Podcast 056 – Khador vs Legion, pButcher vs Lylyth3: Non-Denominational Winter Festival Special Time Go!

You’ll have to excuse the quasi-Japanglish title. T’is the season, and all that!


It’s time for our weekly Winter Special… and this year’s is at least twice as special as last year’s! But also awesome!

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Last year, while our podcast was still young and innocent, I tossed an idea to Nick to have a Holiday-themed battle report for the last podcast of the year. Nick liked the idea, and as a result we had a Constance vs Ossyan game with lights, decorations, and a toy train… this year we decided to step it up a notch! Not only would the terrain be winter-influenced, but the armies as well!

I had purchased Nick a Lylyth3, which he immediately set about turning to a Santa Lylyth… you’ve seen the post already, no doubt (but if you haven’t, check down in Combo Smite’s archives… it was recent!). Aaron decided the jolliest man in Khador was an appropriate counter, and so we got this Lylyth3 vs pButcher game for all you fine folks!

Nick’s List:

– Succubus
– Shredder
– Scythean
– Angelius
– Naga Nightlurker
– Typhon
Raptors (max)
Strider Deathstalker

A solid list, and really, the only weak point is Lylyth3 herself… a mediocre warlock in a Faction of super-powered warlocks (what I like to refer to as the “Cryx Effect”). Still, we were going for theme and flavour and not utter domination, and it is a good list overall!

Aaron’s List:

The Butcher of Someplace (pButcher)
– Konquest
– War Dog
Winterguard Infantry (max)
– Officer and Standard
– Rocketeers x2
Kovnik Joe
Iron Fang Pikemen (max)
– Officer and Standard
Iron Fang Kovnik
– Destroyer
Battle Mechaniks (max)

A solid list, and the Butcher makes it more so. His Feat coupled with a full (or almost-full) Winter Guard Death Star is a thing of terror!

Scenario was Outflank (two 12″ zones on the midline), Nick won initiative and went first.

Nick put Raptors on left flank, Typhon near middle with Lylyth and Angelius, Sythean to right slightly, Deathstalker Advanced Deployed on right. Forsaken, Shredder, and Succubus behind Santa Lylyth.

Aaron put WG on left with Kovnik Joe, Destroyer, Butcher, and Iron Fang Kovnik near middle, IFP in front of Konquest slightly to right.
IMG_20141217_185511 IMG_20141217_185516

Legion, Turn 1

Nick runs up his heavies, keeping them within 3″ of Lylyth after she moves up and casts “Wind Wall” and “Escort”.
Deathstalker moves into right zone
Raptors move up, 2 into a forest, the rest spreading out a bit.
IMG_20141217_191100 IMG_20141217_191106

Khador, Turn 1

1 Focus to Konquest, and we’re off.
– Winterguard “Bob and Weave” forward. Rocketeers fire on Raptors: 1 directly hits and flubs damage roll (inflicts 1), another scatters and does a few points.
– Iron Fang Kovnik activates, moves up, and gives “Shield March” to IFP.
– IFP move forward in Shield Wall, keeping Officer and Standard back while rest build a line.
– Butcher activates, moves up, casts “Iron Flesh” on Winter Guard.
– Konquest moves up, opens fire. Big Gun goes at Deathstalker: scatters too deep. Linked guns fire: first shot scatters too short. Second shot scatters right on her, though… and only does 3 damage! She lives!
– Battle Mechaniks move up behind Konquest

IMG_20141217_192431 IMG_20141217_192440

Legion, Turn 2

Around now, Nick will complain about me getting the order of activation wrong. Merry Christmas to you too, Stinkburg.
– Pull in Fury, upkeep Escort for free.
– Naga moves up, casts “Wraithbane” on a Raptor.
– Deathstalker aims, kills an IFP, moves 2″, kills another IFP.
– Lylyth declares “Ride By Attack”, moves up, pops Feat. She fires 3 shots into IFP: kills 2, casts “Wind Wall” for free from Blood Boon. Finishes move to the left. Casts “Wraithbane” on Typhon.
– Succubus activates, moves up, and casts “Wraithbane” on another Raptor.
– Typhon activates, moves forward, sprays 3 times and kills 2 (TWO) Winter Guard.
– Scythean moves in front of Lylyth again.
– Raptors move up, open fire on Destroyer (hits, Death Chill), Iron Fang Kovnik (hits, Death Chill), Konquest (hits, Death Chill), and kills a few Winter Guard. Nick forgets to Light-Cav.
– Angelius walks up to Iron Fangs: does initial attack, killing, and then proceeds to PacMan (hit, kill, 1″ follow up) through entire unit, leaving only 4 (Officer, Standard, and 2 others). Fails to kill 1 more because would be out of Lylyth’s CTRL range.
– Shredder moves next to Lylyth, elects to do nothing.
– Forsaken activate, move up and pull Fury off Typhon.

IMG_20141217_195057 IMG_20141217_195104 IMG_20141217_195226

Khador, Turn 2

Aaron is a better soul than Nick, so he won’t complain about my mistakes. Also, because he’s forgotten everything by now.
– 2 Focus to Conquest, upkeep Iron Flesh.
– Butcher activates, can’t walk anywhere due to Death Chilled allies. Pops his Feat.
– Destroyer fires at Typhon, boosts to hit, hits! Does moderate damage.
– Kovnik Joe activates and gives “Boosted Attack Rolls” to Winter Guard. Pings Typhon for a few points with his hand cannon.
– Winter Guard “Bob and Weave” forward. 2 end up outside of Feat. Aaron does regular shots: it takes 7 to kill all 5 Raptors, remaining shots go into Typhon, leaving him on 10 boxes.
– Iron Fang Pikemen charge Angelius: Aaron does a 2-man CMA that misses, and the Officer also misses.
– Conquest activates. Big gun shot goes at Typhon: misses, scatters onto him. Aaron elects not to boost damage: does 4, leaving Typhon on 6 boxes (and 2 crippled systems). Linked Guns fire at Typhon, boost to hit: Miss. Scatters onto him, Aaron elects not to boost: does no damage. Second shot, boost to hit: Miss. Scatters away harmlessly.
– Battle Mechaniks heal the 2 points of damage on Conquest and 1 damage on Destroyer.

Nick scores 1CP for Controlling the right zone! 1-0 for Legion.

IMG_20141217_201222 IMG_20141217_201228

Legion, Turn 3

Nick is in a good spot… can he keep Lylyth safe from The Butcher, though?
– Pull in Fury and upkeep Escort for free: too much on the table, Nick elects to leave it on the Angelius. It Frenzies and kills 1 IFP (the Officer, of course).
– Naga activates and puts “Wraithbane” on Lylyth. Takes a shot at an Winter Guard: misses.
– Lylyth activates and guns down 3 Winter Guard, casting Wind Wall from Blood Boon. She heals Typhon’s two crippled systems.
– Typhon moves up and sprays: first shot misses Butcher but kills a few Winter Guard, pings the Destroyer and misses Battle Mechanik. Second spray hits Kovnik Joe, but he Sacrificial Pawns the shot off on the Winter Guard Officer. Third Spray Nick finally remembers he needs to clear the zone: misses 1 Winterguard still in the zone, but kills a few others.
– Scythean moves in front of Lylyth protectively.
– Forsaken both pull off Fury to max.
– Deathstalker shoots 1 IFP to death.

Nick scores another CP: score is 2-0 for Lylyth.

IMG_20141217_203741 IMG_20141217_203803

Khador, Turn 3

Aaron is trying to soldier through this… can he contest enough to stay in the game?
– Drops Iron Flesh, gives 2 Focus to Konquest.
– Joe gives “Boosted Attack Rolls” to Winter Guard: shoots Typhon for 4 damage.
– Winter Guard activate, move up so that all members are in zone, contesting. Open fire on Typhon, killing him: last shot goes at Forsaken within 3″ of Lylyth and therefore auto-misses. Scatters away harmlessly.
– Destroyer runs to block charge-lane from Scythean to Conquest.
– IFP charge Angelius: both miss. 1 gets into the zone.
– Conquest activates and walks up to Angelius. Aaron immediately realizes he forgot to “Full Tilt” the Conquest first, and subsequently goes on tilt himself to compensate. Conquest swings twice at Angelius, boosting both hits: Hits both times, leaves Angelius on a few boxes (dice + 5 damage will do that!).
– Butcher and War Dog move forward.
– Iron Fang Kovnik charges Angelius: Misses by a mile.
– Mechaniks move around a little.

Both zones contested: Score stays at 2-0 for Legion.

IMG_20141217_205649 IMG_20141217_205700 IMG_20141217_205707
Legion, Turn 4

Spoilers: Warbeasts are pretty good at killing exposed Winter Guard. Just sayin’.
– Deathstalker shoots IFP in the zone dead.
– Forsaken on far left moves up and Blight Bombs: fails to kill the 1 Winter Guard in range.
– Forsaken on right moves up and Blight Bombs: kills 1 of the 2 Winter Guard it hits.
– Lylyth aims and kills remaining 3 Winter Guard in zone.
– Nick ends turn, Dominating 1 zone for 2CPs and Controlling the other for 1 more.

Score is 5-0 for Lylyth, and Legion takes home the Winter Cup!

Post Game Analysis

We have a video battle report of this game as well, which will have to wait until Nick returns from Halifax in a few days before it gets edited and posted… but it was a fun game to watch, and I smile thinking about how much better all three of us are at WarMachine these days than we were. Remarkable!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and happy and safe holidays to everyone. We will have plenty of battle reports going up over the next week-and-change while the iTunes store is closed down, but no more battle reports until January 5th!

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