Podcast 069 – Cygnar vs Circle, eHaley vs eMorvahna: Valuable Lessons in Punching Goats

Many valuable lessons in today’s game as we smash two titanic warcasters, and their corresponding giant constructs, into each other!


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So I’ve finally decided to put on my big-boy pants and start playing the stronger Cygnar warcasters. In my case, that’s eHaley and Siege… and if you’ve listened to/read the reports from Adepticon, you’ll know how well I’m doing with Siege thus far (read: poorly!). Regardless, I’m committed to playing more Cygnar warcasters, and better ones… and after looking at Todd’s offering, I decided that Haley had slightly more game than Siege. At least, in skilled hands… in my hands? Anyone’s guess!

Major Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Thorn
– Stormwall
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers
– Officer
Journeywoman Warcaster
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen

I’m not crazy about this list… it’s *okay*, but I’m not crazy about it. Alexia, in particular, has proven problematic… too many of my opponents are using RFP or undead armies against me, and that tends to hamstring her pretty quickly. Granted, she’s still pretty awesome just with her default loadout… but yeah… I think I’ll probably have to revisit this list.

As for Todd, he was picking between his eKaya list and the following Morvahna list.

Morvahna the Dawnshadow
– Wold Wrath
– Wold Watcher
– Nuala the Huntress
Skinwalkers (max)
– Skinwalker Alpha
Shifting Stones
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Blackclad Wayfarer

Scenario was Recon: central 12×6″ zone, oriented lengthwise, with Objectives on the narrow ends. Two flags on the midline, each 12″ from the edge of the table. Destroy the enemy objective, dominate the flag, or control the central zone for 1CP, dominate the middle zone for 2CPs.

Todd wins Initiative and picks table side.


Marc set the Stormwall slightly to the left of center. Thorn, Haley, and ATGM went to the right, with the Nyss and Alexia to the left. Done!
Morvahna went near the wall to the left with the Skinwalkers, the Wold Wrath went to the right, the Croc Doc went near the middle, the Blackclad flanked far right, and the Bloodtrackers AD’d slightly to the left. They declared the Nyss as their Prey.


Ready to rock out with our clock out!
IMG_20150325_190126 IMG_20150325_190110

Cygnar, Turn 1

– The Stormwall gets Arcane Shield.
– Stormwall and Thorn both run forward
– Nyss spread out, Alexia crafts a Thrall and Marc then forgets to activate that Thrall. Whoops.
– ATGM run up and spread out
– Haley moves forward and casts “Deceleration”. Camps the rest.

IMG_20150325_190713 IMG_20150325_190739 IMG_20150325_190733 IMG_20150325_190725

Circle, Turn 1

– Todd starts by spreading out and running up the Bloodtrackers, keeping a couple “safely” back near the fence and Morvahna.
– Croc Doc moves up and makes the Bloodtrackers Undead and Tough
– Gallows Groves both Shift themselves forwards
– Wold Wrath moves up and shoots an ATGM. I tell him he needs a 10 to hit, which he boosts and promptly gets… and then Marc remembers that he actually needs a 12 to hit due to Deceleration, meaning he misses.
– Shifting Stones shift up to surround the Wold Wrath
– Skinwalkers run forward and spread out, also keeping a few further back.
– Blackclad moves into the forest.
– Wold Watcher moves up and gives itself “Stone Form”
– Morvahna moves up, casts “Fog of War”, puts “Carnivore” on the Skinwalkers, and we’re done.

IMG_20150325_191421 IMG_20150325_191437

Cygnar, Turn 2

Marc starts by giving 2 Focus to the Stormwall and upkeeping Arcane Shield. Haley pulls from the Squire.
– Haley goes first. She moves up to toe into the zone (silly, in retrospect) and pops her Feat. She casts Deceleration again, puts Deadeye on the ATGM, and she’s done.
– The Nyss move up and manage to get 1 Bloodtracker within 5″ (to ignore Stealth). They kill her with great prejudice.
– Alexia moves up and crafts another Thrall.
– Both Thralls run forward
– ATGM activate, spread out, and take shots. First one manages to get LoS to the Blackclad (just BARELY less than 3″ of forest) and drops him. 1 pumps a ridiculously lucky Crit: Brutal into the Wold Wrath that gets the Critical (Todd Shield Guards to the Watcher) and then inflicts a stunning 5 points of damage (at dice-11!). The rest kill a handful of Bloodtrackers… 3-4 in total.
– Stormwall moves in front of Haley protectively and pumps 2 shots into the Wold Wrath for light damage (about 8 points total). Drops Covering Fire between Skinwalkers and my troops, and mis-judges distance with the Lightning Pod so it doesn’t kill anything (BOO)
– Thorn moves protectively in front of Haley
– Junior moves towards Haley to hot-swap Arcane Shield for next turn, if required
IMG_20150325_192930 IMG_20150325_192940

Circle, Turn 2

Through the magic of Temporal Mechanics, this is basically another turn for Marc.
– Todd starts by cutting Morvahna for 3 and dropping Fog of War, but upkeeping Carnivore
– Marc activates the Skinwalkers first. They forfeit activation, with 2 moving through the Covering Fires and taking a few points of damage. 1 Engages the Gun Mages, who thankfully are Fearless. The other engages my Stormwall. The rest just move up behind the Covering Fire
– Marc activates the Bloodtrackers next, who also forfeit Activation and move forward to engage my Nyss
– The Wold Wrath goes next. Originally Todd tries to walk him forward before realizing that the Stones were teleported to places that actually make it impossible to move. So instead he shoots and boosts on a Gun Mage: misses, but the Reroll hits and kills 2 ATGM.
– Wold Watcher gets to go next. Walks into the zone, taking a few points of damage from the Covering Fire.
– Gallows Grove in Feat range teleports up
– That’s everything inside the zone. So Todd gets to actually control his army again.
– Morvahna moves up behind Fence and re-casts Fog of War. She arcs a Death Knell through the Gallows Grove onto a Risen, killing 2 Risen and a Nyss (giving Alexia her first corpse! Woo!)
– Other Gallows Grove teleports into the middle of the zone between Marc’s Stormwall and Todd’s Wold Wrath
– Lastly, Croc Doc gives “Undead and Tough” to the Bloodtrackers again.


Cygnar, Turn 3

– Marc goes into the tank for a solid 6-7 minutes (his clock is already below 35 minutes, while Todd’s is well over 45). In the end, 4 Focus goes to the Stormwall, Arcane Shield is upkept, and Haley pulls another from the Squire
– Haley goes first. She moves over to the opposite side of Marc’s objective. She casts “TK” on the Skinwalker engaging the ATGM, hitting and moving him away (and, of course, turning him away). She then casts Temporal Acceleration on the Stormwall through Thorn, moving Thorn 3″ back (closer to safety) as a result.
– Both Thralls activate and swing on the left Gallows Grove, killing it (and healing Morvahna for 1). Alexia gets the corpse, at least.
– Stormwall goes next, and pulls back to stay outside of the Wold Wrath’s charging Threat (12″, I believe). I line up shots on Morvahna, needing 11s to hit:
First shot hits, and figuring that it’s the only shot that WILL hit, Marc boosts damage and cranks it, getting a solid 11 points (leaving her on 5 boxes). Second shot hits (say-WHAAAT?!), and forces a Transfer to the Wold Watcher (doing 10 points to it). Boost the last big gun shot, which hits and kills Morvahna!

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150325_195737 IMG_20150325_195938 IMG_20150325_195921 IMG_20150325_195912 IMG_20150325_195742

Post Game Analysis

Well. That was unexpected!
Honestly, I was just trying to put a bit of damage on Morvahna to take some of the edge off her Feat and make her do fewer of those cursed rerolls!

0 thoughts on “Podcast 069 – Cygnar vs Circle, eHaley vs eMorvahna: Valuable Lessons in Punching Goats

    • Yes! Yes it was. Although, in my defence, it wasn’t nearly as improbable as I thought it was. If I had COMMITTED to killing Morvahna, it probably would’ve happened… TK and a turn-around from Haley, Deadeye on the Gun Mages, a few CRAs from the Nyss, and then a few boosted POW15s from the Stormwall and 2d3 POW12s?

      Honestly, I’m a little annoyed with myself for not seeing it!

  1. I’d agree about not being crazy about the Haley list. I think it just doesn’t have a very coherent focus. It’s mainly a shooty list, with the Nyss as a flexible unit for melee too. So Alexia and Co. stick out as a melee presence, without the bodies to really get her at full capacity (she’s a priority target, so has to hang a bit back to survive the first turns, but then can’t collect many corpses. So you need friendly bodies to really get her going).

    Something to consider: Tempest Blazers in place of the regular gunmages. Max or min are both good, depending on what points you want for other things.

    One advantage with Blazers in this list is simply how fast it is – Thorn can move 15″ with a run and an arced spell, bonded Stormwall isn’t far behind. Nyss are fast and so are Blazers. And then you can always TK some models for a bit more distance if you want. That’s great early board presence. I’ve been using eHaley with Nyss, Blazers and Steelheads (halberdiers and cav) – it can really throw people off balance with how soon their models are under threat.

    The other particular feature of Blazers with eHaley is how annoying they are to opponents, even more than usual. They can zoom out, shoot and then light cavalry move back into the Deceleration zone. Light cav are always slippery, but particularly so when eHaley bumps their defences against shooting into ‘very hard to hit, pretty resistant to blast damage’. Add in some covering fire to defend against charges/runs and they can keep annoying people all day long.

    • That’s very valuable feedback… and I think I agree with what you’re saying. I didn’t really consider the synergy of the already DEF15 Blazers with “Deceleration” from eHaley… that’s pretty brilliant on its own! Hmmm… if I drop Alexia, I’ll still need another 5 points from somewhere… maybe drop the ATGM (8), take max Blazers (leaving me with 2 points) and put in Anastasia? She seems less wonderful in a ranged-heavy list, though…

      Still, I really appreciate the suggestion! And Murder Ponies are always a good idea! Maybe next week! Thanks!

      • Losing Alexia and ATGM leaves you with 13 points, so three left after max Blazers.

        That gives you lots of choices (some with a 1pt filler – Reinholdt can be good to help with landing a spell, but Stormsmiths are always nice). Anastasia is great with eHaley, but you’re right that she signs more with a melee list. Maybe:

        *Gorman – feat might give him two turns of blinding and he gives you a situational damage buff;
        *an Eiryss; or
        *Gastone Crosse – without a jack he’s still got the offensive output of a fully loaded Charger every turn and he gets the Flank bonus from Thorn or Stormwall to make him a P+S9 weapon master (it’s only friendly warjacks, not friendly faction).

        All of those like Deceleration keeping them alive in the shooting game.

        • All good suggestions! Eiryss2, Gorman, and Reinholdt are all with Siege for the moment (since I need far more help with him than I do with Haley!), but Gastone is a great suggestion! I tried running him with a Galleon with eHaley at my last tournament before Adepticon, and that was… let’s say… sub-optimal. But no reason I can’t take him alone!

          Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Have you thought about Harlan Versh? I used to run him years ago when I was playing eHaley and for 2 points he was quite a useful solo. He won’t always get use out of his upkeep hate, but it can be really good when it does apply and even without he is a decent range presence.

    • I’ve used Versh a few times. One game he destroyed a Sniped Hyperion (over 3 turns, but it was *just* him), and the next he struggled to kill Runeshapers (turns out DEF1million Trolls are hard to hit or wound with Witch Hound shots!).

      I do really like him, though. And put him in with Gorman and Dougal… oh momma…

      • The nice thing about eHaley is that she makes annoying soloes like that really hard to kill at range, and if your opponent needs to commit something significant to get rid of him, will that’s a win all by itself.

        Another option could be Strangeways to hang around your Stormwall.

      • Strangeways with Thorn is almost LoLs-tastic. Especially if you Bond him… “Hello, this is my SPD8, 3-inch Reactive Drive model that, with TK, Reach, and Temporal Acceleration, can Charge 18″ and now can’t be targeted by Free Strikes! Whee!”

        I mean, without the Bond it’s still a respectable 16″ (but then only 2 extra Focus after the Charge, instead of 3 from the Bond). But yes. Hilarious!

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