Podcast 070 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Kaelyssa Vs. Mordikaar – Jam: Not Just for Toast

This week I was matched up against Kassem and his Skorne.

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I was playing Kaelyssa’s (relatively) new theme force “Force Wall:

Battle Mages
Battle Mages
Arcanist x 5

Kassem was playing his Mordikaar list

Max Inciniarii
Max Certati + Vorkesh
Extoler Soulward
Void Spirit

Kassem won the die roll and chose table side. Which was dumb.

The scenario was Recon. (12x 6 vertically oriented zone on the cneter of the table with Objectives on the edge closest to each of the players and flags halfway between the table edge and the table centerline.

Ret turn1

Kaelyssa gives out 3 focus to the Hydra

Both units of Battlemages run forward and spread out.

Arcanists walk and give out focus to jacks.

AFG runs toward the zone

The Hydra and Left manticore runs up base-to-base with it.

Arcanist tops up the Hydra

Center and right Manticore run up the right side.

Artificer walks up and puts up Force Barrier

Kaelyssa walks up and puts Phantom Hunter on the Hydra.


Skorne Turn 1

-Cetrati walk forward in shield wall

-TyComStanBear puts press forward on Inciniarii

-Bloodrunners walk forward

-Cyclops walks up and snipes 1 of the incinidiarii

-Marketh walks up and puts Banishind Ward on the void spirit.

-Void spirit walks forward

-Mordikaar walks forward and puts Hallow on the Bloodrunners and snipes another Incindiarii.

-Incidiarii walk forward and take shots my dudes. 3 Battle Mages get lit on fire as well as the AFG and the center Manticore.

-Despoiler, Extoller and Beast Handlers just walk forward.



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IMG_20150401_194256 copy

IMG_20150401_194301 copy

IMG_20150401_194305 copy


Ret Turn 2

-Kaelyssa gives out some focus and upkeeps Phantom Hunter

-Battlemages move up and take shots at Incindiarii to try to pull them closer and do damage. They succeed at the pulling but only do a couple points of damage across all their attacks.

-AFG aims and kills 1 Incindiarii.

-Left Manticore walks up and takes 2 shots and kills another Incindiarii

-Center and right Manticores both walked up and killed 2 Incindiarii each like bosses, eliminating the unit.

-Hydra walked up and took a shot at Mordikaar for LoLs. He hit and did 14 damage that got transferred to the cyclops.

-Kaelyssa moved up and took a couple pot shots at Bloodrunners just because missed twice and toughed one.

-Artificer walks up and puts up force Barrier around Kaelyssa.

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IMG_20150401_195744 copy

IMG_20150401_195751 copy

IMG_20150401_195759 copy


Skorne Turn 2

-Mordikaar gets 1 soul from hollow and cuts for 1 to fill up.  Hollow is upkept for free and he drops Banishing Ward.

-Mordikaar moves behind the ojective bings back a bloodrunner and pops his feat.

-Cyclops moes up and shoots a Battlemage, boosts to hit and kills it.

-Marketh moves up and puts Banishing Ward on the Void Spirit

-Void Spirit charges a Battlemage and klls it putting up the 3″ cloud of death.

-Bloodrunners activate and charge in killing 6 battle mages. (*)

-TyComStanBear puts press forward on the Extoller and walk forward.

-Extoller walks forward 8″ into the zone.

-Cetrati run forward to get into position and 2 of them toe the zone.

-Despoiler waks up into the zone.

-Beast Handlers walk forward and some of them also get into the zone and heal the Cyclops

IMG_20150401_201241 copy

IMG_20150401_201248 copy

IMG_20150401_201253 copy

IMG_20150401_201258 copy


Ret turn 3

-Kaelyssa upkept Phantom Hunter and kept her focus.

-Battle Mages charged in on some Bloodrunners I use my inner jank to positiion them so that if they miss the poltergeist push will just push them into each other.  Of the 4 attack rolls, 1 hits (needs 11s) but the Bloodrunner toughs.

-AFG aims a slam shot at a Cetrati and rolls snake-eyes. *sad trombone*

-Hydra takes a free strike (giving it a 4th Focus) then kills the Soulward with a double boosted shot.

-Left Manticore gets 2 focus from Arcanists and take shots at a Cetrati doing 7 damage.

-Kaelyssa aims and finishes off the Cetratus

-Artificer moves up behind the right Manticoreand pops force Barrier

-The Right manticore take 2 boosted swings at the Bloodrunners engaging him and missed both.

-The center Manticore took 2 swings at a bloodrunner and missed both.

IMG_20150401_202628 copy

IMG_20150401_202637 copy

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Skorne Turn 3

-Void Spirit charges the Artificer and kills it doing putting up a cloid that hits Kaelyssa and the Manticore but fails to damage either.

-TyComStanBEar give press forward to Cetrati.

-Mordikaar revives a Cetrati.

-Cetrati walk forward in shield wall. They do a 2 man CMA on the Hydra and do 8 damage to the shield. Vorkesh kills a Battlemage.

-Beast handlers move up and kill a battlemage, heal the Cyclops and enrage the Despoiler.

-Despoiler charged a Battlemage, creating another Void Spirit. Then puts up his Animus

-Void Spirit ran into my back field being annoying.

-Marketh moved up and tried to put ghostly on the Bloodrunners but was out of range.

-Bloodrunner shuffled around jamming my Jacks and attacking but doing no damage.

IMG_20150401_204156 copy

IMG_20150401_204203 copy

IMG_20150401_204207 copy


Ret turn 4

-Kaelyssa upkeeps Phantom Hunter for 2 because of the Despoilers Animus.

-Kaelyssa aims and shoots at one of the Bloodrunner engaging the Hydra.  She hit him but he toughed. Then she tries to shoot the Void Spirit. She misses and it randomizes to another Bloodrunner who dies. She then get pushed due to poltergeist on the Void Spirit that pushes her into melee with the other Void Spirit. So she pops her feat.

-AFG aimed and shot a slam shot at one of the shieldwalled Cetrati which did 1 point of damage.

-Left Manticore got 2 focus from Arcanist and walked up and killed 2 Cetrati.

-Right Manticore killed Void Spirit engagin Kaelyssa and a Bloodrunner.

-Center Manticore killed a Cetrati and a Bloodrunner.


Skorne Turn 4

-Mordikaar moves up and revived some Cetrati and took a shot at a Manticore that scattered due to stealth and hit Kaelyssa and the Manticore.  Kassem boosted damage on Kaelyssa doing a bunch of damage.

-Cyclops aimed (to ignore Stealth), and shot Kaelyssa doing 7 damage.

-Void Spirit walked up to Kaelyssa and killed her

Post Game Analysis:

(Marc: Nick obviously needs more practice with Kaelyssa and her tier list, but overall, not a bad game. I think a weakness of the two players in this case was that neither really seemed to have a win-condition in mind as they played… they were just kinda smashing each other in the face until one side won. Which isn’t a *bad* thing to do, but I think they’d be both be better off if they actually pursued a victory condition. But, hey, great game, and a lot of fun to talk about! Thanks for listening!)

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