My choice of Nemo1 was silly, and if I had to take him I should’ve brought the TAC (just for the 3 Power Tokens ever turn, and immunity to Sorscha’s ranged assassination, since her Feat requires LoS). Also a mistake to not Trample Thunderhead straight at the Banshee with 5 Focus: could’ve disrupted it at least, possibly crippled it, and if Aaron hadn’t killed me on that turn, Nick was unquestionably going to scrap THead. Oh well!

Anyway! Thanks for listening!


That’s right! We’re having another giveaway contest, folks! This time, THREE lucky winners will be selected from the people who comment on either in this thread or on our Facebook page! In order to be eligible, please mention either the first Combo Smite podcast you listened to, or your favourite Combo Smite moment! Was it that time that I let Kraye lose to Aaron because I forgot about how to score points? Or maybe that time that Nick used Ossyan’s Feat a little too aggressively? Maybe it was that game between Aaron and Nick in which Nick wrecked everything Aaron had, and then lost when Vlad walked up to his warcaster and smote him?

You get 1 entry for commenting here, and another if you comment on our Facebook post for this report… giving you up to two chances to win a prize!

Winners will be selected next Monday, and notified on our Facebook page! Thanks folks!

34 thoughts on “Podcast 051 – Anniversary Podcast! Highlander Format 3-Way Battle, and Giveaway Contest: Our Birthday, We Give You Presents!

  1. Honestly, my favorite ComboSmite moment has to be Holt’s consistently amazing skillz with his pistols. I thought he just hated me, but it turns out he hates you guys, too! I shouldn’t be surprised, though, he is only RAT 8.

    • Yeah, he’s pretty remarkable… I’ve found the secret to getting him to work, though. Only shoot at targets that are DEF16 or higher: if Holt needs an 8 or 9 to hit, he never misses.

      When he needs only 4s to hit? Hopeless.

      Thanks for your comment! Good luck winning a prize!

  2. I have been following your site since it started, before that I read all your battle reports on the PP-forums. There are several good reads from where I learned a lot. I play Cygnar myself but I have also learned plenty from reading about other factions. Sometimes, the battle reports introduce the abilities and potential of certain figures. A favorite moment to mention would therefore be the game when Marc and Nick faced each other and Marc played Harlan Versh. Nick´s Hyperion was having some upkeep on him and Nick disregarded Harlan as unimportant. Marc got several turns of nice shooting, taking out almost one side with Harlan alone. It ended up being Ol´Rowdy, I think, finally scrapping Hyperion but it was Harlan who sort of did the heavy lifting.

    After reading the report, I went to the store to buy Harlan.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah, Harlen can be a MONSTER when people ignore him (as Nick did, to his deteriment!). One of my favourite mercs, by far… and so under appreciated!

      Good luck with the contest, and thanks for reading/listening for so long!

  3. The first podcast I listened to was #50 and my favourite moment was when I actually got mentioned on the cast LOL!!!

    Everything looks cool here and keep up the great work guys! Would love to play a game sometime as well…

    • Hey Bubba! Nice of you to stop by! Congrats again on your excellent showing at the “Last Chance Qualifier” at WarMachine Weekend… losing to Trevor in the Finals is something you can be proud of! But next time… beat him! I’m sure you’ll be mentioned on the podcast again before too long!

      Good luck in the contest!

  4. Ive been listening since the beginning and I think the most memorable moment was the time Marx walked eCaine into counter charge range of tarturs(with that one spell under p goreshade). Marx had such great plans with that turn and in an instant it was all gone. Congrats on o e years guys. Hope many more to come.

    • Gods, that was a good one! eCaine should be so strong against Cryx (and often he is!)… silly mistake on my part, but I’m learning!

      There is, of course, that one time that Adam used eGaspy to kill absolutely every model I had on the table besides Sylys and eCaine, at which point Caine singlehandedly dropped Gaspy the following turn. Good times!

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, and best of luck in the contest!

  5. I have been reading since podcast 1 and have to say, thanks for writing fun and interesting battle reps. Learned a lot about what to do and not to do. Also, Marc, I love your stormwall.

    • Why thank you! I’m a big fan of it too (I think I did a good job painting it, even if the “hard” work of the wiring was all done by Agammenon!).

      Thanks for the comment, good luck with the contest!

  6. Great batrep, I like the format and would like to try it out sometime. Seems interesting!

    My favorite moment? Hard to pick out just one. I’ve listened to you since the very beginning, I even followed Marc and Nick’s batreps on the PP forums which were immensely enjoyable and helped me a lot when I was just starting out and learning the game.
    It has been a blast watching you guys grown, become more experienced and expand beyond writing and talking about batreps (tournament reports, MERCS report and painting table to name a few things). If I had to pick one moment, I’d say its that: the succes of Combo Smite as a podcast. I sincerely hope you guys enjoy making these casts as much as many of us enjoy listening (I personally listen while painting). Keep at it guys!

    Although I have to say it was a memorable moment for me when Kassem’s Makeda3 half-wrecked Nick’s Hyperion. Then the Mammoth shot the Hyperion down. Pretty impressive showing for Makeda3, and something that cemented my decision of going into Skorne.
    Also Kassem’s attitude to the game is just boss!

    • Awww, thanks man! That’s really sweet of you! My goal is to become 1/10th as popular as Chain Attack (who gets about 10,000 listeners per episode), and we’re well on the way there because of listeners like you!

      Also, Kassem brings a sheer childish glee to every match he plays. He’s one of my favourite opponents, and I truly wish I had half as much fun as he has every week. Or the guts to field some of the utter nonsense he puts on the table with a smile.

      Thanks for the comment, and good luck with the contest!

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  8. Congrats on the anniversary guys! As for standout podcast, it would probably have to be Podcast 016: Retribution is Magical. I rolled over her a few months back to devour batreps at work, and eventually stumbled upon that opening photo with Nick’s Destors, almost choking on my coffee in the process! Such great conversions, and awesome contrast against the Khador, as Marc noted. Nice to see Issyria win as well (spoiler!), derptitude not withstanding ;D

    Here’s to another year of carnage!

    • Yeah, Nick’s Destor conversions got a huge amount of traffic to the website, and still get a fair bit of traffic even now… the man has mad skillz, no question.

      That was a great battle, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback, and good luck with the competition!

    • Hey Salvage, you won the giveaway contest! Please contact me (my e-mail is linked through my profile) and let me know your shipping address and which of the prizes you would like! Congratulations!

      Please let me know before Sunday, or we’ll have to pick another winner.

  9. Holy cow, has it been a year already since you guys started doing this podcast?! WOW! Congrats on the Anniversary! Like a few people have said before, I began following your groups escapades back when Marx first started posting on the forums. Your writing really helped draw the readers in, even though you guys got a lot of rules wrong in those days (like most new players in warmachine) and I was one of those pain in the a$$ people who used to inform you what you did wrong 😉 …. but now my favorite, fellow Canadian podcast group have all grown up! 🙂 Marx is now a PG, you guys have been to conventions… so much has changed in a year!

    Having to pick out a favorite is so challenging, as I have enjoyed every episode you guys have produced. Maybe it was the episode Marx first tried his new Menoth vs Adams Cryx? Or the one with Nick’s my little Pony’s? Or when Marx first brought out Nemo3? I also enjoyed a match when Aaron brought out the Old Witch with a bunch of Man-O-Wars…so many choices. Anyways guys, I love the show! I look forward to another year of awesome episodes!

    I also really enjoy the fake sponsorship you put at the beginning of every podcast, it just shows the type of creative humor you guys have.

    • Hey Twitch! Yeah, it’s been a year already… crazy, huh!? And I always loved getting feedback on the battle reports… that’s why I started writing them in the first place, after all. I hunger to learn more, and since I can only play once or twice a week, writing the batreps helped me to learn faster!

      I’m glad you like the intros! I spend a lot of time trying to dream up good ones… obviously they’re not all brilliant, but I am proud of them!

      Thanks for commenting, and good luck in the contest!

  10. 14 entries here! Pretty dang good… and that’s not including those from Facebook! The contest is officially closed, and winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone for entering!

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