Podcast 062 – Retribution Vs. Khador – eVyros Vs. eIrusk

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his Khador army.

IMG_20150204_190536 copy

Let’s skip the preamble and move right on to the most important part: the fighting!

(Marc: Whoops! Uploaded the unedited podcast originally! It’s been fixed now, folks… sorry about that!)

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*Griffon x 6
Max Sentinels
Destor Thane
Arcanist x 2

A typical eVyros list. Goal: build up Synergy, break all my opponent’s toys.

Max MoW Shocktroopers
Min MoW Demo Corps
Max IFP + UA
Max Winter Guard Infantry + UA
Kovnik Joe
Iron Fang Kovnik
Mortar Crew
Min Mechanics + UA

Scenario is Incursion

Aaron wins the die roll and wants to pick side. So I get to go first.



IMG_20150204_190533 copy  IMG_20150204_190550 copy IMG_20150204_190633 copy

Ret Turn 1

-Sentinels run forward in pods of 2

-Vyros puts up Synergy and Deflection and walks forward behind the wall.

-All jacks run forward

-Destor Thane runs from the right side over to the left.

IMG_20150204_191444 copy IMG_20150204_191512 copy IMG_20150204_191527 copy

Khador turn 1

-MOW walk up in ShieldWall. Demo corp in behind them

-Devastator runs up behind the wall

-Kovnik give shield march to IFP

-IFP march forwar 8″

-Winterguard run up around the pikemen.

-Mortar crew runs up onto a hill.

-Irusk puts Fire for effect on the Mortar crew

-Sylys and the mechanics advance forward.

IMG_20150204_192707 copy IMG_20150204_192722 copy IMG_20150204_192736 copy

Ret Turn 2

-Vyros upkeeps synergy walks forward and casts easy rider and pops feat.

-Sentinels get run charge order. 2 try to charge Devastator but are both short so I run the rest to jam into Aaron’s MoW.

-Walk my jacks forward and get Imperatus on the middle flag and a Griffon on the right flag so that I can score points on Aaron’s turn if he fails to contest.

IMG_20150204_193318 copy IMG_20150204_193334 copy IMG_20150204_193402 copy

Khador Turn 2

-Mortar fires at Destor Thane and kills in in one shot.

-Joe give WGI boosted attack rolls.

-Winterguard bob and weave forward and try to CRA a Sentinel only 1 is in range but he still hits and kills.

-Irusk moves up against the wall and puts down artifice of deviation (aoe that let his stuff ignore terrain and models) and pops his feat.

-Pikemen charge. 1 charges a sentinel and kills him. 1 charges a sentinel but fails. 3 charge a griffon in the middle of the table but 1 of them fails. They do decent damage and knock him down. 2 run to engage the Griffon in the forest.

-Iron fang kovnik charges a Sent and misses his attack roll.

-Shocktroopers advnace in shield wall. 2 do single attacks and kill a sent each. 3 do a 3-man cma on 1 sent and roll snakes.

-Demo corps charge over Shocktroopers at a griffon. 2 make the charge and are able to wreck it with backswing attacks.

-Mechanics advance behind shocktroopers.

Aaron’s Pikemen are contesting the middle flag but I score a point on the outer flag on his turn.

IMG_20150204_201957 copy IMG_20150204_202007 copy IMG_20150204_202017 copy

Ret turn 3

-I give 3 to Imperatus an 1 to knocked down griffon to stand and 1 to griffon in the forest.

-Griffon in forest swings on IFP and boosts to hit. IFP toughs. second attack on other Pikeman misses. Synergy at 1

– formerly knocked down griffon swings at one of the pikemen contesting the flag and misses the first attack and hits the second.Synergy 2

– Aspis walks up to the other IFP contesting flag and kills it with its first attack and beats back 1″. Synergy3

-Sentinels shuffle forward and take swings at Shocktroopers and mostly bounce off their armour.

-Arcanist moves up and give focus to a griffon on the right.

-1 griffon walks up and smacks a Demo corps and kills it, Synergy 4

-1 griffon charges and kills a MoW Synergy 5

-Imperatus walks forward and kills an iron fang, side steps forward, kills and iron fang and side steps forward and take 3 swings on Devastator at dice minus 1 and wrecks both arms.

-Vyros declares a ride by and moves up a bit and shoots at a Demo corp he misses and then misses the Sentinel hes engaged by. Then moves back to a safer position.

I score 1 more point this turn. 2-0

IMG_20150204_204753 copy IMG_20150204_204802 copy IMG_20150204_204812 copy

Khador Turn 3

-upkept FFE. Fire on a pikeman went out. stayed on Devastator but didn’t damage.

-Mortar fire a shot into Aspis and did 8 damage.

-Demo corp advance and did backswing attacks killing a sentinel and missing Imperatus then missing a sentinel and killing the sentinel.

-SHocktroops advanced in shield wall and kill 1 sentinel and the other ones missed.

-Joe give WG boosted attacks.

-Winter guard move up and try to do 3-man CRA on aspis and only 1 is in and does 4 points.

-Irusk advances and put Battle lust on pikemen

-Pike men charge. They scrap 1 griffon and leave another on 1 box knocked down.

-Mechanic repair Devastators arms so he is ARM25 again.

I score another point for my Griffon on the right flank. 3-0

At this point aaron also has 15s left on his clock.

IMG_20150204_211950 copy IMG_20150204_212001 copy IMG_20150204_212012 copy

Ret Turn 4

-I give 3 to Imperatus and 2 to aspis.

-I griffon moves forward and swings at a MoW but is out of control so no synergy from it.

-Another moves forward and kills a Demo Corp putting Synergy at 1

-The knocked down Griffon with nothing left but 1 M box takes a swing at a pikemen needing a 6 and misses.

-Aspis walks up and punches the only pikeman contesting the zone.

-Imperatus gets Concentrated power and takes his wings at the Devastator for Lols. and isn’t even close to scrapping him although his last swing took out both arms again.

-An arcanist runs to control the flag ng I win on control points.

Victory to Retribution!

Post Game Analysis:

(Marc: Nick really has to remember to take post-game pictures! Oh well… solid game, despite some mistakes Aaron made… basically, after deploying his IFP and Winterguard to the flank, it was all downhill from there. But hopefully you all learn from his mistakes! Thanks for listening, and we welcome all comments, questions, criticisms… and you can e-mail us to ask more questions, request specific matchups, or whatever! Lots of content coming this week… including a special post-tournament podcast with Tim and Matt from Arcane Assist! Stay tuned!)

2 thoughts on “Podcast 062 – Retribution Vs. Khador – eVyros Vs. eIrusk

  1. Solid game here, I really like seeing Irusk2 getting tabletime. Such a gorgeous model and a great warcaster too!
    Also Aaron: there should be Demo Corps blisters floating around to get your full unit. Try eBay or some such sites.

    • Shhh! Shhhh! Don’t give Aaron any ideas! We like that unit of Demo Corps as min-sized!

      (Also, I’m always scrambling for birthday presents for the guy!)

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