Podcast 067 – AdamBatRep 001- Cryx Vs. Convergence – Aaron’s Rusty CoC

Last Wednesday I was paired up against Aaron and his new toys, Convergence.  We opted out of timing the game even though we instantly regretted it, but it was a new faction for him and the extra time seemed to help with all the potential mistakes that would have been made in a rush. IMG_20150311_203150
(Marc: A word to our listeners: due to the new recording software I used, my voice is on one channel while everyone else is on the other. If you’re only hearing half of the conversation… that’s why! Or, as Nick politely put it: “Huge periods of silence with occasionally me, Adam, or Aaron saying something for a moment.” He’s a jerk-face.)

Direct Download Here’s are the two lists in their entirety.  My choice of Gaspy 3 was solely based on wanting more practice using him.  He’s a cool dude and I enjoy his company, even though this match up wasn’t a perfect one for him. Father Lucant – Corollary – Cipher – Inverter – Diffuser – Galvinizor Algorithmic Dispertion Optifex Perfirators (max) Reciprocators (max) Reductors (max) Enigma Foundry Adam’s List Gaspy 3 – Canker Worm – Death Jack Full Bane Thralls +UA Full Bane Knights Darragh Wrathe Wither Shadow Combine Pistol Wraith Bane Lord Tartarus Okay, since I so happened to be on this weeks Podcast I won’t make this BatRep heavy on detail since we discuss a lot in the episode.  Ill keep everything in nice neat point form. (Marc: Scenario was “Close Quarters” again… 2 flags, assymetrical and really close together, and killbox. Aaron wins initiative roll and elects to go first, Adam picks the side of the table with more terrain to make it easier to get charges off) Aaron Turn #1

  • He hands out1 Foc to his inverter.
  • Reciprocators Runs towards DJ and the Bane Thralls because thhey has a death wish.
  • Reductors do the same right behind them like the sheep they are!
  • Perforators run toward the Bane Knights.
  • Inverter runs and and Inducts a Foc to the Galvanizer because CoC is NOT broken 😉  which then in turn also runs towards Aaron’s friendly Flag.
  • The Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (AKA Steve) advances behind Perforators
  • Lucant Advances and Casts ‘Watcher’ in himself and busts out a can of beans by the fire and camps the rest.
  • Corollary runs for free due to its ‘Accumulator’ mechanic. (Begins activation within 3” of caster gets a free Foc)
  • Cipher runs and Inducts a free Foc to the Defuser, which runs to Aarons right flank.
  • Enigma foundry camps behind the Reductors waiting to collect lost souls…

IMG_20150311_193440 The Armies stare each other down…. IMG_20150311_193451 IMG_20150311_193459 IMG_20150311_193524IMG_20150311_194510 Can a Canker Worm swim?  IMG_20150311_194517   Adam Turn #1

  • Zero Foc allocation because who needs it!
  • Canker advances then does its end of activation move to plop itself on my right flank.  Keeping him safe, one move at a time.
  • Gaspy Advances and casts Scything Touch (ST) on the Canker and Ashen Veil on himself. Def 17, eat it Cipher and your Pow 6 blasts! Ashen Veil was pretty redundant but why take a chance?  That question was rhetorical , so don’t answer it.
  • Blt and Thralls both run towards the flag on my right flank. May as well get closer to juicy targets.
  • Knights run into position towards my left flank and my friendly flag.  Gotta Jam him sooner than later. Just getting into position.
  • DJ advances behind some forest.
  • Vociferon advances near DJ and they sit and tell old war stories to each other.
  • Darragh Wrathe advances does Deathride and then does light Calvary move to the middle.
  • WSC run up the middle
  • Pistol Wraith runs up my Left flank with several enemy jacks in his sights….there’s a ‘chill’ in the air, a deathly one.

IMG_20150311_195502 IMG_20150311_195519Once regal knights, now corrupted and working for me.  IMG_20150311_195534 IMG_20150311_200619 Patting Gaspy on the back for a job well done.  Aaron Turn #2

  • Upkeeps Watcher on his caster for good reasons.
  • Reciprocators Advance and Shield Wall and Set defence! Jesus they can do a lot!
  • Reductors Advance right behind the Reciprocators.
  • Enigma foundry scotches behind the bunch of them, still waiting for souls..
  • Galvanizer does the same
  • Perferators advance cautiously but stay far back from the knights. Teasing them.
  • Cipher advances but had no targets that’s weren’t stealth except the Knight. Aaron didn’t want to activate Vengeance so he didnt bother firing on them. Good move.
  • Inverter moves beside Cipher and gives him a high five.
  • Lucant Advances and Feats (+4 ARM, Free Repair)Ouch
  • Corollary moves behind caster
  • Optefex goes B2B with Cipher
  • Diffuser Advances.

He ends his turn by moving little but Feating to protect himself from an Alpha IMG_20150311_200628 IMG_20150311_200658Aaron has a robot butt fetish.  Adam Turn #2

  • Upkept Ashen Veil for free with WCS dropped Scything Touch
  • Issue a Run +Charge with Bane Thralls and jam them up with the Reciprocators, Need 6’s Miss 3 or 4 attacks and damage one. Rolls we’rent going well for me at this point.
  • BLT advances to the bridge and Curses Perforators to give the Knights a little help.
  • Knights issue a Run/Charge , 3 get into melee with Perforators and jam up his whole front line of them with their Reach weapons. Miss 1 of 3 attacks and do some DMG to the other 2
  • Gaspy activates and feats , then casts mobility and advances close to BLT behind a wall.
  • DW does Death Ride because Beyond Death is useless  against all the non living constructs.  He frees a gap for Canker to attack the Reciprocators.
  • Vociferon hides behind a well to collect souls.
  • WCS do a Puppet master on Canker and advance up the middle. The remaining 2 WCS shoot Dark fires, at inverter/cipher, one out of range the other does 0 damage.
  • Canker advances into combat in the newly created gap and does a Bite on a Reciprocator deal some damage but not killing. I guess he wasn’t hungry enough, he does his follow up move and leaves the party.
  • PW advances and shoots the diffuser in hopes of death chilling it, misses first shot and both shots do 0 DMG. I hate dice.
  • Dj advances closer to the forest and casts Ashen Veil on the Thralls (has no effect any ways I later realize) The Buff falls off Gaspy now.

IMG_20150311_203107 IMG_20150311_203130 IMG_20150311_203150 Aaron Turn #3

  • He Upkept Watcher (Giving me 1 soul from feat)
  • Reductors move and Spray Thralls from behind the Reciprocators and kill 5 of them. 1 Toughs but was killed right away.  Its a bad day to be a bane.
  • Reciprocators Advance +Set Def +Shield wall then attack a few and Thralls in range, Kill one, and also fail to hit and kill Vociferon.  I’ll take what I can get at this point.
  • Enigma foundry and Galvanizer stay behind the Reductors
  • Perforators issue a Run/Charge , attack and kill 3 Bane Knights
  • Diffuser moves out of Gaspy Feat and shoots/missed the Pistol Wraith twice. Whew!
  • The Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (Steve) hides behind house and continues to be useless.
  • Corollary advances out of Gaspy feat and gives a Foc to the Cipher and because of broken rules it inducts one more to the Cipher as well. 😉
  • Cipher advances out of Gaspy Feat, shoots Bombardments at Knights twice failing to kill.
  • Lucant moves out of Gaspy’s feat and casts ‘Deceleration’ (+2DEF/+2Arm vs Ranged)
  • Inverter hangs back for the most part, continuing the trend of denying Gaspy and Feat souls.

IMG_20150311_203150 IMG_20150311_210748The Pistol wraith is sporting a new hit box marker. Sadly he will never use it. He’s either Dead or alive, there’s no in between. IMG_20150311_210805 IMG_20150311_210814 Adam Turn # 3

  • Vengeance move with the Knights and kill 1 perferator, DMG 1 as well. Now we’re talking!
  • Upkeep Ashen Veil for free because, why not. Allocate zero focus, and take my 1 soul from feat and turn it into Foc.
  • Knights issue a Run charge, some get the charge attack other don’t. I kill most of the remaining Perforators and lock up Lucant with 1 Knight.
  • Darragh Wrathe Does Death Ride and moves near the bridge.
  • BLT charges the Reductors and Curse the Reciprocators. He threshers and Kills 3 +Damages a Reciprocator. Vociferon received 2 souls due be closer to the enemy Vs Aaron’s Enigma Foundry. If only I could spawn banes….so little living enemies…..actually not a single living enemy.
  • WSC use Puppet master on Caner and shoot 2 Dark fires at a perforator, killing it and gaining a soul.  Good bye Perferators, that was the last one.
  • Canker advances uses puppet master to re roll DMG, and damages a Reciprocator then sprints away.
  • Bane Thralls Advance towards the cursed Reciprocators, need 4’s to hit, and killed all but 1.  Vociferon receives 1 final soul. 3 total
  • Vociferon advances into melee with with the final Reciprocator, boosts damage to kill. Earning a soul back.
  • Now that flag is clear DJ advances B2B with enemy flag.
  • Because of poor planning Gaspy got locked up and couldn’t make it to the friendly flag to dominate it. He stays mid field on 6 Foc + casts Ashen Veil on himself.  What a blunder.
  • Pistol Wraith Stands and shoots in the back arc of the Inverter giving him Death Chill
  • I score 1 Control point.

IMG_20150311_213413 IMG_20150311_213425 IMG_20150311_213438 Aaron Turn #4

  • No Upkeeps for Aaron
  • Enigma Spawns 3 Reductors and puts them in play.  So that’s what it’s like playing against recursion.
  • Reductors move and Spray killing 6 Thralls and BLT on 7’s and 8’s to hit. Those dice we’re loaded and I still plan on proving my theory. They fail to kill Vociferon. With his 18 Arm and higher Def he made it through with a few hit boxes left.
  • Corollary moves and Gives inverter a Foc +Inducts it 1 as well.
  • Inverter swings and kills 2 knights and Inducts 1 Foc to the Cipher.
  • Cipher Shoots Darragh Wrathe and catches Gaspy himself and a WSC in a blast, but does 0 DMG.
  • Diffuser stays put and does nothing. Why?  No one knows…not even Aaron.
  • The Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex Does the same..
  • Lucant moves and kills to Knights and uses a spell to finish the Pistol Wraith. I was so sad to see him go, and at such an early age.

IMG_20150311_220410 IMG_20150311_220423 IMG_20150311_220432 Not fair, they’re all ganging up on him. Adam turn #4

  • I Vengeance with the last 2 Knights and lock up his caster but attack the diffuser instead doing a few points of DMG.
  • Drop Ashen Veil on Thralls. Take 3 yummy souls from vociferon.
  • Darrath Wraithe moves up and casts Death Ride, making room for Gaspy to get to the flag. Also moving a Bane Thrall slightly out of the way of a future charging DJr. He then does his light Calvary move to lock up approx. 5 reductors. Contesting the Flag as well.  Spray this bitch!
  • Gaspy Casts mobility and Scything touch on DJ and Carnage then moves B2B with friendly flag, Camps 2 Foc.
  • The canker advances and locks up 2 reductors misses both.
  • Bane Thrall gets up from tough, sacs his Action and moves as close to the Inverter as possible but ended up in melee with the Cipher.
  • WSC move up and shoot Dark Fires at the Inverter boosting 1 damage roll they do a few points of DMG. Puppet master DJ as well.
  • DJ charges the Inverter and kills its with 2 hits, and casts Ashen Veil on Gaspy because of the leftover Foc.
  • Knights Run/Charge, one attacks the Cipher and does a few points , Dark shroud form the thrall helped, the other blocks Lucan from moving to Gaspy,
  • I score another point, I’m at a massive 2 points!

IMG_20150311_221755 IMG_20150311_221803 IMG_20150311_221815 DJ really needs a paint job, he doesn’t look quite as scary as he should.  Aaron Turn #5

  • Hail marry for Aaron. He activates the defuser and attempts to shoot and kill a Bane Knight in Lucants way.  HE fails….oh so miserably.
  • He then activates Lucant and shoots a spell at the knight and hitting him, needing 5 to kill and WHIFF. The MVP knight then dies to one last spell from Lucant.  Leaving him with only 3 Foc left over.
  • Aaron then charges Gaspy hitting his first attack which he boosted and doing 12 Dmg!   Buys and boosts a second attack hitting and needing a 9 to kill gaspy he rolls a 5.

Adam Turn #5 Kills Lucant! Thanks for reading and listen to the Podcast for a detailed look into the game and your thoughts on the outcome. Adam     IMG_20150311_223424 IMG_20150311_223432 Goodnight sweet prince.

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