Podcast 058 – Legion (eThagrosh) Vs. Circle (eKrueger) – Get Off My Zone!

Nick wrote a brief outline of the battle report for today, and asked that I (Marc) “flesh it out”. I’m pretty sure he’s not exactly sure what he just asked for…
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Either way, the report this week is between Nick’s Legion and Gaven’s Circle! It was an epic battle for the ages, and one in which Nick learned a little bit about caring…

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(Spoilers: No, he really didn’t)

With the upcoming OTC (“Ontario Team Championships”) approaching like a train full of freight, Nick decided he needed to get more practice in with his official lists. Now that we’re locked in (which, I gotta tell you, is a surreal experience… I’m usually making hot-swaps to my lists up until the moment I submit them! Having it locked in so far in advance is *awful*… I’ve already realized that I forgot to put Gorman OR Ragman in either list! Gah! Anyway!), it’s a question of practice, or as Nick puts it so eloquently, “Practice makes slight less imperfect!”

Anyhoo, with one of Gaven’s list pairings being eKrueger, Nick’s eLylyth list was off the table, and so it was time for the DragonMan himself to go tooth-and-claw with the insane druids…


Simple, elegant, and remarkably mixed-arms, under the circumstances (guns on the Angelius, Seraph, and Thags, melee beatsticks on the Scytheans, infantry-clearing capabilities on the Forsaken). It’s a very effective list in the right circumstances, and basically asks your opponent “I’m gonna kill all your stuff pretty fast… can you survive that?”

Gaven wanted to drop Grayle, but seeing Nick’s lists, was basically locked into eKrueger… which is a little like saying that he was locked in the penthouse suite of a 5-star hotel with all expenses paid and “only” three double-jointed cheerleaders without gag reflexes.

What I’m sayin’ is that it wasn’t exactly a sacrifice.

Max Skinwalkers + UA
Max Blood Trackers
Min Wolves of Orboros
Shifting Stones + UA
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

A small modification on his old eKrueger list (I think he dropped the “Lord of the Feast” for the Wolves and Swamp Gobber Crew… although I couldn’t rightly tell you *why*). I’ve seen this list with Druids of Oroboros (to block LoS to your stuff as you approach) and that’s remarkably effective. I’m curious about the rationale behind this iteration… I can only guess the cheerleaders were sufficiently distracting that Gaven made suboptimal decisions.

Scenario was “Into the Breach”, I believe (hey, it’s the last time we’re going to be playing a 2014 Scenario… either way it has 2 Objectices, a flag and a 12″ zone, and it’s not in the 2015 Steamroller Package unless they made a significant change when I wasn’t looking!).

Gaven won the initiative roll and elected to go 2nd (mostly to be able to start scoring first, a wise decision!).


Nick drops his warbeasts in a line, flanked on either end by Scytheans, the Angelius on one side and the Seraph on the other. Thags goes in the middle, and he’s done.

IMG_5075 copy

Gaven’s deployment has the Skinwalkers to the left, Krueger with his warbeasts in the middle, the Wolves to the right, and the Shifting Stones and Bloodtrackers in the middle.

IMG_5076 copy

The Bloodtrackers put “Prey” on one of Nick’s Scytheans, and we are ready to rumble!

(Over to Nick for the blow-by-blow of the game!)
IMG_5074 copy

Legion Turn 1

-Thags gives the Raek Dragon’s Blood and Tenacity and hands out a couple more Tenacities before advancing forward cautiously camping 2 fury.

-Raek runs forward and toes in the forest.

-The rest of my beast run forward.  The Preyed Scythean just walks to stay out of shooting range of the Blood trackers next turn.

-Between Thags, the Shredder and the Succubu I have Tenacity out on the Raek, Seraph, Thags, Angelius and Naga.

IMG_5077 copy

IMG_5078 copy

IMG_5079 copy

IMG_5080 copy

Circle Turn 1

All of Gaven’s stuff runs forward.

Blood tackers spread out in the zone and provide a screen for the Skinwalkers who come up behind them.

Wolves run up the right side of the board.

Stones shift to potentially provide some teleporting shenanigans next turn.

Gobbers put put a cloud.

Krueger puts up Stormwall and TKs some models to get some extra distance.

His beasts run up behind his infantry screen.

IMG_5081 copy

IMG_5082 copy

IMG_5083 copy

IMG_5084 copy

IMG_5085 copy

Legion Turn 2

Thags activates first and puts up Manifest Destiny and sprays the closet Bloodtracker to death. Puts a Tenacity on the Angelius and pops his feat.

The Seraph moves up and I roll 4 strafe shots.  I fire into a clump of 3 blood trackers and a stone. I boost attack roll on all the Trackers and damage roll on the stone and manage to take all 4 models off the table.

Naga moves up to shoot something and I forget about Stormwall so he does nothing.

The Angelius charges a stone and kills it. Then kills another stone from the other unit.

The right Scythean charges up and kill 2 Wolves.

Succubus and Shredder put out more Tenacity.

For my feat moves the Raek moves towards the center to jam up the Skinwalkers. The Right Scythean retreats back over the fence. The Angelius Retreats back and screens Thags. The Preyed Scythean moves up in front of Thags. The Seraph moved over to try to screen my Scythean.


IMG_5086 copy

IMG_5087 copy

IMG_5088 copy

IMG_5089 copy

IMG_5090 copy

Circle Turn 2

Skinwalkers move up and attack the Raek. 4 guys get on it and do four 2-man CMAs but still fail to kill it.

Ghetorix moves up and finishes it off.

Krueger moves up and toes the zone and TKs the Seraph 2″ towards the center of the table and puts up Stormwall again.

Megalith walk forward and uses Geomancy to cast Gallows at the Seraph.  He hits and pull it all the way in to melee and more importantly, out of the zone. He swings on it twice. Missing his first attack and doing respectable damage with the second and third but leaving it alive.

Stones shift to get in the way of stuff.

Wolves run to screen Krueger.

Gaven scores 2 points.

IMG_5091 copy

IMG_5092 copy

IMG_5093 copy

Legion Turn 3

Thags walks up, Slipstreams the Forsaken 2 inches forward, casts Manifest Destiny and puts tenacity on the Angelius and sprays the closest Skinwalker.  He doesn’t kill it but I do roll the crit so its Stationary. I also forget to heal the crippled spirit of the Seraph.

Angelius moves up and kills some stones that were in my charge lanes and the Keeper and some Wolves.

Seraph goes next and moves to the side as much as it can without taking a free strike and takes its 1 melee attack on Megalith doing a couple points.

The right Scythean charges in on Megalith and leaves him on 5 boxes.

The Forsaken walks up and blight bombs to finish off Megalith.

The left Scythean charges into the semi circle of infantry in the zone and kills 2 Blood trackers and 3 Skinwalkers.

The shepherd runs to contest the zone.

Naga walks forward but can’t shoot anything due to Stormwall.

The other Forsaken cleans off the Scythean

IMG_5094 copy

IMG_5095 copy

IMG_5096 copy

IMG_5097 copy

Circle Turn 3

Skinwalkers do CMAs on the Scythean to soften hi up.

Ghetorix gets Primaled by the Gorax then walks up and takes out the Scythean and the Angelius.

Krueger flies into the middle of the zone and takes his 3 shots at the objective and manages to kill it.  He pops his feat to push my Shepherd out of the zone and dominates for the win.

IMG_5099 copy

IMG_5100 copy

IMG_5101 copy

IMG_5102 copy

IMG_5103 copy

IMG_5104 copy

IMG_5105 copy

Post Game Analysis:

(Back to Marc for the closing analysis)
Okay, a couple problems with Nick’s play, but the critical one was to let Gaven start scoring without having to use his Feat. I would argue that Nick played too conservatively on his Feat Turn, and probably should’ve tried to maximize the damage he could wreak with his warbeasts, maybe keeping a Scythean in reserve to deal with Ghetorix or Megalith (Ghetorix is unquestionably the bigger threat, but both are probably going to have to die if Nick wants to win this one). Personally, I think the addition of a Ravagore would really help this list, but Nick believes strongly that another Scythean or a Carnivean might be the better call… I don’t play Legion, so I suspect he’s right, but regardless, the problem in this matchup wasn’t the models.

As for Gaven, he played a textbook eKrueger Scenario game. Which is not to say he played a perfect game… losing 3 Shifting Stones (and the ability to teleport) in 1 turn was sloppy play, certainly, but he didn’t let that get in the way of his inevitable victory. Everything did more or less what it was supposed to do… with again, me wondering about the addition of the Wolves of Oroboros in this list… but hey, I don’t play Circle either, so whadda I know?

Thanks for reading, and as always, comments, questions, and suggestions are all welcome!

3 thoughts on “Podcast 058 – Legion (eThagrosh) Vs. Circle (eKrueger) – Get Off My Zone!

  1. So what I want to know is: is anyone planning on using the ADR ‘casters to get specialists in a Masters event? It seems like every faction has at least one ‘caster on the roster that everyone agrees is pretty good.

    • As much as I hate the change the made to Master’s I am intrigued by the ADR system. I think it should have been a new event type instead of fucking with Master’s. ANYWHOOOO.

      Ya I am seriously considering Kaelyssa/Rahn for Retribution this season or maybe Ossrum/Fiona for Mercs.

      Decisions decisions.

      • Yeah, Rahn/Kaelyssa seems legit. Rahn/pVyros could work too. Much as I’ve never played pVyros, I’ve heard that Imperatus puts him more on the level with the other ‘casters.

        Ossrum/Fiona seems good. I’ve never played against Fiona, but Ossrum is a support monster.

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