Podcast 065 – Cygnar vs Mercenaries, Kraye vs Ossrum: BIG Guns Comin' Through!

This week we roped a special co-host into helping us out… Bubba Dalton has had a meteoric rise through the WarMachine Meta, and if you listen to Chain Attack, you’ve already heard about his game against Trevor Christensen in the WarMachine Weekend “Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)”.

Yes. THAT Bubba Dalton!

IMG_20150224_185823 copy

Bubba decided to turn the Jenk-factor up to at least 11 for our game together, which resulted in a very amusing game and an even more amusing podcast!

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This weekend (March 7th) we’re finally going off to play in the OTC, which means we all can FINALLY stop playing our OTC lists! Woo! In celebration, I played a different Kraye list for this game with Bubba… and that wasn’t at all because of not having Nick’s Nyss Hunters available to play with… nope…. definitely not…

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
– Squire
– Stormclad
– Dynamo
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
– Stormgunner Weapon Attachment
– Stormgunner Weapon Attachment
Stormblade Captain
Journeywoman Warcaster
Sword Knights (max)
– Sword Knight Officer and Standard
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Gorman di Wulfe
Rhupert, Piper of Ord
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

A little bit heavy on support, but all of it pulls its own weight. For the next iteration of this list, I dropped the Sword Knight Officer and Standard for Victor Pendrake, which I feel was a very good substitution. The one thing this list absolutely does not struggle with is Pathfinder! Relentless Charge from the Stormblade Captain, Rhupert’s Pathfinder, and in a pinch, Easy Rider from Kraye himself!

As for Bubba, he decided to play Mercs… the two lists he brought included an awesome Ashlynn Tier LIst (two units of ATGM with UA and Mules! Each!), and the follwoing Ossrum list:

General Ossrum
– Earthbreaker
Gaston Crosse
– Galleon
Thor Steinhammer
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaille
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (max)
Gobber Tinkerer (Proxied by Butcher’s Argus)
Gobber Tinkerer (Proxied by Butcher’s OTHER Argus)

I don’t think there was much behind this list other than “I’d like to take 2 huge warjacks and smash stuff”. And for that, it’s a great list!

Initiative: Bubba won initiative, and decided to go first!

Scenario: “Close Quarters (2015)”. Two flags asymmetrically near the middle, 18″ in from the table edge and 21″ up the board. 1CP for Dominating the friendly flag or Controlling the enemy flag, and 2CPs for Dominating the enemy flag. Killbox is yes.


The Earthbreaker and Galleon went in the middle of the table, surrounded by Boomhowlers and with Ossrum smack in the middle. Support staff went behind the Colossals.

Marc put all the Sword Knights on the left flank (closer to the Galleon), with Aiyana and Holt, Rhupert, and the Journeywoman Warcaster closer to the middle. The Stormblades went smack in the middle, with the Stormclad close to their right, then Kraye and Dynamo opposite the Earthbreaker (closer to the right side). Gorman went far right, and Eiryss got Advanced Deployed far left.

IMG_20150224_185817 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 1

– 1 Focus to both Warjacks.
– Earthbreaker and Galleon both run forward
– Boomhowlers get “super Tough” and run forward, spreading out (one gets caught between the two huge bases)
– Gaston moves towards the middle, staying 8″ away from the Galleon
– Ossrum moves forward, puts “Snipe” on the Earthbreaker and “Bullet Dodger” on himself

IMG_20150224_190129 copy IMG_20150224_190139 copy

Cygnar, Turn 1

– Quickly measure CTRL, confirm that nothing is within walk-shoot range of Dynamo. So 1 Focus to Dynamo, and we’re off.
– Eiryss goes first and bolts down the left flank, strategically behind a house (hoping that Bubba himself would forget that she’s there)
– Dynamo runs forward behind the wall.
– Kraye activates, casts “Full Tilt” on the Stormclad, and moves up behind the same wall (within the Killbox)
– Journeywoman puts “Arcane Shield” on the Sword Knights
– Rhupert gives them Tough
– Sword Knights run forward in 2-man pods, spreading out
– Stormblades run forward, spreading out as much as they can (read: not much)
– Aiyana and Holt run: Holt tears down the table as far as he can, Aiyana about 6″ behind him and on a hill
– Stormclad gets free Focus from Stormblades, runs up behind Sword Knights
– Stormblade Captain runs to the middle of the Stormblades
– Lastly, Gorman moves up and pops smoke for himself and Dynamo

IMG_20150224_190825 copy IMG_20150224_190831 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 2

– Bubba allocates 3 to the Earthbreaker, 2 to the Galleon, and we’re off.
– Dougal moves closer to the Earthbreaker, gives it Artillerist
– Thor gives the Earthbreaker boosted Damage rolls
– Earthbreaker moves up, fires first torpedo at Gorman (scatters onto Kraye and Dynamo, doesn’t damage either). Second shot goes at Aiyana: Holt “Quick Draws” on the Torpedo and shoots it out of midair. Hip guns kill many Stormblades
– Galleon moves forward. Fires Cannonballs at Aiyana: first boosted shot hits (needing a 12), kills Aiyana, and Holt cries like a little boy (he breaks). Other cannonballs and harpoon kill a few more Stormblades and fails to kill a Sword Knight (Toughs)
– Boomhowlers get 4+ Tough again and run forward, jamming stuff. One runs to engage Eiryss
– Tinkers move up behind their respective warjacks

IMG_20150224_192142 copy IMG_20150224_192148 copy IMG_20150224_192144 copy

Cygnar, Turn 2

– Allocate 2 to the Stormclad, upkeep “Full Tilt”, pull off the Squire, give 3 to Dynamo. Upkeep Arcane Shield
– Holt runs away and rallies
– Sword Knights walk around,and kill 2 Boomhowlers after a couple Toughs (including the one engaging Eiryss)
– Stormblades walk forward, spreading out. Open fire on the Boomhowler still between my Stormclad and the Galleon. Hit him a few times, but he Toughs.
– Stormblade Captain walks towards the knocked down Boomhowler and kills him with his Nexus shot
– Kraye declares a “Ride By” attack, moves forward and takes a couple shots at Boomhowler himself: hits, does light damage. Pops Feat, moves back.
– Stormclad charges (no free Focus because derp-derp-derp) the Galleon: easily makes distance. Leaves 1 box on the left side (electroleaps go into the Earthbreaker and do 1 point of damage)
– Eiryss activates and runs, just getting within 5″ of the Galleon (tries to engage Tinker, but I don’t put her quite close enough).
– Dynamo (stuck in Rough Terrain from the Earthbreaker Torpedo) walks along the wall, but nothing in range. Boo. 3 wasted Focus.
– Gorman moves forward and lobs a Blind Grenade at Earthbreaker, but it scatters away to nothing.
– Rhupert gives the Stormblades “Tough”
– Journeywoman moves towards Kraye (suddenly feeling VERY exposed) but is out of Arcane Shield range.


IMG_20150224_193728 copy IMG_20150224_193736 copy IMG_20150224_193731 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 3

– Bubba decides it’s time for Kraye to take a dirt-nap. 3 Focus on Earthbreaker, upkeep both Bullet Dodger and Snipe.
– MacNaille pops his mini-Feat and gives Artillerist to Earthbreaker again.
– Thor gives boosted damage to the Earthbreaker
– Ossrum moves onto the hill and pops his Feat
– Earthbreaker moves laterally towards Kraye (past the flag). First boosted torpedo shot (thinking he needs 9s to hit… Kraye is base DEF14… remembering to ignore Cover but forgetting about Artillerist) hits! Damage is auto-boosted from Thor: Inflicts 11 points (!!).
Second torpedo boosts to hit… and flies wide. Scatters to nothing. Gets 4 shots on the hip guns: first boosted shot misses (back up to DEF18 behind the wall, needs 13s to hit), the rest need hard 12s to hit and miss.
– Gastone walks towards Eiryss and manages to get her within 5″: Boosts his first shot, hits, boosts damage, and kills her.
– Tinker moves up and repairs the Galleon for 3 points.
– Galleon swings at the Stormclad twice and inflicts light damage.
– Boomhowlers charge: 2 get on the Stormclad, inflicting light damage (1 missed, I think), while the others kill a Sword Knight and knock down a few Stormblades

Bubba Killboxes himself, giving Marc 2CPs…

IMG_20150224_195002 copy IMG_20150224_195011 copy IMG_20150224_195008 copy

Cygnar, Turn 3

– Huh. Alive. Didn’t expect that!
– 2 Focus to the Stormclad, 3 to Dynamo (again!), drop Arcane Shield.
– Gorman goes first. Moves up and blinds the Earthbreaker.
– Stormblades Assault, killing a few Boomhowlers (and getting within 3″ of my Stormclad!).
– Stormblade Captain charges Galleon: wallops it pretty good.
– Stormclad gets it’s 3rd free Focus, attacks Galleon: Leaves it on 10 boxes
– Sword Knights charge: clean up all but 1 Boomhowler and 2 get on the Galleon, finally taking it out (Flank is a thing). One swings at the Tinkerer and misses by a country mile
– Dynamo walks over the wall and opens fire on the Earthbreaker: 4 shots later and I’ve inflicted light damage (due to Feat, it’s ARM22).
– Journeywoman puts “Arcane Shield” on Kraye
– Kraye decides being further from away from Ossrum would be wise, and moves out into the middle of the table.

Yeah. Kraye moves out from behind the wall FOR SAFETY

IMG_20150224_200211 copy IMG_20150224_200223 copy IMG_20150224_200219 copy IMG_20150224_200214 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 4

– Yeah. Ossrum has Snipe AND Energizer… Marc is not safe.
– Ossrum camps, upkeeps Bullet Dodger but drops Snipe
– Earthbreaker forfeits activation to walk forward, engaging Gorman
– Gastone walks into the Galleon-wreck and pumps 2 fully boosted shots into the Stormclad, inflicting moderate damage
– Dougal walks forward, pumps 4 shots into the Stormclad, leaves it on Death’s doorstep
– Ossrum pumps a fully boosted shot into it, pushing it off the doorstep and fully into Death’s house
– Tinkerer on the left moves to block charge lanes to Gastone
– Thor sprays my Stormblade Captain to death

IMG_20150224_201149 copy  IMG_20150224_201207 copy

Cygnar, Turn 4

– Can Marc manage to screw up this turn too? As my Magic 8 Ball would say: Without a Doubt
– 3 Focus to Dynamo, upkeep Arcane Shield, pull last Focus from the Squire
– Dynamo walks up to Earthbreaker and manages to wreck the side that Gorman is on, but not kill it.
– Stormblades charge, getting 3 on the Earthbreaker (1 out of 5″ from the Leader… derp-derp-derp), inflicting heavy damage but not killing it. One also fails to hit Gastone
– Sword Knights walk around, getting 2 on Gastone and 3 on the Tinkerer, as well as the last Boomhowler. They kill everything except Gastone (who they hit for 4 damage)
– Journeywoman moves up behind wall, pumps shot into Earthbreaker, does light damage
– Gorman walks away from the crippled Earthbreaker (needs a hard 6 on 1d6 to hit me: misses). He considers whether to Blind the Earthbreaker or Ossrum: decides on Earthbreaker. Blinds it
– Rhupert moves up and puts “Tough” on the Sword Knights
– I suddenly remember I still have Holt: he moves up and pumps 2 shots into the Earthbreaker for light damage
– Kraye declares a Ride-by attack: moves towards Earthbreaker and pumps 2 shots into it: 2nd shot misses (Snake-eyes), kills a Stormblade. Finish his Ride-By on top of the hill, safely in the Killbox

Of course, he SHOULD’VE been dominating his flag… but whatever. Winning is overrated…

IMG_20150224_202330 copy
IMG_20150224_202335 copy IMG_20150224_202349 copy IMG_20150224_202345 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 5

– Bubba goes into the tank for a minute, but then realizes that Ossrum still can’t get to Kraye. He gives 2 to the Earthbreaker and upkeeps Bullet Dodger again.
– Tinkerer moves up, repairs Earthbreaker for a few points
– Thor tunes up Earthbreaker for Damage
– Earthbreaker forfeits movement. Flails mostly pointlessly at Dynamo, but does nail all the Stormblades on its functional side.
– Gastone fails to kill any Sword Knights
– Dougal kills a couple Stormblades (leaving me with 2)
– Ossrum pops Gorman with a boosted shot, and then Energizers up to the flag (but still contested)

IMG_20150224_203056 copy IMG_20150224_203115 copy IMG_20150224_203111 copy

Cygnar, Turn 5

– Okay, getting low on time, models, and Dynamo is (intelligently) out of CTRL-range. Upkeep Arcane Shield, full camp
– Dynamo swings at the Earthbreaker, hitting it for light damage
– My remaining Stormblades charge the Earthbreaker: between their 2 Shots (oops) and 1 Swing, they finally destroy it
– Holt runs up to contest the flag
– Journeywoman walks up and boosts a shot at the Tinkerer, but it flies wide
– Squire runs towards the flag to contest
– Sword Knights kill Gastone but fail to kill Dougal (engage him, at least)
– Rhupert moves up to Control Friendly Flag… which, of course, you can’t do in Close Quarters. So score is still 2-0 for Cygnar

IMG_20150224_203630 copy IMG_20150224_203638 copy IMG_20150224_203633 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 6

– Bubba once again profits from me being an idiot… hey, never claimed that I was GOOD at this game! Upkeeps Bullet Dodger, camps full stack
– Ossrum charges Dynamo: gets a Crit Decap and utterly scraps my Heavy.
– Dougal swings pointlessly at a Sword Knight
– Thor sprays a Stormblade to death, but misses Holt
– The Tinkerer runs to engage my Journeywoman

IMG_20150224_204018 copy IMG_20150224_204025 copy IMG_20150224_204021 copy

Cygnar, Turn 6

– Okay, now at least I know what I have to do to score… upkeep Arcane Shield again, camp full stack
– Journeywoman boosts a swing at the Tinkerer: hits, boosts damage, drops him
– Holt charges Thor: between 2 melee attacks and a gunshot, manages to kill him.
– Sword Knights swarm Dougal, but still can’t kill him.
– Rhupert gives my last Stormblade “Tough”
– Stormblade charges Ossrum: hits, and inflicts light damage
– Forget to move Kraye.

I think I’ll score a point off Holt: forget that he’s part of a Unit. Turns out I should’ve scored anyway (Holt is 50% of the unit, so he counts), but at the time, we don’t know that… oops again… score stays 2-0

IMG_20150224_204323 copy IMG_20150224_204338 copy IMG_20150224_204333 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 7

– How is Bubba not dead!? Upkeep Bullet Dodger
– Dougal fails to kill anything
– Ossrum burns through his stack killing the Squire and Stormblade, misses Holt with his Attack Spell

IMG_20150224_204613 copy IMG_20150224_204627 copy IMG_20150224_204624 copy

Cygnar, Turn 7

– Okay, for reals now… Upkeep Arcane Shield
– Holt walks up to Ossrum: hits with his knife: no damage. Misses: Ossrum walks away (Dodge from “Bullet Dodger”).
– Rhupert gives Tough to the Sword Knights
– Sword Knights charge Ossrum, but I elect not to take any attacks and just tie him up. Do finally kill Dougal, though (who fails his Tough)
– Kraye runs to the flag to dominate it. Squire runs to Control Bubba’s Flag

Score 2CPs, putting the score to 4-0

IMG_20150224_204945 copy IMG_20150224_205344 copy IMG_20150224_204948 copy

Mercenaries, Turn 8

– Ossrum tries to figure out if he can get distance to Kraye. Drops Bullet Dodger
– Uses “Unstoppable Force” on himself to Bulldoze my Sword Knights away. Takes a shot at Kraye, and misses (or does no damage, I forget). Casts a spell at Holt to kill him, and ends his turn.

I score my 5th (and 6th, technically) Control Point.
Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150224_205344 copy IMG_20150224_205357 copy IMG_20150224_205353 copy

Post-Game Analysis:

I really should’ve beaten Bubba about 3 turns faster than I actually did. Kraye on full camp and Arcane Shield is actually pretty safe (ARM26?), and I should’ve been dominating that flag from the moment it became clear that the warjacks were no longer a threat. Dynamo was a little misplayed (out of CTRL one round was pretty stupid!). He’s not really a melee warjack. He should be standing and shooting every turn when possible, boosting damage for the last 3 shots. Kraye can run him pretty well, honestly, and with “Guided Fire” he can take out DEF12-ish targets very reliably.

Other than that, love the list, played a solid (but overly cautious) game. Hopefully you all learned something from the game! Thanks for listening, and comments, questions, and feedback is always welcome!

And thank you to everyone who has responded to Nick’s Poll to determine what he’ll play this year… the answer was pretty clear: Retribution! Out of 123 respondents, 45 of you said he should play the pointy-eared angry Iosans (37% of ya!). Second place was Mercenaries (38 votes, for about 31%), and then Legion (22 people, 18%). Thanks to everyone!

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