Podcast 061 – The Adam O Invitational Tournament: Khador, Legion, and Cygnar!

So last week I finally finished my write up for the Adam O Invitational… and we decided to do a podcast on Aaron and Nick’s results!


Come listen to us discuss playing against Bradigus (2 of the 3 hosts had to play Gaven testing out his Bradigus list!), find out how my noble cohosts did, and learn Aaron’s newest ability in real life!

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Here are a couple more pictures I took for the event (although I would encourage everyone to look at the full written Battle Report from my results with Cygnar I posted last week for prettier pictures!).

The sun dawns over the undead charging into Khador!


Also, one more picture of Nick’s game against Gaven/Bradigus…

Also, I’m pretty sure that we may throw down a quick battle report for the 75 point game that Nick and Aaron played that we later agreed wasn’t good enough for the podcast… but until then, here’s some evidence of how beautiful a job they did on the table is!

IMG_20150128_223755 copy IMG_20150128_215928 copy IMG_20150128_220015 copy

Frickin’ stunning.

So! Remember to send us e-mails at Combosmite(at)Gmail.com or leave comments here (as always!), and look forward to a few new battle reports this week, as well as Adam’s first-ever post, teaching terraining tips!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 061 – The Adam O Invitational Tournament: Khador, Legion, and Cygnar!

  1. This is good stuff.
    Always willing to read/ listen to mass battle games. Just one question, where is the terrain on the 75 pt table?? was it all just flat ground?

    • I wasn’t there, so I can’t comment too much. I will say that there are some forests, some elevation… and a few obstructions. Other than that, I don’t see much… but that’s already quite a bit!

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